Published on June 29, 2021 (Updated on July 06, 2021)

Natural Structures v0.7

Hi! Have you ever looked for a simple addon with natural structures, with good understanding and optimization? Well, here I bring you this great addon! The natural structures addon focuses on in making very simple natural structures of all kinds, and that any cell phone can run it 

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This version brings us many changes! Structures in the nether, more structures in the overwordl and an entity in beta !!


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So can work on 1.18,?
can you add this to an existing world? Or does it have to be added when first generating an new world? It's console friendly?
¡Wow! Me encanta el addon, sus estructuras son GENIALES. Me gustaría aportar con una idea, he visto muchos addons de estructuras pero en ninguno implementan nuevas aldeas, sería muy épico ir por el mundo y poder encontrar nuevos tipos de aldeas, por ejemplo y de una vez explicando más mi idea:

•Aldea del océano.
•Aldea acuática.
•Aldea del end.
•Aldea del cielo.
•Aldea de la mesa/meseta.
•Aldea del bosque retorcido/twisted forest.
•Aldea subterránea o aldea de las cuevas.
•Aldea de pillagers.

Espero te agrade mi idea. :3
Muchas gracias Bro! Lo tomaré en cuenta en la próxima actualización será entities
THELUCARIOGAMINGYT July 15, 2021 at 9:18 am
What shader you used???
brother the complement is great I liked it a lot, and more if you combine it with another structure complement, the only thing missing is a big update with more structures, when will there be an update?
Hello, the next update will be out in about 2 weeks this will be entity Update, it will have many entities it will be the official v1
what shader are you using in every picture?
Hey love it ! You made great structures that add a nice touch too the game, I kinda wish the soul sand + wither skulls structure was in the game, to suggest to players what they need to do to fight another boss lol. My only criticisms and why I'm giving it 4/5 is 1. Structures spawn too much, and when you have op loot in some it's kinda annoying in multiplayer 2. No loot variation, if you find a chest in a type of structure and then find that type of structure again it will be exactly the same :/ kinda lame. Other than that nice work !
Thank you for your comment, version 1 comes with approximately 10 new entities, that is, it will not be so boring the addon 2 of those 10 entities will release a material with which you can make make armor, there will also be entities in the nether etc, the structure of the wither (arena of souls)
Will this mod work if I made the world before adding the mod or will I have to make a new world?
Hi! Well, Bro, the ideal is to create a new world but you can copy your world and activate the 3 experimental modes if they appear.
muy bueno el addon una pregunta como se a portado mi informante en el discord de koopa espero que no igual que yo