Netherite Ore Addon

Did you hear about Netherite ore on Java Edition?  Here is the Netherite Ore on MCPE , a new ore that allows you to craft enchanting apples and new items! Have fun!

The Netherite Ore is finally on MCPEDL, It adds new items and effects.


To use the add-on, activate the Experimental Mode !

You can find the netherite ore by mining, or by crafting using diamonds :

With the netherite you can craft the netherite sword.

Like every ore, you can transform it into blocks or nuggets :

Using netherite you can also craft a Netherite enchanted apple that gives you have special effects, Strength, Haste, etc..

And the Netherite Shield !

Hope you enjoy !

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This add-on use the resource pack made by my team RevoluCMD, I am the creator of Paladium Ore, It's not a stolen add-on !

Proof :


Once you clicked on the link wait 10 seconds to unlock the download link.


Supported Minecraft versions


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28 Responses

2.53 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Guest-2543902412 says:

    Does not work

  2. Guest-9243282624 says:

    It works on ModMaster but I tried to build the sword and it was so weak. If you are making these out of diamonds, don’t waste your time!

  3. Anonymous says:

    you should wonder how to install that addon? then here. follow my steps
    do the basic steps and if it keeps showing ads then do it again until it stops
    if not then try again but insetead of clicking, just remember the link in your head and type it in the search bar and it should redirect you

  4. Guest-6778463804 says:

    This is the most dumbest thing I have ever set eyes on HOW U GANA MAKE A DIAMOND BLOCK BRUH AND NETHERITE ISNT A ORE!

  5. Guest-2000946102 says:

    This is stupid. Its a scam!

  6. Guest-9375405427 says:

    The nether update is cool!

  7. Guest-6168187337 says:

    I wish this wolud support 1.13

  8. Guest-5589643733 says:

    Its not real😑
    I tryed

  9. User-6761909360 says:

    The sword does no damage


  10. User-9542621584 says:

    This is not right make it more like java.

  11. User-9694552183 says:

    that Fricking miniurl website trying to put a p**n and im 12 years old!

  12. User-1155486386 says:

    Agreed. Make more realistic

  13. User-1488460822 says:

    Netherite is not ore, view 20w06a snapshot on Java edition, and make Nether updtate addon, thanks autor if read my comment

  14. User-1694784842 says:

    Add armor it’s most important netherite items

  15. User-7735612316 says:

    does it have ores in the nether?

  16. S4NT1 says:

    Mediafire link doesn’t work.

  17. User-2646961382 says:

    Hola crack,muy buen addons,me gustaria saber en que altura se encuentra ese mineral

  18. Alesscreeper says:

    why you had to do it differently instead of how it is originally

  19. User-4331680790 says:

    No es lo que estaa buscando no me gusto este addon

  20. User-9808924496 says:

    Armor Netherite and Nether update

  21. User-5503886495 says:

    it makes me to to chrome store to download something, should i get it to get the mod?

  22. User-1779584188 says:

    but when you craft with 9 diamonds, it wont give you netherite ingot, instead the normal diamond block

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