New York City

This map is based off of New York City. This project has taken a whole 9 months of work. It’s truly is impressive city map. I hope you like it


Welcome to New York City. This project has taken 9 months and its still not completed. I will be updating this map later on. New York City map has some recognizable and iconic buildings in the city such as Empire State Building, Flatiron Building, One World Trade Center and more! This map includes a working subway station with 3 stations. Subway stations aren’t completed yet. This map includes the World Trade Center mall and Oculus. This map even includes the iconic Statue of Liberty. There are some edgy humor in some builds so be aware. Here is video

Flatiron Building

Empire State Building

One World Trade Center

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Map has been updated NYC NYC NYC NYC NYC NYC



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  1. CreeperX201 says:

    This is a good map. But it has been a while since you updated this map. Can you please update it so that the city is extended?

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