Nature Coaster Project

This is a project I’ve been working on for the past couple of months.  It’s a coaster or railway that travels through this Minecraft world.  This map is VERY long, so be warned if you decide to download it!

For the past couple of months, I’ve been working on and off on this project. The “Nature Coaster Project” is a minecart railroad that traverses this Minecraft world’s wonderous terrain. I have sculpted the landscape to show the many different biomes, villages, and more.  Just check out these images!

Changelog View more

-Added more detail on why I couldn’t make a .mcworld file

-Changed description and removed the statement claiming it was for iOS


Installation guide for the mediafire link:


Supported Minecraft versions


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7 Responses

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  1. Hey man, amazing project! Looks a lot like my own railway, but with a lot more turns.
    Keep building it, I wanna see more! Also if you’re open to suggestions, try reducing the number of turns. It gets annoying turning the screen every two seconds. And expand it to cover more biomes! Waiting for more…

  2. Victor says:

    Hi! Im will start your map now and is see funny out. I coomig back soon, and tell you how im will have it.

  3. PenguinBrother says:

    This Was Really Good thanks for making this map!

    • Thank you so much! Please tell me about any problems with this map, I made it a while ago and it’s really long so please tell me if there are any mistakes or suggestions

      • Grace Messenger says:

        Perfect! A MediaFire Zip file! The only format and site that works! I’m riding with a Vex so I’m not lonely.

      • Grace Messenger says:

        A few issues but I fixed it and finished the Rail link so it’s continuous. Now, where do I build my house? Vex likes the Desert Biome and I like the Podzol Biome. The zip on MediaFire is the only one I can download from and it works!

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