Natural Mystic Shaders

Natural Mystic Shaders is a shader pack for Minecraft Bedrock aiming to be as realistic as possible. It will change many aspects of your game, some which includes shadows, torch light, sunlight, moonlight and other.

Latest version: 1.7.0, Creator: PHO, Website
Updated: 20 February, 2019 (read changelog


  • Shadows
  • Non-blocky clouds
  • Waves for water and leaves (but not plants)
  • Camera-angle dependent transparency and specular light for water
  • Improved torch light with flickering effect
  • Sunlight and moonlight colors with night time desaturation
  • Desaturation under a bad weather condition
  • Exposure adjustment, contrast filter, and tone mapping

Issue Tracker:

Supported Platforms

  • iOS
  • Android (untested)

Terms of use

This shader pack is licensed under CC0. This means that anyone can use, reuse, or redistribute it, with or without modifications, all without asking permission.

Changelog View more
  • Reworked the water again. Now it has a darker base color and shows reflected sunlight and moonlight. Note that the direction of sunlight doesn't always match to the actual position of the sun due to a limitation in the current rendering engine.
  • When it's raining the ground now looks wet (#49).
  • Changed the color of rain drops so they look more whitish.

Fixed the wrong download link. It should work now. Sorry for that.

  • Updated the base code from 1.8.0 to 1.9.0.
  • The shader now abuses ambient occlusion factor to create more shadows, especially on the sides of blocks. It can be disabled via a configuration item "ENABLE_OCCLUSION_SHADOWS".
  • Fixed the direction of reflected sunlight which wasn't parallel to the sun.
  • Added a thin fog (or haze) that always affects the scene, not only when it's raining. Its color and density is currently constant although it should ideally be biome-specific (#9). It can be disabled via a configuration item "ENABLE_BASE_FOG".
  • Grass, fern, and vines now have a waving animation (#11). Other plants still don't wave though.
  • Fixed the configuration item "ENABLE_WAVES" not working properly.
  • Added a configuration item "ENABLE_SPECULAR" so you can disable specular lighting which might be laggy.
  • Added a configuration item "ENABLE_RIPPLES" so you can disable a water ripple animation that appears on the ground when it rains.


  • Download Resources .McPack
  • Start Minecraft
  • Settings > Global Resources > Apply the shaders pack


Supported Minecraft versions




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Installation Guides

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418 Responses

3.91 / 5 (218 votes)
  1. MaheenTheAnimalLover says:

    Theres no shaders. Applied the pack correctly but when I joined it was just plain vanilla. Help please.

  2. Guest-5415237681 says:

    does not work. it shows some blocks/items for example signs, chests, mobs, banners etc. but the rest of the world is completely blank. my device is Samsung galaxy s8 for reference

  3. Guest-1177150174 says:

    Let me just say this real quick I LOVE THESE SHADERS i recommend all people with good enough CPU and GPU download these shaders btw im using mc windows 10 edition

  4. Guest-4584267942 says:

    Well it is great and little bit laggy and i am using android it works well… But the thing that i hate is the sun and moon it is still the same i want some update plss

  5. Frog787 says:

    Broken does nothing

  6. Guest-3186773640 says:

    Does this work on PS4 (joining a PE world)

  7. UphillBucket687 says:

    The shader installed properly but i didn’t saw any shaders at all

  8. Guest-8561190878 says:


  9. Guest-8942667414 says:

    combine this with parallax shader invisible water and evo shaders and omg yes !!!!

  10. Guest-6332774710 says:

    I see nothing lol
    Well I do see something but just the sky and can’t see the rest.

  11. Guest-7326484938 says:

    I cant download it!!!!

  12. ILikeRobloxAndMinecraft says:

    it shows nothing the device is Acer Chromebook R13 Using android 9 system

  13. Chest Cursed says:

    Is this on 2Gb Ram

  14. Hello says:

    Can’t download!

  15. BoxCatMC says:

    This is incredible, but the only huge problem is that it’s not for windows 10. I want this sooo bad!

  16. FrozenBoyORG says:

    It all goes white!
    I can see mobs and son and the rest none!
    What the heck is happening?

  17. The unicorn says:

    cant notice any changes!!! its the same

  18. YouTuber says:

    Newer packs are broken. Hi I have noticed that the newer packs cause my world to go all rainbow like it there a way to fix this pls help?

  19. The BMG says:

    Can you also please add a player shadow in this shaders?

  20. The BMG says:

    Can you also add a player shadow?? That would be more realistic if you add it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    (Yes, I’m on iOS.) please send a media fire link. It keeps saying it failed to import. So if you can, send a media fire link.

  22. Yo wuz up diggedy dogs says:

    When I downloaded the pack it said failed to import on Minecraft so I’m kinda confused 😫

  23. Hotdog says:

    Hello creator it’s to bright in daytime, can you make it more darker like in vanilla

  24. Don't download on Kindle 8 says:

    All the blocks are clear and it only shows the mobs, signs and beds

  25. datdumducc says:

    Amazing! works perfectly.

