Netherite Lava Tools

Ever wanted to make lava netherite armor? Well, this is your addon! With this addon you can craft from a complete lava netherite armor and even enchant it!

Also includes crafting a sword and a new mineral.

The first thing we must do is craft this new mineral, for this we will need to find lava and netherite, the crafting is as follows:

Once we have this new mineral, we can craft the armor and the lava netherite sword.

His crafts are the following:

The only thing that can be enchanted is the armor, the sword cannot be enchanted.

What we have to do to enchant the armor is put it on the enchantment table

This is the information about the sword: 

Durability: Infinite

Attack Damage: 11

It also has fire resistance

This is the information about the armor:

Helmet durability: 650

Chestplate Durability: 750

Leggings durability: 700

Boots durability: 700

If you want to upload this addon to your channel, or to other websites, by changing the download links, creating your own download links or not leaving credits, the following will happen:-Your video could be removed from Youtube.-We could report your website.So that none of this happens to you, you will have to leave the link of the McpeDL page or that of my blog.

Changelog View more

All almost all crafting have been changed, a durability was put to the armor and the sword has an infinite durability


Enable the experimental mode for a correct function of the addon


Supported Minecraft versions


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17 Responses

4 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. PsychedVGC says:

    Good, but it would be better if you made the sword enchantable.

  2. The_NetheriteSG says:

    Make an addon that has “Super Netherite” based on the textures and effects from Kiingtong and Graser’s Minecraft UHC videos and based on this right here(Ur addon btw). Also, 5 Stars 🙂

    • Usernameee says:

      do not launch it its a virus ignore the apk click skip which u must wait for 5 seconds then click block for 30-40 seconds and u click click this link when redirecting

  3. Golden4Death says:

    To be Completely honest this, This is a big step for the MCBE modding There Has Never Been an Addon that gives you the capibility of enchanting whats added and Thats A REALLY BİG step
    And Great addon and believe me you did a great job this is not too OP because it is so expensive so keep up the good work man !

  4. kyle2222 says:

    can u change it to adfly or just make it download autimaticly

  5. Lightn1ngTurtle says:

    I made my own private addon just to use easily so I can get tons of nethrite and lave good addon just wish the sword did more damage.

  6. The_NetheriteSG says:

    Pls allow the player to enchant the sword. I want a op sword 🙂

  7. DNDmerx says:

    one of the tasks i have to do to get the addon from that site,is to download a game and run it for 30 seconds,and the game wont even download cuz for som reason the game’s link just cant be reached

    this is why i dont use linkvertise

  8. Can you just make it simpler? i mean why this is so expensive? why don’t just place a netherite tool/armor/weapon on smithing table then add the lava netherite?

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