Natural (Nature) Structures V9 (Complete Edition)

This is my first time using custom models/blocks so if anything wrong with the block’s look (besides shadows) please let me know. This add-on suppose to compliment my Rocks+ addon so please play together. This add-on should add more life/flora to your worlds by using plants or by adding more structures that spawn naturally (like dungeons and ruins) to your world. 

Every update I’ll probably be working on a new biome.

Also chunkifying this add-on helps my sanity so I don’t write these posts forever.

As of V1, it is the Arid Edition

As of V2, it is the Forest Edition

As of V3, it is the Tropical Edition

As of V4, it is the Flower Edition (Happy 2021!!!) I’m making this in 2020

As of V5, it is the Snowy Edition 

As of V6, it is the Swampy Edition

As of V7/8, it is the Dry n Wet Edition

As of V9, it is the Complete Edtion

(Since this add-on focuses on the natural stuff of Minecraft it’ll add vegetation and such.)

I’ve deleted some of the extra photos, so you don’t have to scroll as much.

Last 2 Biomes Mesa/Dark Oak (V9)

Still somewhat deserted

Roofed Forests (V9)

More of Life Quality Update

Drying Rack Multi-Functionality

  • Dry Leaves –> Dried Leaves
  • Dry Kelp –> Dried Kelp
  • Dry Rotten Flesh –> Leather

Bush Retexture

Different Generations of things!

Functions! (Give Respected Objects)


Don’t like the flowers from V4? Just turn them off!

Go to Behavior Packs

Automatically On so you have to switch it manually

Still a V10 to come for bug fixes and Addon Compatibility!

Savannah V8/7

Starting with New/Retextured Block

Pine Wood/Branches Redid

Looks less old

Savannah Specific new blocks


Works exactly like snow layers 

Makes clay!

Dried Leaves / Drying Bench Rework

Savannah Generation




Dead Leaf Piles (Applies to Swamps too)

More varieties of course.

Ash Piles

Also Volcanic Rocks 

Use Basalt to turn regular rocks into Volcanic ones


Giant Pumpkins

Spawns Somewhat rarely in Plains and Savannahs

Jungles V7/8

I personally felt that jungles felt very empty on the ground and I added a lot of foliage to add to that. (Also Mud Patches)


The counterpart to the dried leaves we have alive ones you can spruce up any place.


Coconut Trees 

Big Melons

Swamps V6

New Blocks/Reworked


You walk slowly on mud, as well as animals, and mobs. Found only in Swamps, Can be smelted into bricks!

Drying Rack

You’re New Way of getting Dead Leaves

How to Craft

Place it down and use it by putting any type of leaf to it. 

Wait around 15 – 30 seconds for it to dry out!

Interact with it to get 2-3 dead leaf piles!

Craft 2 together for Dead Leaf Side

Swamp Bushes

Mainly Just Oak Leaves With Wood or Mossy Cobblestone

Mushroom Clumps 

Generate here Naturally now (The preferred biome)

Big mushroom Clump

Mooshroom Islands V6

Just a lot of previous versions of mushrooms/the new big mushroom clump

Bug Fixes (V6)

Fixed Pine trees so that if they weren’t in a Snowy Taiga or snow, it won’t have snow

Both Icicles and Dead Leaves both drop nothing now

Bushes Redid

Name Fixes and Sound Fixes

Taiga / “Ice Plains” (Tundra) V5

New Blocks for Snow 

  • Short Icicle

Pine Trees!

-Idea from lol

Dead Pine Trees!

Pine Planks (Lighter than Birch but not as yellow-y)

Birch                          Pine

Only Planks for now (no slabs/stairs/fences etc)

Pine Wood/Branch

Pine Branch from 2 Pine Wood

  • Pine Cones Doesn’t do much (Suppose to be fuel but that’s broken)

Miscellaneous (Snow)

Brown Terracotta now spawns to add diversity in the ground.

Flower Forest (V5)

-revision from lol

So I redid the stems

And made a new realistic yellow flower / all the flower stems are changed to fence sized fences. 

