Natural Disasters

This addon adds four natural disasters which naturally occur in your Minecraft world. These disasters include tornado, fire, earthquake, and dragon’s breath. They despawn after a couple of minutes and effect all nearby entities.

Earthquake – Gives nearby entities slowness and slight levitation

Fire – Summons fire and gives nearby entities blindness

Tornado – Gives nearby entities a lot of levitation

Dragon’s Breath – Gives nearby entities wither

These disasters can be manually spawned in with /summon disaster

Make sure you don’t have anything that disables particle effects or you won’t be able to see the disasters. Only a behavior pack is required for this to work.


Enable experimental mode


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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Installation Guides

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14 Responses

5 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-9286178233 says:

    It dosent work it send you to a web that dosent work for anything

  2. Guest-2743820186 says:

    Could you remake it please?

  3. Guest-8371142116 says:

    The website that we actually download it after it is redirected always says that that site can’t be reached and that the connection has been closed when I have full bars of Wi-Fi. Can you fix this?

    • Guest-9089491850 says:

      It is your pc/computter, not ur wifi

      Here are the steps I use (I have an iPhone)
      -Download iTunes from the microsoft store
      -sign in with ur apple id
      -go somewhere under the buttons in the top left
      -press trust computter
      -go to the phone icon in the top left corner under the buttons
      -click it
      -go to the “file sharing” tab on ur pc
      -click minecraft

      now slect the file that say .mcWorld if it is a world. If it is this, it will just have the title “Natural Diasters”

    • Guest-9111907561 says:

      u gott it?

    • Guest-7066779836 says:

      I dont think he can fix it the website owners can

  4. Guest-2656518583 says:

    1.15 Beta pls

  5. Guest-3198443546 says:

    love it :-0 my only question is how long does it last

  6. Русский Гопник says:

    Link does not work.

  7. Михаил says:

    Please The Monkey King addon

  8. Anonymous says:

    Esta bien, espero que en un futuro agreguen una inundación

  9. OmeneG says:

    Adicione furacões que levam vc

  10. O cara says:

    Deixa os desastres mais bonitos , adicione furacões que levam vc

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