Nether Portal for Minecraft

I owe much to you guys. I give you, a round trip ticket to oblivion. Would you like to travel to a more active location of the Netherworld? Well you can with one of the most stylish portals ever made.




Powered by the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant ☢, I had this baby built right under my state of the art transmission line. Adventure this portal with caution as you could die easily if you’re not careful of the unforgiving paths I’ve place to get to the portals. You will love the Netherworld that lies within. A much more unique scenery and this is only a general view. Add Nether Portal for Minecraft to your collection of Roleplay Adventure maps and journey the great world.


RDJN – Map Creator

M7MOGAMERAero Star Modern Texture Pack

– M7MOGAMER wrote, This texture pack is not for survival mode or medieval/rustic style building, so please do not use this pack in stuff that’s not related to modern/futuristic building style.

– RDJN wrote, Do not use the Texture Pack without giving M7MOGAMER full credit and be sure to link your project to his MCPE DL project.


Changelog View more

*Minor Update, I've changed the link via the credits section for my nickname RDJN.


Download Instructions

To Install this map, I've given you 2 options. Choose one. You can DOWNLOAD the .mcworld file or .zip

For the .mcworld edition you should be able to import it. For the .zip edition you can download it, unzip it and move the folder inside to your MinecraftWorlds folder. Hopefully this was convenient for you.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-1587485854 says:

    it says the import failed. What do I do?

  2. Guest-7220394087 says:

    I’m lost. What is the point of this map???

  3. Guest-5520217062 says:

    What the name of the shader ? plz

  4. RealDaJuan says:

    😂🤣😅 Best comment 👌

  5. Guest-2766846506 says:

    Mah mans can run shaders AND highly detailed builds at the same time while my pc just screams in agony and suffering.

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