New Super Mariocraft [16×16] (Updated version for 1.14)

This is an update for the New Super Mariocraft Texture Pack by SuprD and previously updated/ported to newer versions by AngryCreeper634. This version not only brings the texture pack to an even newer version, but also fixes some bugs and adds some new content. I hope you enjoy! 

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Fixed Yoshis (for real this time) 

More versions of Toad have been added due to the Village and Pillage Update. 

Ghasts have no tentacles to look more like Boo from Mario

Custom Sounds for Horses (Yoshi) added, excluding the Zombie and Skeleton forms

Custom sounds for Creeper added (Bob-omb) 

Textures for coloured glass added

Textures for all bed colours added

Textures for all stripped wood types added

Textures for all trapdoors added

Textures for Cornflower and Lily of the Valley added

Textures for all potions (except lingering) have been added. 

Brown Mooshroom is now 1-Up Mooshroom

Textures for all Tipped Arrows have been added

Textures for all dyes have been added

Some GUI now has new textures

Drowned Mob now has new textures

Wandering Trader has new textures

No block rotation pack is no longer needed


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13 Responses

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  1. Guest-1193771877 says:

    it acts like im using a demo version of minecraft everytime i use this pack

  2. Guest-7377686522 says:

    When Will 1.16 update come?

  3. Anth1121 says:

    Texture pack use to work, but for some reason, ever since the 1.16 Update, it wont let you load into the worlds with it applied

  4. Guest-7459666062 says:

    it didnt even work this sucks

  5. Guest-3164287659 says:

    Can you make it for beta

  6. Guest-3585711227 says:

    Hey do you have any plans on updating this??

  7. Guest-5035023154 says:


  8. Guest-2837455072 says:

    Sound Effects Please. Also Behaviors. And Add Boo, Whomp, Thwomp, Cheep Cheep, Deep Cheep, Eep Cheep, Chain Chomp, Toadette, Nabbit, And Lakitu.

  9. Guest-9887151889 says:

    pls make it for 1.15+

  10. Guest-1311524264 says:

    Thanks for not using an link 😁

  11. sjk210 says:

    Very nostalgic! I remember using a version of this pack back in 0.8.1 and 0.9.0 with blocklauncher! I very happy that a texture pack that I used to use back in 2014 is still getting some updates! I hope this gets textures added for all the new blocks and items as well!

  12. Guest-6601621074 says:

    its good!!!! I love it, I just wished every time u hit the koopa it would make the sound effect

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