  26. PR0G4M3R26 says:

    It’s very laggy when ur in the water if u look up it get super super laggy

  27. Download im serious says:

    Best Shaders pack for pocket edition no Jokes please download

  28. Melting Ice says:

    This literally does nothing so there’s no reason to get it

  29. Arruk1 says:

    wow, these shaders are #1 recommended. i have been using this ever since it came out and, ever since, I have been using it in almost all of my worlds. im reading these comments and cringing, saturation problems? bruh. relax, he will obviously fix it one day.
    anyways these shads are epic. that’s all I had to say idk why I extended it so long

  30. XDDName says:

    Please make Windows 10 support.
    There is no sense of this for phones because they are not powerful. Windows 10 version Will look awesome.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I have no idea what just happened, but… My colors just reversed? Every color is mega saturated? Likeee… When I looked closer on what my world looked like after shaders… It worked right… But colors were super wrong. Also game was super laggy, but this is more on my phone side.

  32. Levi Herr says:

    I download the pack but and put it on but it does’t change anything. Any solutions?

  33. Cia Hermosa-Jorge says:

    Excuse me creator where is the Behavior pack? And plus IT DOSENT WORK Creator pls reply do I have to check again?

  34. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    This is by far my favorite shader so I have some pretty cool suggestions: the new flowers and berry bush will also do the wavy effect. Lava will be like the water wavy except slower. When holding a torch or any other light source in hand it will light the area around. Fire will be wavy. Items will have the same affect mobs have when in this shader. The sea grass and kelp will also be wavy.

  35. ElectroMew says:

    Could you be able to make a version for Xbox One X

  36. Jake Atcher says:

    You should make the link an adfly link. This shader is so good that I would genuinely watch 50 ads just for you to benefit off this masterpiece of a shader!

  37. Bohn says:

    This shader is the best one so far, too bad my phone aint beefy enough to run it smoothly. btw do you have any contact i can reach out to you? you seem really good with GLSL, i need a little favor 🙂

  38. And I oop says:

    This Shader was my holy grail, I used it all the time. And now, it’s completely broken. Please update this shader, it’s the only shader that worked on my device without glitches.

  39. GoodPro232 says:

    I Downloaded it but it didn’t work

  40. redsruby says:

    How to make it less bright?

  41. GetDunkedOn says:

    could you update this to the 1.13? I think that would make this shader amazing

  42. FIX IT! says:


  43. Juan says:

    can u make it work on windows 10 please?

  44. BlisterThunderbolt says:

    This works great! The closest to OptiFine as you can get in Bedrock
    P.S. – This does use alot of processing power and will lag on lower-end devices,
    I use an iPad Air 2 (2015) and only on some worlds that i’m okay with lag.
    Not for any old cheap tablet.

  45. Crapzoid says:

    Does this work on v1.12 ….. Because mine looks like on some type of crack

  46. Katelyn says:

    Thanks! This works greatly on my iOs iPad, but can you fix it where you go down deep underwater and the sky comes down?

  47. E says:

    this shader works perfectly fine and wonderful, but the only things that bugs me is when you in underwater and you look up for some reason the water starts turning gray-ish/black and white, pls fix this. Thanks (android, mcpe version 1.12.0)

  48. DylanWolfX says:

    Awesome! just add textures on the sun and moon

  49. Exo says:

    Works perfectly on my Xbox One. The best shader thank you for that

  50. T3NTH says:

    This ruined my game, all blocks are transparent!

  51. edison says:

    it did not work when I equipped it

  52. Zeusgamer5801 says:

    All the ones I seen so far are complete trash, let’s hope yours is better

  53. zayed83131 says:


    *on (IOS)*

  54. Anonymous98 says:

    I’ve been looking for that water in Mcpack that works. I tried 4 and this is the only one that worked. 😇😎

  55. Anonymous says:

    When ever I load a world using the global resources I can see through all blocks except for chests and entities

  56. ElectricDuskXX says:

    Can’t import on iOS 1.11.4. Something invalid.

  57. Anonymous says:

    (I have an android and the latest version of minecraft.) I’ve loaded it and everything went well until I went onto my world. Everything was black, besides some shulker boxes and mobs. Not just me but I’ve seen that other users have had this problem as well. •I’d just like to know if it’s a problem with the shaders or my device.•

  58. Endermenking09 says:

    Uuhhh look for a video called mystic shader review in here YouTube/endermenking09 thanks 😁

  59. FoxiTheArcticFox says:

    When I Apply it, Nothing changes. Please fix that! I can’t find any other working shader that has realistic water that is an .mcpack .Please fix it though.

    • Endermenking09 says:

      It work for me but I have the same problem with the realistic water thing it’s so hard to just find one that works right

  60. MalGames PL says:


  61. wydog says:

    Where is the zipppppppp

  62. wydog says:

    does anyone know if this works on xbox one s? i really want a good shader that has good water effects and i love this one on mobile, but does it work on xbox?

