Mythology Monsters Addon

If just like me you love mythological monsters, you might have wondered what it would be like if you had some of them in Minecraft PE, thinking about that, I made this add-on that adds five mythological monsters with totally unique behaviors.

See all monster features now:


A classic mythological monster that couldn’t miss in this addon, the Centaur, the famous half man half horse. They can be found in most biomes at night. Careful, they are aggressive and can attack you for a great deal of damage, they also attack the Cyclops and the Iron golems.

  • Health: 15
  • Damage: 3



Classic one-eyed creature found in all biomes at night. Attacks players, pigs, centaurs and iron golems.
  • Health: 12
  • Damage: 3


If a wolf with 1 head is already dangerous, imagine it with three heads. Cerberus is a creature that can be found only in the nether. Aggressive against players, centaurs, iron golem and pigs.

  • Health: 12
  • Damage: 15


The big minotaur couldn’t miss it either. It can be found with part of a golden armor at night in all biomes. He attacks players, zombies and iron golems.

  • Health: 15
  • Damage: 4


Half man half goat, satiro, is the only creature of this addon that can be found during the day, doesn’t attack players, but is aggressive against villagers and iron golems.
  • Health: 10
  • Damage: 3


The most beautiful aquatic creature that exists, the mermaid, can be found in oceans and they aren’t aggressive, but they are quite fragile.
  • Health: 6


The giant of the seas now in this addon!
  • Health: 15
  • Damage: 6

Changelog View more
  • Kraken Added
  • Increased minotaur damage
  • increased cerberus damage
  • increased Cyclope damage



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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47 Responses

4.42 / 5 (26 votes)
  1. lifeoflaurels says:


  2. Bilal says:

    Just add a medifire link i cant download this addon i wanna try it

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just add a medifire link

  4. Ninja of MCPE says:

    plssss fix the link

  5. Alex says:

    Could you add also mobs like chupacabra ,la llorona and creatures from japanese mythology

  6. Gadex says:

    I GAVE ONLY 4 STAR BECAUSE HIS HEALTH and Damage iss Very Low Reall Mythology Creature are Super Strong Also Have Many Power Please Make All Mobs Strong Super PowerFull Increase His Health

  7. The_begging_one says:

    Need the link pls likes broken

  8. Crafterman says:

    Can you increase health of each monster

  9. J says:

    Cool but can you maybe add some more creatures from Greek mythology? Maybe like a hydra or giants or gorgons (like Medusa) or satyrs. If not it’s still a pretty cool addon

  10. Anonymous says:

    Download link is broken =(

  11. Please FIx says:

    Mate it says that the Mediafire file is no longer there. Did you remove it?

  12. Alex says:

    The link is not working

  13. Annamae says:

    Hey, I think you really need to try a different link. I’ve never struggled so much trying to get a addon before lol, I thought this looked pretty cool too

  14. Mikail Afridi says:

    Why is the Kraken small and has 15 health? The Kraken is supposed to be huge and powerful and have more health than that.

  15. Jordan says:

    The more recent link isn’t working. It shows as file been removed.

  16. Idk man says:

    I like it but everything is hostile so here are some ideas, make the satiro hostil only twards monster, allow him (add a girl version) to be tamed with gold or anything else you’d ‘ike, once tamed give him a satchle to store a weapon slot, armour slot, and 9 extra. (if youd like to make EVERYONE happy then make him ridable) also the centaur should be the same as the satiro but change some stuff that you’d like instead, And finally just make the mod easier to survive in because I have tons of mods but they all have very hostile mobs and I can’t find a working friend or companion mod only like 2 work that I’ve found. Anyways please think of anything I said, I’ll be waiting for an update

  17. CreeperPGN says:

    The walk animations don’t sync with the speed when they run

  18. . says:

    it didn’t work on mine, so I suggest you don’t press on it because it MAY take you to a porn site.

  19. Royalty says:

    How do i even download the app

  20. Alex says:

    I have a question only mythical creatures from greek or can be from other places and can there be also urban legends to ,by the way the addon is great

  21. Ashton says:

    I think you should add the myth of the kraken as a boss and also the myths from godzilla just adding suggestions 🙂

  22. Salutations! says:

    I dunno how realistic this would be, but I think it would be awesome if you could make it so that if music is played nearby Cerberus from either a jukebox or noteblock, it’ll either pacify Cerberus or put him to sleep temporarily, since that would tie in with some Greek mythology. Great addon though! Can’t wait to see more monsters added :3

  23. DuskyCreeper says:

    I can’t download it it keeps showing me ads and stuff!

  24. Zack Taylor says:

    make umibozu

  25. Pticha says:

    What about to make them a bit stronger?
    And i think minotaur should be a boss.

  26. Pticha says:

    What about to make them a bit stronger?
    And i think minotaur should be a boss.

  27. GSharkGamer says:

    Amazing Addon, maybe try add like dungeons or something idk that would be cool

  28. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Choose a direct mediafire link!!! I’m sick and tired of seeing DoWnLoAd A vPn!!!!

  29. MISAEL says:

    Adicione o arco no Centauro ele também usa o arco

  30. Pu pinche cola says:

    Can you add the hydra from twilight forest?

  31. ToshiMarborisu says:

    Hey do you think you could make The Cerberus Tamable but not make it an easy feat like you need A diamond block or something?

  32. Maskeddreams64 says:

    As a fan of Greek Mythology, I appreciate this Addon
    (Although I think Cenaturs should be neutral and not hostile, but that’s my opinion)

  33. Fan says:

    Please add dragon ia Will be cool

  34. Xynnful says:

    Nice add-on! Hope to see more monsters added soon!

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