New Captive Map!

You want a challenge? Tired of the survival mod ? If you download this world you going to have custom island and custom achievement ! They’ll be in the nether but also in the end.  Can you get all the achievement ?!


By downloading this map your goal is to finish all the achievements available in the world !

But it won’t be so easy…

To advance in the story you will have to finish the achievements, create your house, make your stuff etc ….

You start with a small island, do achievments to upgrade it ! Every time you get  an achievement your island is growing and you can unlock a lot of stuff and dimension.

Map Custom with multiple dimensions ! 

Overworld :

The Nether !

With Custom  5 achievement  in the New Nether !

If you are brave to go in the nether… be careful, because there the monsters are not very friendly, between the pigmens, the blaze, the wither squellette… you get some action !

The END :

And  5 achievements in the End !

The last island ! Do the doctor’s quests and finish the map ! Careful not to make eye contact with the enderman …

And so much to discover !

Start Your adventure NOW !

Changelog View more

Add :

New trailer for the map !

Need to turn you game in French !

Add somethings in the description.

I update the mediafire link for the map.

Add the resource pack link.

Add over world description

add nether description

add end description

Fix download link 

Update the description

Update the bref introduction


Disable AdBlock !

Before open the link disable adBlock or if you open the page, refresh de page (F5)
Before starting the map turn you game in French !


Supported Minecraft versions


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11 Responses

3.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Idubbbz says:

    I love the map, the achievements are really cool, thanks, it was awesome!!!!!!!!!

  2. Netherzapdos says:

    Well, this is disappointing. Super excited to play this map but can’t progress because the 2nd achievement is bugged or something…. I tried breaking it, not picking it up, and letting the ‘command block’ to detect it. Nothing. 2 mins passed, still nohing. 5 mins, 7 mins, 10 mins, still nothing.

    I tried picking it up and dropping t again and waited for so long. Nothing. Tried breaking all the wood i can reach, i didnt grab them and waited for them. Still nothing. I picked them all up and dropped them. Still nothng. sad.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh god what the heck!I can’t download!This ad sucks!Really!

  4. kingkiller1195 says:

    wont let me install it cause it wont give me the link

  5. KingZoLy says:

    Normally when you break the log and don’t take it, a command block should detect it and let you continue the story. Or maybe restart the map

  6. Guest-6639117958 says:

    hey, well, the truth was that I played it on my cell phone and the truth couldn’t advance in the second achievement of cutting wood and letting it fall, since it wouldn’t let me advance, I don’t know if you can fix it

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