  63. chipsmee says:

    Update for 1.20 beta please 🙂

  64. Carlos Salazar says:

    It works for android.

  65. Angel says:

    I could Really use the creators help, i love your shaders so much the only problem is that this does not work for windows 10. i have tested the shaders on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and looks and feels great. I only wish that you can port this or test and send me a copy file of a working version. Love the work keep it p… TheHoly

  66. Hyprenyt says:

    Does This work for the xbox one ? If not can it and will it? I’m on 1.11.4

  67. Person says:

    For me it looks very well it is a little laggy but overall I love and I do want a better looking moon though

  68. ozzuneoj says:

    Not working at all on 1.11.4 on Windows 10. Doesn’t look any different.

  69. MinecraftRiley says:

    Good shader but leaves are currently broken as they glitch out like crazy (Android) (MCPE 1.11.3)

  70. Fikri says:

    My shaders didn’t load at all. It’s just all invisible. I don’t know if that’s my phone problem or else.

  71. RAY TRACING says:

    Pls add ray tracing to this shader, that would be awesome

  72. JOLLY2131 says:

    Very Well This Look This pack Like Minecraft Pc and now this on Pe

  73. LoneWolf18YT says:

    Best shaders on mcpedl sense the sues shaders no longer works because the developer hasn’t updated it in a long time but an amazing job on this shader.

  74. Elisa says:

    At the moment this is the best shader I could find for iOS. Only two things bother me, though.
    It feels a bit too bright and gets my eyes tired when in daylight. Also, it gets a bit laggy sometimes. It’s still very pretty so I’ll bear with it.

  75. Tansiouyuen says:

    This texture like real life.I play very happy

  76. Aden says:

    Nothing changes; world looks completely the same as normal.

  77. Hanna says:

    Sorry but i think you should update the supproted version like mcpe 1.11 beta pls

  78. TheLDiamond says:

    This shader is great, I would like it if the water was clearer though. Just a suggestion.

  79. Aiden says:

    Mine work this just made my world I am just made it home just made it smaller but it had borders.

  80. DelTaco24 says:

    This shader looks really nice and make my city look very realistic but, one huge problem it LAGGS. I had even installed one of those optifine mods and set the FPS to 250 but, got 20. Can you please fix the lag and when you update can you also make it still compatible with 1.9 because I don’t want to update to 1.10 because of the New SUCKY textures and loom block.

  81. JasLu3451 says:

    This shader makes my world invisible

  82. Anonymous says:


  83. JasLu3451 says:

    For some reason, my world doesn’t show up when I use the shader.

  84. Anonymous says:

    pls make for MCPE1.10 official

  85. SixCrayfish8977 says:

    I just spent forever looking for the best shades, and I think this pack finished my search. Well done!

  86. Nobody says:

    Can you make it for 1.10? Im not rushing, i know it JUST came out today. And i dont rush. I let people take their time to do things. I know how long it takes for people to update things, it doesnt just instantly come if they do it! Also, nice job making it. Its VERY realistic. If its just like the 1.0 beta where its just… impossible to make addons, well… OK THEN I UNDERSTAND!

  87. Gapple says:

    will this work win windows 10?

  88. AkaruiShiro says:

    I installed it in my Minecraft bedrock edition (Windows 10) and the game is still running and all, but sadly I can´t see any change? Water and everything still looks the same.. can someone maybe help me?

  89. DraGonPlayz123 says:

    Great Shader, Honestly most shaders are rubbish and are really glitchy but yours was really smooth. I just wish the Shader isn’t so bright but other than it was a really good shader and I recommend it…

  90. Towetre says:

    Por que no funciona en android?

  91. FlameWolf8 says:

    Please fix for Android

  92. Mikey says:

    I’m on windows 10. Downloaded and applied but doesn’t work?

  93. Fix This Plz says:

    Fix glitch where other partical effect like torches and potions effect. They are all white because of the changes with the rain color

    • PHO says:

      I’m aware of the problem but currently it’s unable to fix, because the game doesn’t tell the particle shader what kind of particle it is asked to render.

    • Anonymous says:

      When i open my world with shaders and steve was on drugs everything had alot of colors

  94. Action gamer says:

    It dosn’t work on android

  95. Me says:

    No good for android plz fix it it’s lagging my game

  96. Sailor Kitty says:

    Does this work on any amazon fire devices yet? If not, will it work in the future? (My friend has it IOS)

  97. Eric says:

    Is there any way you can make this compatible with Xbox One? (If you didn’t know, it is possible to import .zip and .mcpack files into minecraft. I’ve tried to with your texture pack but it crashes the game when I try to load it in a world.) I would love this for Xbox. Thank you

  98. Ghostcat5138 says:

    Icould you make torches give light when you hold them and make the plants move as well thx.

  99. StingyMaxdog says:

    This shader is beautiful. Runs perfectly on my iPhone 5S.

  100. JKMagzPH says:

    I know most of here play Minecraft on Android Devices… Please test it on Android… By the way on the First Version of this Shader, it is working… But now, it isn’t working… Please fix this and test it on Android…

  101. Marlon says:

    Does it work in Minecraft Windows 10 1.9.0?

