Naruto Craft Addon

This addon is inspired by a Japanese manga series known as Naruto. In all simplicity, it tells the story of a young ninja and his dreams of becoming the best and most knowledgeable ninja. Here is a great addon for anyone who is a fan of Naruto or just ninjas in general. It replaces a multitude of mobs, weapons and armors. It’s currently quite simple in terms of custom features but hopefully that can improve over time.

Creator: Hexdro, Twitter Account


The following weapons are dropped by mobs when they are killed.

  • Naruto’s Awesome Move (Bow) – Explosive high damage
  • Explosive Kunai (Egg) – Explosive, huge area of effect
  • Kunai (Snowball) – Deals a lot of damage
  • Shuriken (Ender Pearl) – Deals more damage than the Kunai, dropped by endermen and skeletons
  • Demon Wind Shuriken (Fishing Rod) – Bigger shuriken, one hits most mobs
  • Sasuke’s Sword (Diamond Sword) – Thin but strong blade
  • Samehada – Kisame’s Sword (Stone Sword) – Wielded by Kisame
  • Cleaver Sword (Golden Sword)
  • Combat Kunai (Wooden Sword) – Ninja sword
  • Shinobi Katana (Iron Sword) – Also a type of ninja sword


There are 7 new mobs in Minecraft. Since most of them are dangerous and have the ability to live both during the day and night it’s obvious that the game will get a bit more difficult. But at the same time you got some really nice weapons to help you out.

  • Itachi (Zombie Pigman) – Strong
  • B Class Enemy Ninjas (Skeleton) – Some type of ninja which uses chakra skills on you
  • Konan (Stray) – Uses chakra skills on you
  • Kisame (Wither Skeleton) – Wields a sword
  • Zetsu Clone (Husk) – Very dangerous mob, deals a lot of damage
  • A Class Enemy Shinobi (Zombie) – Found both during the day and night, dangerous
  • S Class Enemy Shinobi (Zombie Villager) – More rare than the above, but they are also the strongest of all ninjas/shinobis


The armor sets are replaced with a few different Naruto armors (or clothing). The armor sets don’t have any special abilities yet (due to addon limitations).

  • Jounin Armor (Diamond Armor)
  • Akatasuki Clothing (Gold Armor)
  • Naruto’s Jacket and Clothes (Iron Armor)


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here!

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96 Responses

4.45 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Nicklas says:

    everything is great but can you update the villagers?

  2. ham says:

    it takes me to add fly and got a virus then had to fix it but what d i do when it takes me to ad fly?

  3. Naruto fan girl says:

    Forgot to rate

  4. Naruto fan girl says:

    I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeee naruto i already watched naruto naruto shippudden boruto th ankyou for making this thisis amazing

  5. U don't need to know me says:

    Pls add eternal tsukoyumi and the mangekyo sharingan and also the rainbow rasengan
    P.s if u think that rainbow rasengan is fake pls watch Naruto movie land of snow

  6. Anonymous says:

    how to go to Naruto Dimension in this addon, i saw someone on YouTube and tried it but it didn’t work. please.

  7. the black ninja rules says:

    hey can you update this addon because i love it so much and it would be awesome of what kind of updates you would add anyway please do it cause it would make my day

  8. Anonymous says:

    hey can you please update this cause i love it so can you update it it would make my day cause i love this addon so if you can update it i would love to download it again ok bye

  9. DiamondUniverse says:

    can you please make it so you can walk on water and climb trees

  10. Kakashi says:

    Its awesome but the picture of diamond boots is the golden boot( akatsuki boot) but I think this addon is the best

  11. ZanyZray says:

    Mario’s OP move is called the Rasengan, and you also spelt some stuff wrong. But I am still a huge fan of Naruto, so I love this addon.

  12. ZanyZray says:

    Mario’s OP move is called the Rasengan, and you also spelt some stuff wrong.

  13. Bon Dwayne Calima says:

    What about the villagers? Are they ninjas too?

  14. WildDeliBoss says:

    Cool Addon Is it okay if I can make a map of naruto and put the link of your Addon in the description 😜

  15. Proden12 Gaming says:

    Its a nice working addon it desrrves some love on thatdownload button btw check out my channel guys im doing vlogs and gaming its https://youtu.be/I-oXNEyLCJE

  16. Xing xing says:


  17. XfernoBro6589 says:

    I rlly love the rasengan, the kunai, the shurikens and stuff, but when i tried to make a survival world, my problem was that the skeletons are WAY too op with rasengans. They kill me in only 2 hits, and my friend quit joining because of that.