New Mini Flowers (V5)

White Flower

Pink Flower Patch

There are Red/Yellow Mini Flowers

New Blocks! (V5)

Yellow Flower Blocks

Red Blocks

Pink Blocks

White Blocks

All Rotatable!

Crafting, Use the Stone Cutter with the respective petal block.

Flower Forest (V4)

New Blocks!

Flower Blocks

Flower Stems (I’m in 2020)

Red Petals

Pink Petals

Yellow Petals

White Petals

Stamen (Drops around 3-9 Pollen)

Pollen can breed Bees and can grow them up from being a baby bee very quickly!

Bee Hive Blocks

Bee Hive Block

 Honey Floor (2021 now) Drops 1 honey bottle

Crafting Recipes (V4)

Pollen to Sugar

Yellow Petal ( ONLY petal that doesn’t use tulips)

White, Red, and Pink Petals ( All use their respective tulips)

Honey Floors 


Pink Flower

Yellow Flower 

White Flower

Red Flower

Medium Bee Hive

Big Bee Hive

Wheat and Beetroot will generate in Flower Forests Only

Bug Fixes

  • Cacti Finally now destroy when the bottom cacti break
  • Fixed some generation
  • Lighting Fixes

Beaches (V3)

Our third biome will be the Beaches/Oceans. I can’t do much with oceans because they’ll constantly spawn on land and leave random patches of water. 

New Blocks!

Seashells (First)

All except the Nautilus Shells can be crafted into bonemeal

Flat Seashells

Tall Seashells

Nautilus Sea Shell (Drops Nautilus shells)


Driftwood (Drops around 0-3 oak planks)

Beach Pebbles (Drops polished Andesite, Diorite, Granite)

Turtle Nests

Sometimes Spawns in Water for some reason

Spawns with Dead Leaves and sometimes dead coral

“Palm” Trees

Palm trees generate around the beaches as well as the random things on the floor. 

Of course more Variants


Coconut Tree


Gives you 1 1/2 hunger. 

Some Other Changes V3

  • Instead of having 1 light emission blocks now have 0
  • All custom blocks have their own sound!
  • Hopefully, Bush Hitboxes are fixed
  • Some placement changes.

Forests and Birch Forests (V2)

Our second Biome is the Forests (Excluding Flower Forests, They’ll come later 😉 )

Starting with the New Blocks!

(Mushrooms technically already existed before but they’re actually used)

Sticks Piles

Drops around 1-3 sticks, Spawns all over the ground where trees spawn! (Biome-wise)


Since I didn’t have access while creating my Rocks+ addon, I decided to just add it to add more ambience to everywhere.

They drop new item Pebbles. Pebbles can be crafted into cobblestone or arrows or place back onto the ground. 

Rocks V4 

Throwable rocks/Does slowness to enemies hit

Wood Slabs/Variants

Drops 1 of each log types, currently not craftable

Mossy Logs (Used in Dead Logs)

Drops 0-3 Oak planks

Oak/Normal Forests

Dead Logs/Trunks

Variant 2 and 3

Big tree 

Definitely more Variants

Birch Forests

Variant 4

Red Mushrooms only generates naturally by itself in Birch Forests

Birch Dead Logs

Variant 1

Variant 2 (A lot of red mushrooms)


Birch Bush (Spawns in Forests and Birch Forests)

Oak Bushes (Spawns in Oak Forests Only)


I’ve Revamped Deserts because I thought they looked kind of odd with the blocky cacti!

With Rtx On (Cactus shiny)

New Cacti 

Variant 2

Variant 3 (No rtx lol)

Variant 8

Giant Cactus still here

Cactus Parts

Use Cacti to craft all Cactus related pieces in the stonecutter!

(Don’t mind some of the textures, they’re textured on all sides!)

Can only be put on Sand!
The rest of the Desert stuff is in!

Deserts (V1) (Old Cacti not in V1.5+)

So far in Deserts, I have added a lot of cacti!

