New Skyblock [Survival]

New Skyblock is an incredibly challenging survival map where the objective is to survive for as many days you can using whatever resources you find. Naturally there is an extreme scarcity of resources and you must think carefully before using an item. Waste is not an option and will lead to certain death. Give this challenge a try and let us know in the comments how long you survived.

Creator: ZephaniahNoah, Twitter Account

Start off in the overworld on an island in the sky. The only things you will have are the items found in the chest and whatever blocks you can find on the island (and surrounding terrain).


Try to build a Nether portal and go there to explore the hellfires of the Nether regions.


Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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111 Responses

3.96 / 5 (29 votes)
  1. Peter says:

    No idea why everybody likes skyblock so much. Especially when this one only has 2 islands

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the other islands? it only has the sand and nether island

  3. BillNyeTheMinecraftGuy says:

    How am I supposed to get out of the nether without dying?

  4. Ahmed says:

    I like this

  5. Dd says:

    I dont understand how can I use it in tablet (minecraft pe) please help me someone

  6. POMPAvana sexy says:

    ¿Hay que descargar el “SkyBlock”? Por favor respondan amigos hay que ser bueno. Si hay que descargarlo, ¿Se puede jugar en computadora? ¡También respondan! ¡¡GRACIAS!!

    • AlexSlime says:

      Hola, sí se puede jugar en computadora, si te refieres a la windows 10 edition es posible, tal vez si quisieras jugarlo en la JAVA edition tendrías que buscar otro mapa

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yes , but only you was lucky

  8. PoppyPaladin118 says:

    The sand island FELL INTO THE VOID!!!!!!

  9. Bill says:

    Is the cobblestone generator genarates ores?

  10. Messi 10 says:

    Cho tới chơi Minecraft skyblock

  11. Boi give me the sand says:

    I played it once and i failed im trying to install it again but it doesnt work

  12. Anonymous says:

    does the cobblestone change to other ores?

  13. Palmiton says:

    i dont know if im doing something wrong but as soon as i start the world, the sand island fall apart leaving only on sand and the chest…

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love the map

  15. Anonymous says:

    How do you get flint?

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you need flint for? If it’s for the nether portal, you can place wood plank blocks around the portal and place lava on that. Occasionally, the fire from the wood will light the portal

  16. S-T says:

    This is cool I cant wait to play it!

  17. Ivannish says:

    Can someone help me? How can I open Skyblock in Minecraft?

    • Etrieus says:

      Go to your file manager and go to downloads

      Decompress the ZIP file IT MUST BE THE ZIP FILE OR IT WONT WORK
      After that you copy and paste the file onto the folder Games with a Minecraft logo
      Then go to the file Minecraftworlds and paste it there

      And yay

  18. TheDubstepDoge says:

    This is pretty cool but very confusing

  19. Bwadwy says:

    I have to download a different one. The sand falls just at the start. I don’t know what happened to the original but this is not it!

  20. GSwatzON says:

    The sand fell. Without me touching it. Unplayable

  21. Random Guy says:

    My sand island fell into the cod what do I do

  22. notchluv says:

    After all this time there still is no good recreation of Skyblock for pe. The sand just falls and mob generation is non existant

  23. MeeMawYT says:

    Worst ever! The sand just fall!

  24. Player999 says:

    How to make gold farm? (I made 42×42 platform in the Nether and There spawns
    witches, skeletons, zombies and very rarely zombie pigmans)

  25. Player999 says:

    How to make gold farm? (I made 42×42 platform in the Nether and There spawns
    witches, skeletons, zombies and very rarely zombie pigmans)

  26. Hi says:

    Just one problem maybe put two pieces of ice instead of 1 but totally recommend this

  27. Gregor says:

    To sort the sand collapsing, just change personal settings to creative and build it up with cobblestone underneath. (I just put 3 blocks of sand under the chest and bout the cactus in the chest. This is the original hardcore way.) give me a shout if you’re struggling.

    • cksquared says:

      The problem with going into creative to fix the sand island is when you load the map in survival, the creative menu is still active, giving you free access to everything.

  28. LilMinionBoy724 says:

    The sand island collapsed as soon as I spawn! 🙁 what was even in that chest?

  29. Olle wahlberg says:

    Is it ok to go in in creative and make a snow man?

  30. Mohammed says:

    That so really cool

  31. Strydyr says:

    Noob here. Never played other skyblock iterations before. With only one bucket of lava and water, how do I make infinite lava and obsidian? Most “guides” I’ve seen always start with 2 buckets of lava.

    • Anonymous says:

      do a 4*1 hole in the ground. In the 2º bolck of the bottom do a hole. Put water next to the hole and lava on the on there size

  32. Ivan says:

    Three months and five days in real life

  33. Nick says:

    If you run into the problem of the chest being empty. Save/Exit and go to the settings for that world and allow cheats.

  34. Indie says:

    I don’t know how to create the nether portal or get anywhere else. I have the obsidian, but what’s next?

    • Jason says:

      use lava and wooden planks. put wooden planks around the obsidian base and inside, then put lava on the planks. it will catch fire and the nether portal will be activated

  35. GGraphx says:

    Yeah good

  36. DerpySlenderman says:

    Hey, does anyone know where I can find a slender illuminati photo for my profile pic on this site? If you do comment on this project telling me where.

  37. Austin TEG says:

    What are you supposed to do?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Multiplayer won’t work but great map

  39. Dolt says:

    Where is gravel?

  40. Marius says:

    Nice but in original skyblock nether is normal. Why did you do that with nether?

  41. Diego2023 says:

    How do you get Flint and Steel

  42. Anonymous says:

    SO COOL!

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. Kevin says:

    You should make a goals list

  45. YoloWizard124 says:

    Love SkyBlock Thank You For Creating
    A Good Replication On PE
    I Started Out Minecraft PC With SkyBlock On Servers But Now On Those They Make Them Circle And have Tools In The Chest And Ponds Of Water So Thank You So Much For Making The Original For PE

  46. MicTNT says:

    pretty cool could u make it a drop box download?

  47. Cooki3 Monsta37 says:

    How do I get the flint and steel?

  48. moonplxys says:

    great 😉

  49. ivyplxys says:

    excited to try this out ! anyone got any tips?

  50. Jason says:

    Hi I cannot get to spawn any mobs or animals any ideas why this is happening

  51. PigVstheWorld says:

    I found the obsidian

  52. Aidan Cyrenne says:

    I fell while making a cobblestone generator and failed. Now I have to re-download. Lol 👌Perfect!

  53. a sheep lol says:

    i dont know the goals so pls make a goals list on this page

  54. a sheep lol says:

    pls make a conplete goal list 😀

  55. XProfessorX says:

    By far the best and most authentic, but I wish there was one or two more island. 5 out of 5 stars

  56. Hausa says:

    Hi minecraft pe is the best

  57. Howardsayo says:

    I wish that skyblock will on (IOS)

  58. Kariet says:

    How do you get diamonds, iron, and all that stuff?

  59. Mcpe gamin says:

    Man I love it

  60. FlumbleGamez says:

    Make a .mcworld link please

  61. EnderGeneral149 says:

    I couldn’t find the obsidian.

  62. Ninja_Gamer20 says:

    Thanks for creating this SkyBlock friend, I had downloaded another but did not have the original objects, you did this, if great!

  63. GMiningHero says:

    Awesome bro! I’ll be sure to check it out, right now! I haven’t done Skyblock in so long!

  64. BillTheZombieGmrTwt says:


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