  102. FlameWolf8 says:

    It does not work for Android (kindle) I tested it. Please fix that

  103. Seth says:

    Please help me, i want to use this shader, but when i enter the world with this shader my minecraft app has stopped please help, i can’t use the shader

  104. AIRSHIPREBEL123 says:

    It doesn’t work with android.

  105. JM says:

    My Verizon of Minecraft is why if I play Minecraft it keep crashing if I use this shaders plzz fix this my phone is oppo f7 128gb in 6gb ram

  106. ZuiQuanMCPE says:

    The Shader looks good but it doesnt work on my android

  107. Person 177 says:

    Plz make the grass and plants move in the wind too, I feel like that would definitely make this the best shader for mcpe and would make me change my 4 star to a 5.

  108. Adlu Ramadhani says:

    please, for the next update glass reflections are held

  109. loretr323qw says:

    Please let the shader work on Android phones. I can’t buy an IOS phone.

  110. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Does shader work on android?

  111. TheBlackKiwi19 says:

    Best Shader for my Android phone, i almost never feel lag when using this shader except sometimes when i swim, i feel my device is lagging.. can i use the old water shader just like the older version 1.5.0?

  112. 3D Craft says:

    So the stuck in exit screen is still not fix i mean why.. i just want this shader in my android device cause i try a lot of shaders and this one is the best in my opinion.I hope you fix it soon

  113. Ric says:

    What does it mean to enable/disable configuration item?

  114. ChrismheeTH says:

    If you will make this perfect just fix lag.

    • A019 says:

      Buy a new device. That’ll fix your performance issues if your using an older device.

    • PHO says:

      Performance issues can’t just be “fixed” because they don’t come from a single problematic part of code. I have already worked hard to optimize my shaders, and I will continue to do so, but since it’s doing much more complicated things than vanilla it can easily max-out the computation capability of GPU. Enhanced graphics come with a cost, and the cost is the performance.

  115. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the shader generate shadows for stairs or slabs etc?. Because I only see shadows for full blocks. It’s kinda unrealistic and annoying.


    • PHO says:

      I know that sucks but can’t do anything about that atm. The game simply doesn’t take account of partial blocks (like fences) when it computes the light map, presumably due to a performance reason.

  116. Samuel Hanley says:

    Please can you make moving shadows pls thx

    • PHO says:

      Ah… you mean the direction of shadows should reflect the movement of the sun, right? That’s impossible right now due to a limitation in the game.

      • Support on windows 10 says:

        Hahahahah yes i know because yes the game does not allow it because MOBILE devices and pls can u add support on windows 10 pls?

  117. loretr323qw says:

    Hi this does not work on Android OS I hope you edit it to work I love this but I do not have an ios operating system to work

  118. Yolo says:

    Use shader in version 1.10 is error texture pack. P/s: sorry my english is bad :v

  119. Gerold says:

    Hi can you please make an optimized version of this shader, i like this shader but the reflective moving water and leaves animation makes my game a little laggy also the moving surface during rain causes my fps to drop apart from them i found no problem with the other features whatsoever hope you listen to my request have a great day

  120. Ian Gonzalez says:

    Dumb. Now i cant open minecraft.

  121. MickMickNBD312 says:

    how can i get this for win 10 its not working

  122. UniverseSteve says:

    And BTW the one star missing is because one there isn’t a player shadow and two you should make the water a little more clear but still keep the reflection of the sun
    P.S have a great day please comment on my ideas

    • PHO says:

      A proper player shadow is impossible to implement because the shape of player is inaccessible from shaders. If we still try to do it (like SEUS PE) the shadow will not reflect movement of your arms or legs. Is it really worth it? I don’t think so.

      As for the water, yeah I tried to reduce its opacity but the result was not satisfying. Rivers, lakes, or seas aren’t usually very clear in reality so if we make it clearer it starts to look unrealistic. The biggest problem here is that we can’t use the depth of water to compute the opacity (which is what actually happens in reality) because of limitations in the rendering system of the game.

      • Universe Steve says:

        Can you make it foggy when it rains and maybe just maybe please put the shadow and if the others don’t like it then you can take it out

  123. UniverseSteve says:

    Hey for the third time in a row you should put a player shadow in your shader

  124. MerKitten Ash says:

    Can you make it .zip so I can use it for java

  125. HugoTDM1 says:

    Nice shader but the snow seems to be moving when it snowing. Can you fix that?

  126. Akihiro Akagi says:

    My world wont load with this shader

  127. Minecraftlover070809 says:

    Hey! Can you make it so plants wave such as slime blocks, flowers and crops? Thank you for listening! Goodbye.

  128. GalaxyGamez06 says:

    Could you make a version for windows 10

  129. Rikeu says:

    Link not working and one sugestion… Add more shadows. Then it will look much more realistic.

    • PHO says:

      The link has been fixed now. And there will probably be more shadows in the next release.

