Natural Disasters Survival [Minigame]

This map is based on a minigame in ROBLOX called “Survive the Disaster”. All players spawn in an area where soon some sort of natural disaster occurs. The objective for each player is to survive for as long as possible and hopefully be the last remaining survivor. Even though it might be tempting to take out the competition you’re actually not allowed to kill them. Instead you must help them!

Creator: Jerry8860, Twitter Account
Updated: 10 November, 2017 (read changelog)

How to play?

This map is recommended for multiplayer. One player must enter the Control Room and select a disaster. Next all players will teleport to a new area where the catastrophe will happen.

Each disaster is different from the other. There are everything from fire disasters to TNT rain. If you die then you will respawn in the lobby. You can spectate an on-going game by stepping on the pressure plate.

You are never allowed to break blocks.


  • Special Maps
    • Sunrise City (Disaster: TNT Rain)
  • New Maps
    • Castle
    • City
  • New Disaster
    • Sand Storm
  • Easy mode (enchanted golden apples given)
  • Ability to choose map and disaster yourself (except for the Special Maps)
  • Multi-disasters (beta)
  • Halloween Features
    • NOTE from creator: I know Halloween is over but I will remove the Halloween features in the next update
    • Jack o’Lanterns everywhere
    • Halloween Special: Costume Kits! Dress up!


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84 Responses

4.62 / 5 (45 votes)
  1. Ben h the best says:

    Also Can You Add A Bedrock Border in the tnt rain disaster map Add this in the next update which is coming soon to @MCPEDL And MCPE Addons and MCPE planet

  2. Ben h the best says:

    Please add gas station in the next update. But the Halloween features are still on the minigame Please remove them because i know Halloween is over Next update coming soon to MCPEDL And MCPE PLANET

    • Ben h the best says:

      Alongside the gas station map and Removal of Halloween features.There will be a disaster named Heat Wave.Heat Wave Is A Disaster With A Lava Wave.The Message When Heat Wave Happens There Will Be A Message on the screen Saying HEAT WAVE But the subtitle is Think what you should do Hide Or Put Out It.And a new mechanic is Disaster Information Room.This Room Can Be Acsessed By The Wooden Button in the lobby.Thos room shows the information of the disasters and their powers.Please add them in the next update which is coming soon to @MCPEDL And @MCPE_PLANET And @MCPE_ADDONS

  3. rocco says:

    hahaha its amazing 😀

  4. benjamin408 says:

    Please update it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What you’re supposed to do after the TNT rain? When all players die they are teleported to the wait room and they’re stuck.

  6. Pikachu says:

    Plz add the maps plz thxs for all th coool stuff

  7. Fishy fish :) says:

    Hm, i was wondering if it was possible to play this with just one player? (singleplayer) because i have no friends to play with lol

  8. Ahmed says:

    Great map!

  9. :) says:

    Tnt rain ruins. The whole map

  10. EliteSurvivor1 says:

    The disaster choosing thing is kinda based of master disaster from roblox

  11. Anonymous says:

    Awesome but tnt rain breaks the map 😕

  12. SovietUnionIsMyCity says:

    Wow! cool map

  13. Patter says:


  14. HomieMooshroomY says:

    Um…. there is a bug, Tnt Rain Disaster is still going

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hi I really love this map and I have some ideas for you. New map: barn. New disaster: snow storm. I’ll hope to see these map and disaster in the future update!

  16. Kaikai says:

    I did the tnt rain and I survived but I never got to the starting room.

  17. OPOLO says:

    This game is actually from roblox and someone made the same one to minecraft :O
    Put some credit

  18. Notch says:

    Give me five stars if it’s a online game pls

  19. Anonymous says:

    This map is pretty cool.

  20. m7sngamer says:

    wow cool map

  21. adrianplayzroblox2.0 says:

    Wow this map is cool but one is missing
    Add a new map is gas station is like on roblox
    Oh and volcano lava!! Your map will be cool

  22. Tanji says:

    This is the best disaster mini game that I can download 5⭐️

    But you need improvements on the map

  23. Tanji says:

    This is the best disaster mini game that I can download 5⭐️

  24. Jay says:

    Ok, I’m not saying that was bad, but here is some

    -Zombies immediatly die in Zombie & Fire (Multi-Disaster)
    – You will be stuck in the Waiting Room if playing on singleplayer
    – TNT Rain basically allows the spectator/player to go Out Of Bounds
    – TNT Rain also breaks the map and redstone
    -Sometimes in Multi Disaster, Zombies won’t spawn
    -(Rare) Map will freak out and keep teleporting you in one spot until your game crashes (I don’t know how I made it happen :/)
    -(Random) When you leave the map and come back in, the Zombies will duplicate (Minecraft’s fault?)
    -When choosing a map, in the disasters room, there is a 2×1 hole that the players can enter and go OOB

    BTW awesome map, keep up the good work!