Giant Cactus (Only appears in Deserts)


Dead Trees


Burnt Log

Spawns near these “Lava Pools” only in Deserts.


Dead Leaves(V6)

Dead Leaves Now spawn in large piles in swamps!

  • Makeable through the New Drying Rack
  • When broken drops nothing
  • Dead Leaf Sides can be crafted. 

Dead Leaves(V5)

Tried to fix the texture of dead leaves by instead adding another block called the dead leaf side to help “round out” the leaf texture. Not implemented in Leaf Piles but is in the dead pine trees. 

Bushes (V7/8)

Drop Leaves instead of an entire leaf block!

Bushes (V6)

Spawn in Ones! instead of in 3 one!

Also now drops Bum_crops Seeds instead of the strawberry and chili. 

Bushes! (V4) Both Food Add-ons Work Together

Only if you have Lots More Food by Legopitstop it’ll drop every single seed type occasionally. (Lots More Food)

Fungi V1

Craftable though

Credit to Machine_Builder for his FRG.

Credit to Blockbench for easy creations of the models.

Do not reupload this addon without permission 

If you want to include this addon please ask in the comments below and if you would like to modify anything please let me know!

I’m also open to suggestions on structures!

Changelog View more
  • Quality of life Updates!
  • Functions
  • Options for Flowers or Not
  • Mesa's and Roofed Forests changed slightly!
  • Drying Rack Multi-Functionality

Changed up Jungle/Savannah

Added onto Swamps

New Leaves mechanic Dry/Alive 

New blocks that act just like snow layers, but with different items. 

New conditional Blocks!

  • Fixed Pine trees so that if they weren't in a Snowy Taiga or snow, it won't have snow
  • Icicles/Dead Leaves Side have crafting recipes
  • Both Icicles and Dead Leaves both drop nothing now
  • Drying Rack/Mud New 
  • Drying Rack new functional block that is used to make dead leaves
  • Bushes Redesigned 
  • Mooshroom Islands Get a tiny touch up

Redid Flower Blocks!

New variety petals for all included colors

New stem piece

New Snow Pieces


Pine Trees and everything related to it

-Pine Log

-Pine Plank

-Pine Branch

-Pine Leaves 

-Pine Cones

Added New Flower Blocks

Added Big/Medium Bee Hives

Fixed Cacti Breaking

Added new dead Leaf Generation

Added Pollen


Added Links into the actual website because the bottom 2 links always end up in the mobile category

Changes V3

Instead of having 1 light emission blocks now have 0

All custom blocks have their own sound!

Hopefully, Bush Hitboxes are fixed

Some placement changes.

All blocks have been updated to 1.16.200 format version

Added 7 new blocks that generate throughout the world.

Add more to your Forests with more foliage/scenery/fungi and dead logs

Fixed a few bugs and some lighting errors with cacti

Literally just added the resource pack because it was listed underneath the mobile area instead of the downloads/computer area

Fixed the Awful Hitboxes of the thorns by removing the collision entirely

Removed all of the old cactus types

Bush Hitboxes kind of fixed (They're still experimental)

Thorns now don't emit light and have a horrible black box!

Redid All Cacti!!

Made new Cactus Blocks

Added Mushroom Clumps

Cactus Generation A lot better


Delete Previous Versions if using a Newer Version! 

Or else it'll say duplicate pack detected. 

Always download the newest Resource Pack (RP) so you can see the blocks 

Download both packs and make sure there both applied. Turn on all 3 things for addons and it should work.


(Previous Versions are open just in case people are having troubles with current versions)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201 1.16.210 (beta)

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  1. TheArtificial says:

    Are the 2 other woodtypes has their corresponding items and stripped versions?

  2. JasonCrow says:

    it’s say’s “This site can’t be reached”

  3. Also Briars isn’t one of my Functions, it’s bums_flowers as I had that addon activated at the time

  4. Kawaii Ken says:

    Mind if you implement this into Java?

