Naruto Armors and Jutsus Addon

Hello! This is my Naruto Addon that adds armor and jutsus with animation! Yes – animation! This is just a beta that adds few things, if it is very supported I will soon bring more things. 🙂

Well this complement adds 2 armor the first is the naruto armor in fox mode of a tail, the next armor is the headband it uses.

To put on the armor you have to type the following command in the chat. 

As you can see, a list of the armor you can wear is displayed

Naruto Fox Mode

Naruto headband

The jutsus you can do is rasengan and chidory. The rasengan modifies the arch The chidory modifies the crossbow These two jutsus have animations!



Changelog View more

Link that causes errors was updated It brings nothing new Future plans: Kakashi armor Sasuke Armor Add mobs


The animations of chidori and rasengan you have to put in global resources


Supported Minecraft versions


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12 Responses

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  1. Guest-4738223441 says:

    Why the link didnt worked it said download failed pls fix it

  2. Guest-5246629517 says:

    Fix link!

  3. Guest-5020853844 says:

    No puedo descargar ninguna cosa

  4. Guest-8509895215 says:

    No me deja descargar el chidori ni el rasengan

  5. Guest-3615346854 says:

    Hey i can’t download nothing:”(

  6. Bluesuit2003 says:

    Guauuuuuu bro que buen addon espero que lo mejore demasiado que agregue más ropa armas ninjas y más jutsus de toda la franquicia de naruto y que ya esto no parezca un addon si no un mod ya q me encanta naruto ojalá agregarlas demasiados jutsus junto con la ropa de sus personajes

  7. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get armor even with command yo fix addon

  8. mikel says:

    the armors dont work and i dont know why i tried the command and it didnt do anything

  9. Anonymous says:

    Chidori is spelt wrong

  10. Gamer120000D says:

    Esta chido el addon soy tu fan te sigo en youtube

  11. Meekuzo says:

    That’s a nice addon. But one problem, the geometry naruto:rasengan not found.

  12. SCrafter87 says:

    Where naruto run?

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