N1047 ALPHA:0.6

This is a new texture pack by NeKiTosiKus, in this pack there are not only textures, but also elements that give you advantages

Item format: 256×256

Blocks format: 32×32

Version: from 1.5 to 1.15+

in the next update nether elements will be changed

With this pack you are more likely to win!

Do you like blue? I, too!

The newest 2020 PVP pack

Realistic block texturer

Weapons and tools in high quality 256x256pixels

Unusual style

Armor in the format 256×256 pixels

Overview on texture packThere my YouTube channel, new updates here later

Changelog View more

Add working link (mediafire)

Thanks for help me to upload a normal link

Add google disc link, Sorry for the inconvenience. I do not know how to leave a link

Fix, correct, and the new updates coming son.

In next update I added nether sword and armor

New updates coming son. New textures axe and shovel. Optimization.

New updates coming son (new texture axe and shovel, optimization,)

Max detailed submission

I testing new update (17 jan, 2020)

New Ui, optimization and axe, shovel texture coming son. Thanks you.

New update coming son (new textures: axe, shovel, diamond ore, and elements)

I'm add Еnglish language and new tnt texture 

New updates coming son



Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.6



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  1. NitroZain says:

    I enjoy the textures for the armor and items, but not so much for the grass and other blocks. You should make a separate download for the items and armor textures.

  2. Thanks, I add link in next uptade

  3. Guest-3165210193 says:

    I would love to try this texture but the Download link doesn’t work. When you do fix it, make sure it’s a Mediafire link.

  4. Guest-4708789319 says:

    Texture looks nice but the download link doesn’t work.

  5. NitroZain says:

    Texture looks nice but the download link doesn’t work.

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