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I don’t know how many people saw it, but two days ago I released a resource pack replacing all the music discs in Minecraft with the top 12 songs from The Arcadium, which can be found here. Someone suggested I make one of these with music from NCS, a much older and more famous copyright-free EDM channel. And, well, that’s what this is!

Check out my new website here!

(According to NCS’s usage policy, their songs are free to use if you credit them, which is what this section shall do. Some songs do not have a dedicated credit section, and those titles shall be referred to accordingly.)

If you set the game to run in English (US), you can view the name of each song and the artist it’s by in-game, but I understand that this won’t apply to all the users of this site. As such, here is a list of each song appearing in this pack. They have been ordered from first to last corresponding to their listing on the Minecraft Wiki, the page of which can be viewed here.

Alan Walker – Fade = 13

(No dedicated credit section, link is posted above.)

Cartoon – On & On (feat. Daniel Levi) = cat

NCS: Music Without Limitations

NCS Spotify: 

Free Download / Stream:

Alan Walker – Spectre = blocks

NCS: Music Without Limitations

NCS Spotify: 

Stream here:

DEAF KEV – Invincible = chirp

NCS: Music Without Limitations

NCS Spotify: 

Free Download / Stream:

Different Heaven & EH!DE – My Heart = far

NCS: Music Without Limitations

NCS Spotify: 

Free Download / Stream:

Janji – Heroes Tonight (feat. Johnning) = mall

NCS: Music Without Limitations

NCS Spotify: 

Free Download / Stream:

Disfigure – Blank = mellohi

NCS: Music Without Limitations

NCS Spotify: 

Download / Stream:

Electro-Light – Symbolism = stal

NCS: Music Without Limitations

NCS Spotify: 

Free Download / Stream:

Elektronomia – Sky High = strad

NCS: Music Without Limitations

NCS Spotify:

Free Download / Stream:

Cartoon – Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) = ward

NCS: Music Without Limitations

NCS Spotify: 

Free Download / Stream:

Tobu – Hope = 11

(No dedicated credit section, link is posted above.)

Warriyo – Mortals (feat. Laura Brehm) = wait

NCS: Music Without Limitations

NCS Spotify:

Free Download / Stream:

I will update the pack whenever new videos become viewed enough to fit into this list. In the meantime, enjoy!

Oh, and if you find any errors with the pack, please report them in the comments section. If it’s requested enough, I can make a music pack that spans the full game and not just the music discs.

I’m perfectly fine with this being uploaded to other sites/apps or YouTube videos being made with this, all the music is copyright-free anyway so you can use it in your video as long as you leave the names of the songs you played in the description. Have fun!

If you like this pack, I highly recommend you check out my Arcadium Music Disc Pack, the music in which, I will admit, I like a whole lot better. Anyhow, enough from me!

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Updated to properly reflect NCS's Usage Policy. If you're reading this I more than likely have done so correctly.


This pack should work for beta versions as well, but is not tested. The file is a little large as it contains audio files, so you may need to wait a moment for the pack to finish importing.

Import this as you would any resource pack.


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42 Responses

4.85 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Guest-7954726325 says:

    Do you think you could add one more music track for pigstep? Btw thanks for this awesome work.

  2. Guest-7007947702 says:


  3. ZeroGgamer says:

    Amazing! Could you add a meme pack next?

  4. Guest-8288994855 says:

    I can’t hear any sound when playing them, I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. I’ve checked the volume settings and they’re all up.

  5. Parkwad says:

    How did you get/convert to ogg files?

  6. Guest-6199806235 says:

    Absolutly Awesome! Id love a meme pack tho

  7. LivingJulian8 says:

    Hey man I really love this resource pack I was just wondering if you could add AJR’s music into the game I really like there music and I would love to hear them in Minecraft thanks!

  8. Guest-3583695320 says:

    Hey man i love the music resource packs I was just wondering if you could make a resource pack that adds AJR’s music into the game because I really like there music so I would love to hear them in Minecraft thanks!

  9. Guest-7374479061 says:

    Can I use this pack and then just change everything into my own work. Not like pirating but change all the songs and cover and all that? I ask this mainly because I use an amazon tablet and it is really hard to navigate files and when I downloaded this all the folders were already setup.

  10. When I put the disc in, nothing plays.

  11. Guest-9105568055 says:

    can u tell me how to replace the music in this file?? if that’s even possible.

  12. Guest-3224269849 says:

    Apperently when I tried to do it the sound didn’t work, so I extracted the file and I tried to play it on groove and it told me that the file type is unsupported or corrupted. Pls help

  13. Dylan ThePro849 says:

    Do like a meme version 😛

  14. Guest-8493452251 says:

    Could there just be a link to make it easier? For example, you press/click on the link, and it shows all these apps, saying “copy to” (Minecraft, Google Drive, (etc)?
    It would make things a million times easier. I tried watching the videos but nothing was working. If you can’t do it, thanks for trying! This music mod is very creative

  15. NYEEEES says:

    Hey Man do you Listen to My Chemical Romance can you do their Disc pack like Welcome to the Black parade, Disenchanted,i dont love you,Sing,My Chemical Romance – Cancer plssss do a pack disc

    • No I don’t, and unless their stuff is copyright free I can’t upload it on here. You can take the default music packs and swap the song files for the ones you want to replace, but you can’t share copy-writed music online (especially not for money) without permission from whoever made it.

  16. Guest-1438455590 says:

    Increible, grande!!!

  17. Guest-8239954229 says:

    How do i make it into a mcpack file again after extracting it

    • For simplicity’s sake I recommend you just find the original .mcpack and use that. If you don’t have it anymore you can always re-download it from above.

  18. Guest-5741782907 says:

    Could i replace the song with my own songs?

  19. Guest-9120570241 says:

    Hey man, i love this pack so much, if you could make one with medieval music it would help my open-world adventure map so much! keep up the great work!

    • There’s actually already someone who made a medieval music pack, and that pack replaces all the music in the game, not just the disc. I don’t remember what it’s called but that pack was what showed me how to make custom music, so if you can find it I highly recommend it.

  20. Guest-5160306073 says:

    Could you add old songs

  21. Guest-5854310586 says:

    i think lost sky songs is also good especially the one that always used as intro/outro(lost sky – dreams especially pt.2

  22. Guest-9051978785 says:

    Dude I saw the comment on the other post where you said you’d be adding this, and I’ve been checking the website every few hours. Your other pack is amazing and made the nightclub on my friends’ server absolutely perfect! Thank you for doing such a good job!

  23. zephyreum says:

    when 1.16 comes out, could you make pigstep into ricochet?

  24. Guest-8097057122 says:

    i luv both of the music packs! we rlly need more of this here 🙂

  25. Guest-8680628723 says:

    Lol Good

  26. Lundum Studios says:

    Take my stars!

  27. Lundum Studios says:

    Wow, great content here!
    Amazing what music can do.

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