Newlands Addon

Newlands Addon is an addon in WIP (Work in progress)

You need blocks for tech themed bases?Or perhaps medium and end game items?Well this is a good addon for you!

Summary of additions:

  • 3 blocks
  • 3 items
  • Next update:  4/06/2020

Crafting for the blocks:

Hazard Block –


4 Obsidian

Lab Block – 


9 Quartz Block

Light Emitter – 


8 Quartz Block

1 Glowstone

The crafts for the items:

Xzhorium Carrot –

8 Xzhorium Fragment

1 Carrot

Hazard Hammer – 

2 Sticks

3 Hazard Blocks

Umbrella –

2 Sticks

3 Phantom Membrane

New Biome:

About the blocks:

  • Hazard Block : A block with good tnt resistance and hard to mine.
  • Lab Block : A block ideal for tech based constructions
  • Lab Light Emitter : Like Lab Block but emits light

About the items:

  • Umbrella : Gives slow falling
  • Hazard Hammer : Destroys Hazard Blocks immediately and gives extra 4 health
  • Xzhorium Carrot : When ate, the Diamond Carrot gives speed and regeneration

Changelog View more
  • Added Xzhorium Biome
  •    Added Xzhorium Mushrooms
  • Remade old items into new ones that fit better with the addon.

What's new?:

  • 3 New Blocks
  • Retextured Items and blocks
  • 2 New Mobs

Area51 Update:

New mobs,items,blocks,structures and showcase map have been added.

31/08/2019 - Area51 Update 

Adds 1 block,2 mobs and 3 items

Newlands Addon is still in WIP(Work in Progress),feedback is welcome!                                                                                         

Newlands is in WIP(Work in Progress),feedback is welcome,new things coming soon!

01/08/2019  the Newlands addons was released,feedback is welcome,new items in developing.


Needs Experiment Gameplay::ON


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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34 Responses

3.87 / 5 (23 votes)
  1. The_begging_one says:

    Can you update to 1.13?
    If you can,thanks


    Hi my Minecraft username is THEDIOMONDBRO and i’m great at making pixel textures. I would like to create textures for you if you teach me how to make custom blocks and entity’s.

  3. Éli says:

    Super addon en attente de plus d’objet.

    Cependant le marteau ne casse pas les bloc qu’il doit casser rapidement au contraire c’est très long et tout les bloc on une texture comme la glace ce que je trouve assez gênant en espérant que ça change !

    Super addon waiting for more object.

    However the hammer does not break the block that it must break quickly on the contrary it is very long and all the block has a texture like ice which I find quite annoying hoping that it changes!

    sorry if I speak English not correctly I’m French

  4. Enderbrine_404 says:

    Could you fix that the umbrella is not working in MCPE so fix this!

  5. KittenGames says:

    Wait, what? I wasn’t posting on this

  6. KittenGames says:

    Please fix, will only say “duplicate pack detected” when I don’t have any furnicraft Addons downloaded, otherwise, great

  7. KittenGames says:

    Please fix, crafting won’t work

  8. justZitt_ says:

    now guys wait for 20th September.

  9. Shadow says:

    The Pack is broken! Please Fix!

  10. Sarroun Khut says:

    The Pack is broken! Please Fix!

  11. biel says:

    e se vc adicionasse robos que ajudariam vc em tarefas com a mineração

    e talves portas de segurança

  12. Random user. says:

    Could you add aliens in the next update ??

  13. Juan Lopez says:

    I keep crashing every time I’m looking for the New blocks

  14. TooCoolForSchool says:

    Could you add scientists that transform in to monsters when hurt also and the testing glass also and maybe some furniture that could combine two mobs thx!

  15. mohamed says:

    The download is somewhat blocked! I can’t download this Addon! Fix this now please!

  16. Name says:

    Links dead

  17. ThisJobYT says:

    The download is somewhat blocked!! I can’t download this Addon! Fix this now!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the feedback.Your idea will be added

  19. Freedomplaza says:

    Great but can you add some custom doors?

  20. Mr potato head says:

    This is a great addon but can u please add fighter aircraft because I wanna build an airbase with the help of this addon but current aircraft addon a are not compatible with 1.12

  21. The PIZZA BOI says:

    Sorry but make some furnitures please?
    10/10 stars i loved it!!!

  22. Anonymous recommendation guy says:

    I have an idea for a new block for this: “testing glass”, one way glass that has similar blast resistance to the hazard block and can be crafted with any block (within reason) to look like that block on one side. I’d like to hear what you think of this idea, have a nice day. 🙂

  23. Glorgamitch says:

    … wow. I have no idea how you made the Hazard Hammer work, but it is awesome. I also can’t get it to work in my personal addon for some reason… I don’t know why. It is really unique right now.

  24. ToshiMarborisu says:

    I’m excited to see how this Addon will Evolve with time but most importantly can you add A hazard sword that inflicts poison for 4 seconds?

  25. Titus says:

    Can’t wait for more updates

  26. YEET says:

    Plz add mobs like droids and robots and also add a new block: security Cameras

  27. End Crafter 16 says:

    Can someone make this datapack into an addon?

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