New Foods Add-on

This add-on adds some great new foods and a knife to the game! But it is still in beta so it doesn’t have a lot of things yet! Wait for the full “release” of the add-on to find more!

The add-on adds:

  • Cheese (crafted with milk and wheat)
  • Tomato (found in butcher houses in villages and in abandoned mineshafts, or by trading with farmer villagers or wandering traders)
  • Pizza (crafted with a cheese in the center, wheat in the edges and tomatoes in the corners, or obtained by trading with farmer villagers)
  • Knife (crafted with a stick in the left and two iron nuggets to the right of it)
  • Pizza Slice (a knife and a pizza crafts 8 of them)
  • Chicken Souvlaki (crafted with a cooked chicken in the center and a stick in the down-left corner, or obtained by trading with a butcher villager)
  • Pork Souvlaki (crafted with a cooked porkchop in the center and a stick in the down-left corner, or obtained by trading with a butcher villager)
  • Omelette (put an egg in a furnace, smoker or campfire)
  • Chocolate Bar (crafted with three cocoa beans placed in a column in the crafting grid, or obtained by trading with a farmer villager)
  • Apple Pie (crafted with an apple, sugar and egg)
  • Chicken Soup (crafted with a cooked chicken and a bowl, or obtained by trading with a farmer villager)
  • Croissant (crafted with a chocolate bar and 4 wheat around it in the edges, not in the corners)
  • Bread Slice (crafted with a bread and a knife)
  • Cucumber (found in butcher houses in villages and in abandoned mineshafts)
  • Cucumber Slice (crafted with a cucumber and a knife)
  • Olive (found in abandoned mineshafts)
  • Onion (found in abandoned mineshafts)
  • Salad (crafted with two olives, two cucumber slices, a tomato, an onion and a bowl)

This is the add-on’s version history:


  • Added Cheese, Chicken Souvlaki, Knife, Pizza, Pizza Slice, Pork Souvlaki and Tomato
  • Pizza lasts longer to eat than other foods and Pizza Slice lasts less
  • Behavior pack is dependent on the resource pack
  • WARNING: Loot tables do not work for some reason so you have to obtain tomatoes by commands.


  • Knives now don’t stack


  • FIXED loot tables


  • Made knives hold like a tool (but it is not very real-looking, will fix in 0.2.0)


  • Added Omelette, Chocolate, Apple Pie, Chicken Soup and Croissant
  • Removed knife tool rendering as it didn’t look good
  • Removed some useless code in the cheese recipe


  • Added villager trades for New foods items
  • Added a crafting recipe for 8 pizza slices to become 1 pizza


  • Added Bread Slice, Cucumber and slices, Olive, Onion and Salad
  • Removed some useless code in the manifest

Changelog View more

Added add-on version 0.3.0 and turned the version order in this page upside-down so that there no problems with that, and we can also see the newest version first.


Download the .mcaddon file and open it. The add-on will be imported into the game. In order to use it create a new world, check Experimental Gameplay (very important), click on Behavior Packs and turn on New foods add-on. The Resource Pack will be turned on by itself.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 (beta)

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35 Responses

3.51 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Alexander says:

    Ich kann irgendwie das addon nicht benutzen kann mir jemand helfen

  2. fuddy says:

    again PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ x infinity

  3. fuddy says:


  4. DaYandere says:

    Okay. as far as the tomatoes go. You could possibly edit the vines to sometimes drop tomatoes(after all tomatoes are kind of like vine plants. Overall this is decent. Is it possible to make it so you end up getting the knife back from the crafting recipes using it? It just makes more sense to be able to use the knife over and over again

    • ManosSef says:

      I tried making the bucket in the cheese recipe remain in the crafting grid but it didn’t work. Bedrock Edition is buggy. When I make a crafting recipe like this in Java Edition, the bucket ALWAYS remains there. I don’t know what to do.

  5. ItalianMiner92 says:

    this vegetables will be farmable? I mean, We can grow them like potatos, carrots etc? you’ll add more fruits and trees, like lemons, peaches , chestnuts?

  6. Mr. Hungry beans says:

    Great Add-on! This add-on will be great for survival!
    But please add the growing tomato feature

  7. ManosSef says:

    For everyone that says they can’t find the foods they aren’t in the creative inventory! You need commands to obtain them easily. The command is: /give @s newfoods:, where is the food name.

  8. Jason says:

    It doesn’t work, I tried to load it on Minecraft PE and I could not find it in creative mode, when I tried to examine the add-on my game keeps crashing every time, please fix

  9. JuanC17 Playz says:


    • ManosSef says:

      I’m really sorry but your idea needs complex crafting recipes, more items such as lettuce etc. And don’t forget my add-on is still in beta! I have planned EVERYTHING that I’ll do until 1.0.0. Maybe I will implement your idea after that. Don’t worry.

  10. Nasia Nguyen says:

    Great but.. I can’t get tomatoes any where!

  11. Minecraft player says:

    Good!I love pizza!

  12. Ennard says:

    Okay so i just posted about not being able to find tomatoes, but now I’ve seen that it doesn’t work, I need to know the command, thanks.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know how to make the cheese with the milk and wheat

  14. Chgara says:

    I Wich position I need to put the ches and the weath to create a pizza and with the knife

  15. Cia Hermosa-Jorge says:

    Happy your cool

  16. Whoever says:


  17. Secret Shopper says:

    Pretty good, should add vegetables and other fruit

  18. Elina says:

    This didn’t work for me Idk why but its ok

  19. Anonymous says:

    what are the crafting rezepts?

    • Ennard says:

      I can’t find any tomatoes, I’ve searched in a lot of mineshafts but the minecart chests are always empty, I’ve looked in butcher houses but can’t find any chests. Any chance you could add, like, some kind of seeds to grow them?

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