Nice Swords Add-on

Nether and Obsidian update guy! You will be able to craft an obsidian and a nether sword. They are very very powerful.

Most of the times we need more advanced swords…ย  In this add-on, you will have 7 new swords! a new wooden, golden, diamond, obsidian, nether, stone, and iron sword and their recipe are very easy to craft! also these swords are more powerful than the normal ones.

I hope you enjoy this add-on. :))

Let’s start seeing the characteristics of the wooden sword:

Damage: 5

Good durability.

Command: wooden_nice.sword

Recipe: *You will have to use 2 normal wooden swords and a stick*

Let’s see the characteristics of the stone sword:

damage: 8

Good durability

command: stone_nice.sword

Recipe: *You will have to use smooth stone and a normal wooden sword*

Let’s see the characteristics of the iron sword:

Damage: 10

Good durability:

command: iron_nice.sword

let’s see the characteristics of the golden sword:

Damage: 6

Not very good durability.

command: golden_nice.sword

let’s see the diamond sword,

Damage: 15

Strong durability

command: diamond_nice.sword

let’s see the obsidian sword,

Damage: 22

Strong durability

command: obsidian_nice.sword

let’s see the nether sword,

Damage: 25

Strong durability

command: nether_nice.sword

These are the swords, they are very useful when you are in your world. I hope you really enjoy it. :))

Changelog View more

I fixed some textures from the swords, now they look better

In this update, I fix the damage, now you will be able to see it in the game.

In this update, I added 2 more swords: obsidian and nether.

You told me guys that the swords were very expensive to craft, so i fixed it and i hope you really enjoy it.

Thank you to give feedback in the comments, I'm all ears to new ideas.ย 

love u :)))


Use experimental mode


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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31 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-2997845740 says:

    doesnt work now can you fix it for the 1.16 and can you allow enchantments on it please thanks

  2. Guest-4343786681 says:

    The damage is cursed vro the sword i only use does 1 damage and all of the rest is the same how can u fix it.?

    Btw nice swords.๐Ÿ‘Œ

  3. Guest-2840848448 says:

    can you make the nether sword do fire dmg because you need to go to the nether for it

  4. Guest-2857277443 says:

    You should be able to enchant them or at least unbreaking/mending

  5. Guest-4553361400 says:

    why not use media fire its much better and you wont GET A VIRUS!!!!

  6. Guest-6660068193 says:

    man, I made the nether nice sword and only did 1 damage, what do I do?

  7. Beam006 says:

    Should change how to make netherite nice sword make by put diamond nice sword in the smithing table in 1st slot of it and then put netherite ingot in 2nd slot of it

  8. Guest-1842414394 says:

    I tried to make the wooden sword with 2 normal wooden sword and a stick but nothing happens…how can I use/make this swords?

  9. Guest-9287551884 says:

    ok, now my survival is at least a little less boredom
    (5โญโญโญโญโญ bcz i can’t rate)

  10. xiaobo says:

    Can you authorize me to send this addon to the Minecraft China, I want a commercial license

  11. Guest-3944365274 says:

    i would rather make a sharpness 5 diamond sword cuz look at how expensive the diamond sword is.

  12. Guest-5041049901 says:

    i expect 69 swords but wrong

  13. Guest-2133778111 says:


  14. Fundkid says:

    Oooooooh, these look nice.

  15. Guest-6088364956 says:

    wow great I really need to wipe off the ketchup off of my swords now.

    • Guest-2988644417 says:

      Also if anyone can actually see the picture in my profile, I have no idea why itโ€™s my Roblox avatar. Should I use a different email for this website because Safari can go doot itself as it doesnโ€™t allow me to actually log into MCPEDL.

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