  5. TulipsWow says:

    My Eyes: looks at (Complete Edition)
    Me: This does… put a smile on my face.

  6. sphagit says:

    im on windows edition (1.16.201) and i can’t make the drying rack. i can’t get it from creative mode and i can’t craft it either. other than that small glitch (or bug) its perfectly fine. keep up the great work!

  7. Sukuary says:

    What is the texture pack/shader used in swamps and flowers ss?

  8. MC_Infernal says:

    Hey, this a very unique good addon, and there’s a lot of possibilities with this addon, so I wanted to give my opinions and ideas on it.

    You haven’t added any mobs yet, so here are my ideas for that:
    Sand Worm: Literally a retextured silverfish, you can find them in Mesa and Desert biomes, with the two variants being Red Sand and Sand. Follows spawn rules of mobs such as zombies.

    Steve Trader: These follow spawn rates of Wandering Traders, and they can sell combat items, food items, or valuable items. There could also be an Alex variant too.

    The point of the mod is the structures themselves, so here are my ideas.
    Statues: Statues are found in Plains, Jungles, Deserts, and Mesas. Depending on the biome, the statue’s texture will correspond to the biome: Stone Brick, Cobblestone for Plains, Mossy Stone Brick, Cobblestone, Mossy Cobblestone, Vines for Jungle, Sandstone for Desert, Red Sandstone, Chiseled Red Sandstone for Mesa. Statues can be holding a gold, diamond, or emerald block.

    Woodland House: The Woodland House is a two story, descaled version of the Woodland Mansion in the Dark Oak forests. You can find similar things a Woodland Mansion has. 3 Vindicators live on the bottom floor, and a evoker is on the top. A chest lays on the top floor, with the loot of an average Pillager Outpost (crossbow, exp bottles, carrots, etc.)

    Nether Wart Farm: The Nether Wart Farm is a structure that has the spawn rate of a Nether Fortress. It has two farms: A farm for Nether Wart, and a farm for hoglins. 1 – 3 hoglins per farm, 10 nether warts growing per farm. The farm has a basement with a chest, and it normally contains 1 – 2 blaze rods, 10 – 15 raw porkchop, and 4 crimson fungi.

    I have more ideas, talk to me on discord if you want to hear them @InfernalYT#1050 🙂

  9. Phoenix fusion yt says:

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    • Potatoe Nail says:

      And I like the idea of Drying Rack is there any way to modify it to Used to dry out Rotten Flesh to leather or Saplings to dead bush🌺🌺

      • Is the Pine Tree texture a bit bright at night haven’t noticed that and also I’m working on making the drying rack multipurpose, but you can only have a 1 result no matter the item. Trying to find a workaround or maybe they fixed it in the beta.

  11. I’m probably going to redesign the entire addon page so you don’t have to scroll so long. Means less detailed reports for the previous versions!

  12. Hinge 45 says:

    Can you make a city generator like ultor99?

  13. Potatoe Nail says:

    Are you planning to add custom mobs and Foalige for the next update or Just new biome revamps

  14. The Orespawner says:

    Make an extra download for all of them in the same thing so i dont have to put on 14 packs (including bum crops) to have all the content

    • For this addon, The latest download has all the versions before it included, so you only have to download the newest. For Including the Bum’s Crops, you’d have to ask them because I don’t own the pack and that would be plagariism. Plus they asked for there addon not to be included in public “modpacks”

  15. Storedband18976 says:

    I love this, but, why not have all of these Addons into 1 addon that would be better(plz do it)

  16. Foreverwalking says:

    It would be cool if possible to change the defualt flowers, mushrums, sugercane, crops etc into 3d models to fit the rest of the addon

  17. TheGoodShot says:

    Cave Edition

  18. yo 7777777 says:

    Will there be a roadmap on this page so that we can see what’s going to be implemented next?

  19. RyderBlak says:

    Hello I would like to know what program you use to edit “Mc Structure”

  20. Aan9999 says:

    You addon is so cool, can you add something to badland biome or maybe swamp biome?