      • Sheldon says:

        I am being honest here, I LOVE the shades. It’s just that I dislike the realistic clouds and square sun combo… PLEASE FINISH READING THJS BEFORE YOU MAKE THE SUN A CIRCLE! I DO NOT WANT THAT! All I want is the blocky sun to be more polished? Like, just a TAD bit round?

        • PHO says:

          Lol, the shape of the sun is actually determined by a texture, and realistic resource packs like “John Smith Legacy” have nice textures for it. Btw my plan on improving the sun is not to make the sun look like a strange disc floating in the air. Instead I want to draw it as a large bright area on the sky with no apparent shape of the sun, but I’m having a hard time overcoming technical difficulties.

  130. Jayden says:

    I downloaded it. I have 1.8.1 and it doesn’t seem to work when i open my world with it.. 🙁 PLEASE get it it to work! it looks like you may be the only one at the moment with decent shaders with water and sky animations too.. PLEASE!

  131. Maryam Maryam says:

    Is nice but I think it would be cute if the plants waved in the wind

  132. Send help says:

    It not working link say page not found ;-;

  133. Adlu Ramadhani says:

    why the reflection of water from the sun and moon is not parallel, please fix it and why the grass is not bumpy

  134. Daniel says:

    The Water shader, Didn’t Work!

    There are no Water Waves… But i see in the picture there have a Waves and Shadows.. 😢😞

    • Nobody says:

      im not creator or editor I KNOW. But i think your device just cant load it because its not good enough so it cant handle it.

  135. MCHurt12_2nd says:

    But it will work on Beta 1.10?

  136. Anonymous says:

    I love it! all I just wonder is will this ever be available on windows ten?

  137. TBNRzuscur says:

    The old release of this shader was good. When you updated it though I can’t download it. What a waste of MCPEDL’s time. Sad.

  138. Panda says:


  139. Mudskipper says:

    It really seems like a nice shaders but I can’t download it because the link comes up as 404 on github. Do you know why or have a fix?

  140. Samuel Hanley says:

    I can’t download it it just says this is the wrong web your looking for I’m on iOS

  141. Sheepie says:

    The download button just tales me to and then it says ”You have got to the wrong site” oraomethong like that

  142. GenArt says:

    Cant Download

    When I go to GitHub I get a 404 error

  143. Zac says:

    I have a pc and an iPhone X but can’t get it to download on my phone can’t get past the github, lol plis help

  144. ShinyGold_YT says:

    Link not working. Says page not found

  145. ShinyGold_YT says:

    I don’t know why but clicking the link says page not found.
    I still rated it 5 cuz I know this a a good shader.
    I would love to see the water look like the seus ones.

  146. Glazed says:

    i can’t download it pls fix the download link

  147. Heavlieddor says:

    Link is not working

  148. Chen says:

    I cant download it

  149. Anonymous says:

    For some reason the download isn’t working. Can you fix the link? Great shaders though!

  150. Ahmad Habibie says:

    It looks like it’s very good, with water that looks real, but … how do I download it?

  151. TacticalDolphin says:

    I Cannot Download The Latest Version,it Takes Me To An Empty Github Page?

  152. Adlu Ramadhani says:

    Please MediaFire link

  153. Adlu Ramadhani says:

    How to download

  154. TacticalDolphin says:

    Really Great Shaders!It Works Perfectly On My Android Device And It Even Works With Beta

  155. ikhdan says:

    Link error give me link media fire please

  156. KOMAN says:

    link is not working

  157. M.Sadili says:

    can’t enter the link!

  158. Henry Markle says:

    Help, I’m getting error 404

  159. Hedgie101 says:

    Hello? Can you please add support for windows 10!

  160. Shadiq says:

    Man link he say 404 comeom give me link he say 404


    Hey! I’m a YouTuber but I kinda like this shader pack but it doesn’t work on Android. I know it works perfectly in my iOS but old test this and fixed the problem I specifically following this shader pack hope you fix this 🙂

  162. Krib says:

    Makes parts of horses invisible. Not usable unfortunately.

  163. Bib says:

    It’s cool, but the water could be done way better, so could tje lighting.
    Plus it crashes me whenever i exist a world witj it on.

  164. Sadie Isabel Harris says:

    Incompatible with Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime (Android 7.0)

  165. RyanTZL says:

    Great work but it makes the range of torches and anything that lights up worse and everything is so dark.

    • PHO says:

      I’m aware of the problem but that’s intentional. Light energy emitted by torches should not be that strong, while in vanilla they can light up very large areas. I thought that was rather unrealistic so I reduced it.

  166. MickMickNBD312 says:

    how long i am been waiting for windows 10 please

  167. Adlu Ramadhani says:

    add specular effect

    • PHO says:

      Yes that’s planned but the problem is that the game doesn’t tell shaders what kind of material a block currently being rendered is made of. Dirt and iron blocks should have very different shininess, don’t they? But we can’t render them differently in the current system.

  168. Anonymous says:

    Looks great on Nintendo Switch too, thanks !

