Nether Parkour

The name of this map is Nether Parkour, it has 4 levels for each of the biomes in the new Minecraft 1.16 update. there are screenshots from the map at the Bottom. I made a map with my friend.

This screenshot shows the beginning of this map.

Changelog View more

changed the main image and deleted some of them. Let you like it.

Added a Preview and image. Very cool map, I hope you like it.


Installation instruction: 1-Go to the site. 2-View the ad. 3-Download the map file.


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  1. JohnP19 says:

    The button dosen’t work?

  2. Guest-4859204529 says:

    if there neo in here i will 5 star it

  3. Guest-4239443708 says:


  4. Guest-5611827923 says:


  5. MurphyDL says:

    Thank you I will do more maps, I have a new map being built.

  6. BlazinOfficial says:

    nice map

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