    • Jerry says:

      (In order)
      -Well I’ll replace that with a different multi-disaster
      -That didn’t happen to me. Is your render distance on max?
      -Err yes
      -You might have to reinstall the map. However I’m working on a solution for this.
      -The Command blocks are in the right order. Please set your render distance on max. It could be Minecraft’s fault too (glitch)
      -Minecraft’s fault (glitch)
      -Yes, Minecraft’s fault again
      -Oh no. Will fix that

  25. Mecho Games says:

    Hey jerry Y can you make more roblox game in mc its really fun next maybe can you do JailBreak and BTW whats your roblox account and here add me if ya want my username is ThatRandomKirby soo yeah pls reply if u could

  26. Pomell says:

    Really good

  27. GamingInReality says:

    Amazing! Fun to do with friends, suggestion is bigger lobby

  28. Hi says:

    I found the prize in the glass office it was a dead bush

  29. Alan Tomathy says:

    Yes! An update! Thank you!

  30. KaiTheGamer266 says:

    great map 👍

  31. Sarel says:

    Love it very much

  32. Mike says:

    OH MY GOODNESS WOW U REALLY MADE A GAME FROM ROBLOX one of my favorite tell me can u do elemental battleground

  33. Lmc says:

    Can you copy more ROBLOX games my name on ROBLOX is lmc87lmc copy jailbreak

    • Jerry8860 says:

      1) It is not copying, I am not the creator and it is impossible to ‘convert’ Roblox games to Minecraft. I am simply recreating them
      2) Not all Roblox games work on Minecraft as there are command restrictions.
      3) I think someone actually recreated Jailbreak, but not the entire playable game, only the building, search it on MCPEDL.

  34. Pauline says:

    It’s a great map I ever played

  35. Julius says:

    LOVED IT!!!!!! Plz update with different difficulty settings and more disasters! Personally, I think TNT rain sounds good….

  36. chuaisa says:

    I am from the author China children, my friends want to play this map of the Chinese version, the author I respect you, but not my friends under the map, they all want to play your Jerry map, the author I beg you can let me take this map fiI am from the author China children, my friends want to play this map of the Chinese version, the author I respect you, but not my friends under the map, they all want to play your Jerry map, the author I beg you can let me take this map finished the China, posted to the website, I know this is Arabian Nights, but for my friends, I ask the author let me in the Chinese website to release this map! Jerrynished the China, posted to the website, I know this is Arabian Nights, but for my friends, I ask the author let me in the Chinese website to release this map! Jerry

    • Jerry Y says:

      Your comment doesn’t make sense… 😓 Use a better translator 🙂

      • Andy says:

        He/she means that please make a chinese version of the game, if you like, the chinese version of minecraft is “我的世界” download it if you like and make a map there, warning ⚠️ a lot of chinese

  37. Kaitlyn says:

    I Can’t Wait To Play It!!

  38. YNX says:

    I love it very much but I wish to have more game modes good job!

  39. SlenderDonut4736 says:

    Really awsome! indee.

  40. king of pvp says:

    love it. and stickmaster plz do not ruined it

  41. Racketso0 says:


  42. MooseMilk0123456 says:

    As a roblox player….. I LOVE IT!

  43. IsaacplayzMCPE says:

    Cool and epic

  44. IsaacplayzMCPE says:

    This is EPIC btw my sister loved it too

  45. Stickmasterluke says:

    Dont Copy My Games On ROBLOX! I Have Been Seeing This On Youtube! 0 STARS!

    • Isabella says:

      That’s so rude of you for giving him 0 stars, it doesn’t matter if he “copied” your game. People want to play it on Minecraft so you had a great idea about this game, but you shouldn’t be angry at someone for making another game like yours. In fact, you should be glad that someone liked your idea and decided to make one like it. It’s like a viral video, when someone makes a video that gets a lot of views, other people will make a video like it so they could get a lot of views. You’re game is awesome and he made it on another platform so other people that don’t have Roblox could enjoy it on Minecraft.

    • Jay says:

      Lemme guess. You aren’t the real Stickmasterluke, huh?

  46. king of pvp says:

    I love it

  47. Roar267 says:

    It was short and easy. Needs to be long and harder with more game modes. Also the maps should be bigger.

  48. Roar267 says:

    It’s short and easy. Needs to be longer and harder with more modes.

  49. Cody says:

    Whoo first to comment! Now can you please add more disasters. I love this map! I see you got the idea from Roblox?

  50. SassyKilla777 says:

    this is a really fun map! Nice Job!

  51. Me says:

    Does it work

  52. PowerMinerYT says:


  53. AtomDarknness says:

    Why people always make a game experience of other game,but no problem…I played Roblox and How dare you make the same game

  54. MLGJackGamer says:

    Just awesome

  55. Cftfhghgfgfgf says:

    Really great map!! Just like the roblox game and super fun!

  56. AddonGurl213 says:

    I’m really excited to try it out! I love playing it on ROBLOX but you could also add being able to buy items with points from surviving. That would be awesome

  57. MinorFello says:

    This was too easy, make it more difficult.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Loved it

  59. heather hughes says:

    love this webstite so much so easy to download mods my faviroute one is the arabian villaige so cool

  60. Mr bacon says:

    BEST MAP EVER GREAT JOB! I love playing with my friends do you think you could add acid rain?

  61. Darkbrian says:

    This map is really cool

  62. RedRubyGaming says:

    This is actually based on Natural Disasters Survival, which is based on Survive the Disasters. LOL

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