  169. Firexxe says:

    Finally a shader with active creator, i know my suggestion is a bit weird, but maybe a fog or bloom would make the shader looks perfect (to me), anyways Great shader

    • PHO says:

      I really want to do a bloom filter but sadly I can’t, because the game currently doesn’t allow us to insert a post-processing stage. For a fog I’m ambivalent because we can’t do it on per-biome basis for now. Yes there should be a fog in humid biomes like jungle, swampland, river, and ocean. Deserts should also have a fog for another reason. But for other biomes they would look very strange if they were always foggy.

  170. Anthony says:

    I love how up to date this shader is seriously I’m grateful

  171. TheBlackKiwi19 says:

    Wow!! Amazing update!! I love this shader.. its not too bright and the water so cool.. and of course, now i can remove the sky shader which make my device lag, thank you creator!!

  172. Ahsan says:

    For those of you who want this shaders work for win10, I’ll tell you that THIS IS NOT FOR WIN10!!!

  173. Gapple says:

    There is a glitch!
    If you go underwater EVERYTHING TURNS WHITE

  174. Anonymous says:

    Only thing I dislike is the fact that when you move it also influences the waves movement, other than that great shader!

  175. XxKILLERPRO950xX says:

    Best shaders ever!

  176. Maxil89 says:

    for windows 10 pls

  177. 3D Craft says:

    The shaders are so awesome this the most realistic vanilla i’ve ever seen but pls fix this my phone has no problem with shaders except this cause when i quit its stuck in the exit loading screen and crashes pls fix it as soon as possible i really need this i dont want other shaders they are so ugly

  178. Adlu Ramadhani says:

    please, support for android

  179. MFzocker says:

    OOF still waiting till it comes out for Windows 10 edition :/

  180. Zhenya and Daniel says:

    Ты знаеш что тут обычно англичане но я рад что нашел русского
    + я могу порекомендовать тебе другой похожий на андроид который я пробовал

  181. Не работает на устройстве Honor 10 says:

    У меня устройство Honor 10 просто зависает на загрузочном экране, я так хочу попробовать эти шейдеры(исправьте пожалуйста 🙏

  182. Anonymous says:

    windows 10 support pls

  183. Chris says:

    Same here.😭

  184. kaveend says:

    Could You Possibly Make another Version Of This Shader Specifically For Windows 10 Edition Users? Cuz This Is awesome! (Even Tho It crashes My game xd)

  185. Anonymous says:

    This shader is awesome, would definitely recommend it. Probably the best working MCPE shader I’ve used, and I have used a lot, so big thumbs up. It would be nice to have moving plants and leaves in the future, but otherwise, great job!

  186. RainCraftMC says:

    I equipped a resource pack then when i went underwater, my screen became unplayably white. It goes back to normal if i get out of the water

  187. RainCraftMC says:

    Hello. After the new update there is something wrong with my vision when i go underwater when i use a resource pack. The screen becomes unplayably white until you go out of the water then the screen becomes normal again

  188. Anonymous says:

    Will It ever work with win 10? rly want it to

  189. Minecraft bedrock edition 1.9.0 alpha shaders mobile android says:

    Сдуюшая обнова shaders HaturalMystic V1.5.0 и в ней ((Переработана вода полностью. Теперь у него гораздо более убедительные волны и зеркальные блики.)) выпуск обновы скоро

  190. Ivan says:

    Hey I like the shader but please make it when its day for it not to look so bleached like its so so so bright and I think it would be nice to lower the amount of like brightness because it looks bleached, thx

  191. Orlando Acevedo says:

    funciona en w10? lo probe y no pasa nada,lo habre instalado correctamente?
    it works in w10? I tried it and nothing happened.

  192. GirlSmoothies43 says:

    Can You Make The Sun And Moon Round,And Dynamic Lights On Torches,Sea Lanterns,Glowstones And All Lights Sources.Make It Like The Conquest Of The Sun Shaders. Love This Shader Best Shader It Worked. Thank You! My Platform:IOS

  193. Gabriel says:

    Make a zip file for this shader plz

  194. Lloyd says:

    Player shadow and realistic water like seus ps I like the waving water

    • PHO says:

      Water will be improved in the next release (1.5.0). But unlike SEUS PE I’m not going to do a fake relection of clouds on water surface, because no reflection is still better than wrong reflection imo.

  195. Toño Rojas says:

    It’s a beautiful shader pack, but I feel it’s too bright on the day and too dark on the night

  196. Anonymous says:

    WOWWWWWWWW this is amazing I said WOAH in person it’s the best

  197. Firexxe says:

    Works very good on my Android. Probably one of the best shaders

  198. iSaturated says:

    Hey…the shaders are working perfectly,axcept for one problem. Everytime i look at the sky,it lags a little. This never happened in any shader i’ve used before,like Chocaphic13. Phone RAM 4GB and Snapdragon 636,Can you please fix this issue? Thanks

  199. Kiui19 says:

    I think you need to make a lite version of this shader for Android. Juts remove the sky shader, it already looks good with the normal minecraft sky…

  200. TheBlackKiwi19 says:

    Awesome! I love this shader, could you make the sun and moon more realistic? And i think its needed a little bit improvements in the sky, because sometimes its become lag when looking at the sky… My platform : Android

    • PHO says:

      Yeah the sun and the moon are planned to be improved. As for the sky lag I might I could but it’s really difficult because it doesn’t lag on my device at all (iPad Pro). I can do some optimizations but that may work the other way so I’m hesitant to do it.