  18. Cheezecake says:

    Does the editor reply to these things anymore? Last time was in January 25 2017…

  19. Conejito Misterioso says:

    You guys need to make a RWBY add-on! I don’t really watch Naruto I just heard of it and when I saw this it made me laugh! I scrolled down to the comments and I saw that Deadpool and “Please Answer My Question!!!” agreed with me! I am also and Android user and RWBY fan so if u got a Mediafire mcpack. download for me I would be so ****** thankful! This is one of my favorite Minecraft websites because I am assured it is not a scam (cuz I have been through many). And again I would be so thankful if you could do this for me! 😀

  20. Please Answer my Question!!! says:

    U people were smart, crazy, and dum enough to make this but what I really want is a rwby add-on and Mcworld!! U would not believe how many websites I tried. I have android and this is the only website that has worked for me and I have been to MANY websites! (Complement)

  21. Deadpool says:

    You should make a rwby add on 🙂

  22. Alexander says:

    I figured out what can be replaced for Manekyou Sharingan and Byakugan the Golden Apples not the xp bottle

  23. Alexander says:

    Can you update the addon and make a bottle o’ enchanting Mangekyou Sharingan that gives you jump boost,strength ,night vision, and swiftness. Can you also add Byakugan I dont know what item it would replace but I want it to work like the Mangekyou Sharingan but make the strength higher and no jump boost pls add these for roleplayers and for Naruto Survival.

  24. XxMetal_CraftxX says:


  25. Naruto fan says:

    What the last green shot map, tell me Please

  26. ImortalWyvern says:

    can someone make a map for a vampire or a monster like a haunted mansion? cuz i have the zombie add-on which i like to use it for a vampire based thing but i wish i had a haunted mansion to download for my roleplays and it would be great if it was .mcworld

  27. mcpedkofp says:

    Add more skill and character. Please

  28. Mark says:

    Can you make attack on Titan it so good if you do it you will be the first one doing it

  29. Hello says:

    Cool mod! Please do a DB mod!

  30. Kirito says:

    Could you make a sword art online add on if you can? I love that anime

  31. Samuel10 says:

    its awesome, but can you add more characters like hinata, naruto, kakashi, sasuke etc. to make it better

  32. Garrrakage says:

    Cool addon, I love it

  33. Basdogamer370 says:

    What’s the map in the armour picture?

  34. dat guy says:

    And btw cool addon

  35. Phoenix says:

    Can someone FOR once make a umbrella abbon

  36. Supermaster2005 says:

    Cool Addon

  37. MaximumWave971 says:

    Naruto awesome move is Rasenshuriken

  38. MaximumWave971 says:

    Love this I love this because Naruto is my favorite anime

  39. Prankster gangster akie says:

    Cool add-ons right?😎

  40. Prankster gangster akie says:

    This is awesome

  41. Corina Zapien says:

    This is so cool

  42. JinKaiMCPE says:

    Pls give me link map Naruto !! I want play addon with it

  43. Keven says:

    Also I have an Idea can you make your add on better by adding some more Justus from Naruto like fire style fire ball jutsu

  44. Thomas says:


  45. Keven says:

    Thank you making this I allows wanted Naruto

  46. Bizmol says:

    Duuuude! This is sooo cool! But i have a problem…Its SO EASY to get ender pearls in survival mode! Wayy too OP! It should be harder to get them……like maybe replace the enderman with some type of Ninja-Naruto character.

  47. Arnold Lor says:

    Hey nice addon Im a fan of narato and ps Narato and saska dies and looses a arm

  48. Naruto fan and mcpeld fan says:

    Thank so editor and mcpeld yay I now have naruto craft addon

  49. Furiousattacker says:

    Do a fairy tail addon

  50. AdeSanni says:

    This is a grate add-on!!! And can you make a one piece add-on or a bleach (anime) add-on plz

  51. Marcomomo says:

    I do like it ^_^

  52. Hadye says:

    Ment more powerfull and nice weapons and armour ADDON plz it really means a lot😄

  53. Hadye says:

    Hy editor. THIS AMAZING MCPEDL IS SO COOL keep up the good work! U the reason why I have such cool modded adventures.. THANKS and I have one ADDON u need to add plz! Add a different but more powerfull and nice mod

  54. IOSLord says:

    PLEASE HELP!! I love this addon so far i am using this in survival mode, its cool and all but when i craft a stone sword and hold it in my hand my game reduces from like 100 FPS to 30 FPS pls help i am running an IOS device with my iPad 2 air i have IOS 9.0. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you!

  55. ThatGuyOnTopOfTheCommentSection says:


  56. BlueRaptorRay says:

    Please make a For Honor resource/behavior pack it would be so cool!!!!

  57. ArcSkyress says:

    I love this pack. Great to use in multiplayer (PvP)

  58. JPlaysPE says:

    Really awesome Addon! 🙂 can´t wait to test it out

  59. ArcSkyress says:

    Wow thats nice pack. I like it

  60. A says:

    Please make a furniture add-on!

  61. Mr.No Mistakes says:

    It’s better if you changed the name of the item(bad English) but it’s ok

  62. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    Wow this is awesome 😮

  63. MeekanemoneGaming says:

    Awesome Best Addon Ever!

  64. Justine says:

    what’s the map

  65. Justine says:

    this is the add on I’ve been waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. XCreepdudeX says:

    Make insects add on that when u kill them they drop their span eggs and add other insects so they can fight

  67. RageElixer says:

    Thanks, nice add ons (:

  68. Cris says:

    WoW Nice addon what for map are u playing on

  69. TheEnderface says:

    Funny Addons Ever!!!

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