Nether’s Son Mod

The Nether’s Son is a mod which makes it possible to experience a Nether like environment and a fight an extremely dangerous boss and its monster minions. If you defeat the boss magical treasures await.

Creator: Argll


For this mod to work you will have to have difficulty in settings set to max.


Before setting out to fight the Nether Son boss you will have to craft some ingots, a sword and a summoner stone.

The Nether Son’s Summoner must be crafted in a stonecutter (craft a stonecutter with 4 cobblestones in a crafting table). The Adamantium Ingot and Adamantium Sword can be crafted in an ordinary crafting table.

  • Nether Son’s Summoner (191) – 6 gold ingots + 3 diamonds
  • Adamantium Ingot (442) – 2 diamonds + 1 iron ingot
  • Adamantium Sword (443) – 2 adamantium ingots + 1 iron ingot

Boss Spawning

Create a structure as seen in the image below. It consists of 1 Nether Son’s Summoner block, 4 iron blocks and 4 cobblestones.


Tap on the Nether Son’s Summoner block in the center of the structure.

When you do that a new structure will appear and night will come.

The boss is very powerful and when his minions spawn consisting of skeletons, zombies and archers things will get even harder.

You must use the Adamantium Sword to be able to kill the boss!

screenshot-2015-03-11-10-07_3 screenshot-2015-03-11-10-08_4

Once defeated the boss’s deathbed will appear. In the center top of the deathbed you will find a new block called the Nether Son’s Heart.


Under the heart block you will find a black block which is called Nether Rock. If you mine it the block will drop the Nether’s Staff.

The Nether’s Staff can turn day into night and vice versa and it can set any mob you hit on fire. Besides this the staff can also turn the following blocks into something else:

  • Wood > Coal
  • Quartz Ore > Quartz
  • Sand > Glass
  • Snow > Water
  • Cobblestone > Stone
  • Gold Ore > Gold Ingot
  • And more!

The staff got a limited use ability and its use is restricted by durability. To repair the staff you can fix it with 8 lapiz lazuli as seen in the image.


Other Features

When you’ve generated the new boss Nether structure you will find some quartz ores which is a new addition in this mod.

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Nether Son’s Summoner (191) – 6 gold ingots + 3 diamonds
  • Adamantium Ingot (442) – 2 diamonds + 1 iron ingot
  • Adamantium Sword (443) – 2 Adamantium Ingots + 1 iron ingot
  • Nether Son’s Heart (189) –
  • Nether Rock (190) –
  • Quartz Ore (153) –
  • Nether Zombie Spawn Egg (439)
  • Nether Skeleton Spawn Egg (440)
  • Nether Archer Spawn Egg (441)
  • Nether’s Staff (438)

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