  201. ??? says:

    Looks amazing with a little taste of jerm texture pack!

  202. Umbreon2020 says:

    Works great on android, can you add dynamic lights?

  203. Anonymous_ says:

    The next step should be shadows for mobs. I don’t like circle shadows.


    • PHO says:

      I wish we could, but sadly that’s impossible because the game doesn’t take accout of any entities when it generates a light map. For a similar reason partial blocks like fences don’t cast shadows.

  204. Chen says:

    I love it but plz add a player shaped player shadow plzzzzzzzzz

  205. DandresLive says:

    I have a problem. was able to install. So insert and stuff. but if I activate it in a world, have specially created a new world to try out, it remains at the loading screen and hangs. Although the music can be heard, but it does not go on.

    I use the Galaxy Tab A6 from Samsung 2016

  206. cherokeerose5 says:

    This is the best shaders pack Ive ever seen! Thanks

  207. Dude says:

    Windows 10 support please

  208. Minecraft bedrock edition shaders mobile android says:

    Daragoy the developer add a random animation of the wind in the voi with shaders HaturalMystic please add animu on the grass and wheat and make a root part which concerns the block of land did not go beyond the chapel square block of land and toala tightly from above and so the root part worked random part animce as JAVA edition 1.12.2 only BEDROCK for MINECRAFT EDITION MOBILE /

  209. Fernanda Rios says:

    That’s a Minecraft bug, not a shader bug

  210. Anonymous says:

    It crashes Minecraft whenever I put it on one of my world’s 🙁

  211. Mick says:

    where is windows 10 plz

  212. Alesscreeper says:

    Pls for Windows 10 edition

  213. Helix says:

    There is a bug
    When swimming the whole screen goes black

  214. Cesar Abraham says:

    Does this shaders work for Minecraft Windows 10 (Bedrock)? If not can you make them fully compatible?

  215. brazzy_ says:

    Although the leaves / bushes have See – Through errors, the shaders in general are amazing and easy to run!

  216. Fernanda Rios says:

    So it only works for iOS?!
    BRUH, the shaders look so good, but it’s so disappointing to see that it only works on iOS. (I’m Android).

  217. CharlezPlaysMC says:

    Please Add Windows 10 Edition. 😀

  218. DMB3609 says:

    I’m currently using an s8 active the the shader doesn’t seem to have any performance issues so far. The torch flickering is actually there, it’s just insanely minimal for me. I haven’t noticed it until I actually tried looking for it. Other than that I’m quite biased about the flowing bushery and water since when you sprint the wind speeds pick up dramatically (aka the animation goes up to almost three times as fast as it was before). Bias-ism out of the way this is the cleanest most polished shader I’ve ever used, and I’m commenting that with confidence. I even paired it with my custom texture pack and it still runs as smooth as butter, no pun intended.

    • DMB3609 says:

      I’ve also notice I’m somewhat blind hence my last comment. When I posted it last time it seemed as if nothing happen, no “awaiting moderation” or anything, so I just gave up on it without any thought. Bleh :p

  219. Muhammad says:

    Excellent shader! Can you make the Water and Lava looks more realistic,also a few ingame particles?

  220. edamex says:

    good! works on 1.8!!

  221. Sub to PewDiePie says:

    Very good shader. The best i’ve seen in like years. But there is this glitch where there are some line like on a cracked phone screen that appear sometimes when I look at stuff (buildings in particular). The moving leaves are very good but can cause some lag for my iPad mini 4. You can do something like making the leaves not move when you are moving like sspe shaders do to reduce lag and make movement way smoother which would be cool. Also the sky is really nice but a little laggy too which is fine.

    So I rate this shader
    (Clap clap)
    3.7 out of 5 yayayay

  222. UwU says:

    For some reason, it doesn’t work for me (android). I try applying to my world and it crashes. When I put apply to the whole entire game, it doesn’t load to the main menu and also crashes. Please fix this! I can tell this is a really good shader and I want to use it.

  223. BedrockStyle says:

    Amazing graphics! Easily my new favorite shader pack. Keep up the good work!!!

  224. dmb3609 says:

    Honestly the best shader pack I’ve used yet, no performance issues or hiccups so far. Though I’m somewhat biased about it since I’m not really a fan of moving bushery and water since they’re either too defined or the wind speeds go up when I sprint (the animation speeds up to a really noticible rate). If it’s fixable you’ll be apeasing people with an ocd :P. Other than that I haven’t seen a shader pack get updated so quickly, so kudos for that. Thanks to the developer(s) that made the shader pack and thank you for reading.