  21. Fly4blunt says:

    Can you make glowing bule mushroom caves or crystal caves 🙂 I really love this addon

  22. R360Ryder says:

    Okay does v5 have every one before it or does it only have the snowy stuff

  23. Foreverwalking says:

    I don’t know if you know, but it swamps, the trees that spawn in water have a high chance of spawning in the tree.

  24. I’ll see what I can do about the trees. Probably will be a 5.5 Update

  25. More Food Covers Berry Bushes and such so I think it’ll be useless and repetitive if you’re using both addons at once.

  26. Kawaii Ken says:

    How about both Lots Of Food + Bum_Crops for the bushes?

  27. AirCactus705024 says:

    Hey you can Add 1.16.100 Version plssssss

  28. AirCactus705024 says:

    mini Rocks Like In RLCraft!!!!

  29. FaresDZ2006 says:

    Where is the link of resource pack ?

  30. Ballerina says:

    This is absolutely amazing!!! Truly awesome to have someone like you who will make incredible things! Thank you!!

  31. Tixel22 says:

    Can you pls change the textures of the dead leaves that they would better connect to the ground. Hope you see this 🙂

  32. IoriValkyrie says:

    It’ll be nice if you tweak the giant flowers like you did on cactus, they’re too blocky and doesn’t really fit well on the other versions. Anyways great addons! Been using your stuffs since the first rocks+ version and still loving it!

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    Nice I love your updates GOOD IDEAS 💡

  34. KentangApo says:

    permission I want to enter the addon into my modpack which contains 100 mods I will add your credit, please answer

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    Hey fix coconut is not hang in leaves

  36. Potatoe Nail says:

    How About For V4 A new Type of flowers or Plants near bodys of river or a jungle biome update like rafflesia,bananas”Food”,or just add some variety of plants or atmosphere to the river or jungle
    Ps-your work is getting better and better since i donwload the v1

  37. Appsro says:

    Slightly confused. Do you need to download each individual pack version, like v1.5 v2 and be and their respective resource packs. Or do you just download V3 Tropical edition and the most recent V2 Forest edition resource pack? Does V3 incorporate everything from the other versions?

  38. This is amazing! It really adds a lot to the game!

  39. RSCBUILDS says:

    Hi, I am looking at making a MOD, similar to Valhelsia v3, and would like to use some parts of your mods, natural nature structures and also Rocks+ in my creation, I will make sure to provide full credits. I will make sure to let you know when the mod is done, thank you in advance.

  40. RageStreemYT says:

    This addon is getting beater and beater!!

  41. Casey708 says:

    Great add on
    But I was wondering if people made any mod packs
    Yet so theses mods can work together

  42. V2 Resource Pack

    Mcpedl has been putting the last link under the mobile category for some reason

  43. I might be late to fix any errors or reply to comments since it’s Christmas week! Expect V2 by tomorrow on Dec 19th

  44. r4vm says:

    This is so amazing!

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    This addon is awesome! So much cool things. Can you add some pine trees? And dose it work fore Minecarft 1.16.200?/

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    How to get textures version 1.5? They are not visible. (Google translate)

  47. Fnaf dude using tynker says:

    I have a idea how about a end mob called the ender drone (sorry I forgot my original name) but it is a floating head sized robot with a claw found in a new biome called the reverse lake Is a biome with purple grass and in the center purple water that only end mobs go inside if anything else goes in the water it will die these ender bots have command blocks inside of them they only contain a skeleton skull sized head with a screen with a happy face and a claw ender bots can be tamed by buckets of reverse water and when tamed will follow you until they run out of battery or you tell them to stay. They work like the npc mob you can tell them what to say and all players can see what you tell him to say when he runs out of battery’s he will drop to the ground (not die) and can be recharged using lava buckets or battery’s. If you can make a least the new biome and ender drones then I will make a part 2 including structures and mini bosses I am aware you can’t make all of this but it would be nice if I can see the thing I always wanted in game

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