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The Nether is by most records the most hellish environment you can experience in Minecraft. In other words, it’s not usually a nice place to be since there are lots of creatures out there to get you. However, if you for some reason think that it’s a little too easy to survive in the Nether then give this addon a try and see for a how long you can last.

Creator: Sirconol, Twitter Account

What’s new?

Zombie pigmen, wither skeletons and magma cubes are all hostile toward the player and some of them also more dangerous since they’ve acquired a new set of skills. For example, the blaze shoots fireballs which impacts large area and causes a lot of damage.

Eggs have an increased spawn chance to more frequently spawn chickens when thrown. Most of the Nether mobs hate chickens and as a result it makes chickens the perfect tool for baiting the Nether mobs.

All Features

  • Wither skeletons shoot fire arrows. The closer you get to one, the faster it will shoot.
  • Large Magma Cube: 15 hearts
  • Medium Magma Cube: 10 hearts
  • Small Magma Cube: 3.5 hearts
  • Blazes shoot fireballs, large area of effect
  • Zombie pigmen are hostile toward players
  • Eggs will spawn 4 chickens per thrown egg, and a small risk to spawn just one chicken
  • Chickens are targeted by Magma Cubes, Wither Skeletons and Zombie Pigmen. Use chickens as bait! If you don’t want a guilty conscience then only use them for Magma Cubes since they won’t kill the chickens.

Known Bugs

  • Bows are bugged on mobs
  • Chickens aren’t hurt by wither skeletons as long as they are too close to them
  • Strays outer layer has been merged with the model unintentionally
  • Liquid textures appear on some blocks



  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Download Resource .McPack (Optional)
  3. Activate the packs the world in-game.

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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