    • PHO says:

      Yes I REALLY want to fix that speed up issue because I too have an ocd, but I still don’t know exactly why it happens. So in the next release (1.2.0) there will be a workaround for leaves, but for water it’ll be still affected.

  225. RoGer says:

    This doesn’t work it stucks me out in loading screen plz fix it I don’t want to rate it

  226. KouChan says:

    It doesn’t work on Android phone..

  227. Keagan says:

    Is there any way we can get this shader pack ported to Windows 10, anyone you can collab with to make this happen? This is literally the highest quality shaders pack for the entire bedrock engine. If there’s any way I or the windows 10 bedrock community can help to get this started just ask.

  228. TheSpicyNugget says:

    This looks like a really cool pack.

  229. Anonymous says:

    Just a small little request. Can you make plants and foilage move? Thanks.

    P.S. I”ve been looking for shaders when the panda and scaffolding update came and I would like to thank you so much. I’ve been desperate for shaders similar to SSPE.

  230. StarlkYT says:

    When the support of 1.8. MC update will come?

  231. Vitaliy Mironov says:

    would be really cool if u could make the water realistic aswell

  232. Muhammad Yasser says:

    It’s a beautiful shader. Also, can you add more light effect like when we shoot a flaming arrow ? And when we are holding a torch?

    • PHO says:

      Flaming arrow effect is a brilliant idea, but sadly we can’t do it because the game currently doesn’t provide any means to do things like that (injecting post-processing stages into the rendering pipeline). As for the dynamic torch light the trick Gabriel used before doesn’t seem to work anymore, and I haven’t found another way to do it so far.

  233. Bob says:

    Doesn’t say it above, but not compatible with Win10.

  234. Zzzzzzip says:

    Can you add a zip file so i can check if it works on xb 1??

  235. rp1najash says:


  236. Glazed says:

    Heya there i have a favour, can you make the grass,leaves sway?? also i love this Shader/Texture Pack it doesn’t lag so I Loved it!!

  237. Wlex1818 says:

    This really frustrates me because it works on iOS but not on desktop/windows10. Why is this? I have trouble enjoying playing the game on my phone and am used to playing Minecraft on a computer, but I really want to be able to use shaders. Is there a reason this doesn’t work with Win10? Please make it work for the half of us who use a desktop, thank you.

    • PHO says:

      Win10 uses a completely different shader language. In order to support it, we have to maintain two separate shader programs. That’s why most shaders don’t work on Win10. I can’t support it either, because my PCs are all Macs.

  238. MCHurt12_2nd says:

    What versions does this work?

  239. Anonymous says:

    What versions does this work?

  240. KirbyFan64Bro says:

    About 90% of the shaders available on this site will freeze my game when applied/loaded.
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S8+ (exynos).
    I will still rate 4 stars because the pics look good and I am not here to judge because I cannot try it out due to the freezing.

  241. Anonymous says:

    Am I the only one that is having trouble with shaders on windows 10?? I have tried A LOT. By a lot I mean ALOT! Nothing works! Help?

  242. Anonymous says:

    Love it

  243. Just bob says:

    Cool shaders

  244. Dieudeglace says:

    Doesn’t work

  245. dxTreemGamingMC says:

    Love it!

  246. Uggh, why does my phone never support shaders?! Or is it because I’m in beta…

  247. 1234 says:

    Inside my home, there are very bright spots when I have the shaders on. How do I fix this?

  248. Back4boya says:

    Cool! New shaders!

  249. Magmix says:

    Please add watter effect, dynamic light and wave grass.

  250. A019 says:

    10/10 Love the lighting effects, the shadows, and the colors. Plus, it works with MC ^_^

  251. EthanRS YT says:

    It’s a great shader and looks great on my stadium builds but it would be so much better if leaves and grass moved

    • PHO says:

      Leaves and water swell as of version 1.1.0.

      • UniverseSteve says:

        Hey you should add a player shadow like the Sues shaders does please try it

      • AWOT2019 says:

        Daragoy the developer add a random animation of the wind in the voi with shaders HaturalMystic please add animu on the grass and wheat and make a root part which concerns the block of land did not go beyond the chapel square block of land and toala tightly from above and so the root part worked random part animce as JAVA edition 1.12.2 only BEDROCK for MINECRAFT EDITION MOBILE /

  252. Tazwarul Islam says:

    Does not work for minecraft win10 1.9 beta

  253. ISLAM says:


  254. DinoDNA says:


  255. Nobody says:

    sounds legit!! use this shader with the “a little taste of Jerm bedrock edition” texture pack. what ik is, it will look so realistic and beautiful. I haven’t downloaded yet, but I can already tell it’s awesome!!

  256. PoisonousViper says:

    Exactly what Ive been looking for thanks for making, does it require a powerful engine? Also can you list all the features

  257. This doesn’t work it stucks me out in loading screen plz fix it I don’t want to rate it

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