No Buttons Resource Pack

This is a resource pack which removes the D-pad buttons and the chat (and pause button for iOS) from the graphical user interface. They are still usable it’s just that you won’t see them. If you have played Minecraft PE for a long time then you’ve probably learned by now where the buttons are and don’t need the interface buttons to help you.

Creator: NrDwm24, Twitter Account
Updated: 25 November, 2017

It’s a really simple change but it definitely makes the interface more clean and simplistic. The button features still works it’s just that the graphical user interface for the buttons have been removed.

This is what the interface looks like without the resource pack enabled. The buttons take up quite a bit of a space and over time gets kind of useless since you probably know where to press anyways.

Note from creator: I’m trying to hide the inventory button as people requested, but I can’t. Maybe someone can help me with it?


  1. Download one of the following files:
    1. Download Resources .McPack (D-Pad Only Invisible)
    2. Download Resources .McPack (D-Pad, Chat, Pause Buttons – All Invisible)
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings Global resources > Activate pack

Other Files

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79 Responses

4.28 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. Guest-5404958459 says:

    I downloaded it but I opened my MCPE the pack is missing, I can’t find it…

  2. User-8123981186 says:

    Just wondering is it possible to make a texture pack that removes the “teleported PLAYERNAME to PLAYERNAME/ENTITY/COORDINATES” thing I need one like that for my map I’m making

  3. DemonMichal says:

    Can you please make visible chat and pause buttons,and other invisible?

  4. Edgar John ilag says:

    Were did without d-pad? Mcpack Before download???

  5. No says:

    Hey, editor can you remove the ••• Button too? I want mcpe to look like java. Please pls?

  6. ANGEL APRILIA says:

    I don’t no to download this pack’s

  7. Quang Dũng Lê says:


  8. DFO.GAMING says:

    The beast :V

  9. Yes !!!!!! says:

    Good idea

  10. lucas says:

    hello, thanks for this but, when I use the resource packs neither will hide chat and pause buttons are you able to make sure it is in the code on Android. I use a chrome book that runs google play if you need help I might be able to help you just thought in no sense to make a new pack.

  11. Please add Something says:

    Did you find a way to hide the inventory button yet? Cause I want my inventory button to hide like in the pc version. And Please Reply if you can! 😀

  12. Natan says:

    Good nice!

  13. Hridaya says:

    Please also make the touch circle invisible. Please.

  14. MESSY says:

    Actually there is a way to hide all of them without a texture/resource pack
    Find them in the setting
    I think its hide gui?

  15. Addy says:

    How the hell to remove the inventory button!?

  16. Alfonsius m yovan says:

    What is herobrine is the button notch

  17. YourAPal says:

    Since of the new latest version, ( the status has been positioned to be above the hotbar. So now you can get rid of the inventory button in a next update!

  18. JohnCraft says:

    Very Cool

  19. Keny gaming 302 says:

    Its just invisible

  20. Bailey says:

    It is okay

  21. Alex_08232 says:

    For removing the inventory button, can’t you just modify the texture of the hotbar to be the pc one? Like replace it with the one from the java edition, or if let’s say that doesn’t work because the hotbar just gets stretched maybe cause it’s too short, try doing that but add one tiny pixel at the bottom to make it the right size but nothing else in the space of the button, just an idea tho I’m not a pro or anything but good pack

  22. Whitfield Gage says:

    Its not even useful it, just makes it harder to move your character.

  23. ENDERSHADOW1803 says:

    If you want to delecte the inventory button remove the 3 Points at The Button right

  24. Ho Samuel says:

    PC GUI hide the inventory button. But u need to ask the creators for using hud.json.

  25. Pigs says:

    I know I’m one person but please keep it like this and don’t remove anything else because I can’t possibly remember my items and it’s super nice like console edition,good for making cringe vids lol but please 👌🤗

  26. Endergod says:

    i would give a 4 star but this is useless to windows 10 players

  27. VerzideMCPE says:

    In 1.2.3, when I sprint there is a small gray dot where the dpad would be, could this be removed? It’s a small change but impacts the overall look, my Twitter is @VerzideMCPEE

  28. Mike says:

    Um did he/she used an IOS version of minecraft?…It Used as an example Right..

  29. JasTDM says:

    i love it dude can i be ur friend and i gave it 5 stars

  30. NixonnYT says:

    Hey this is pretty sick but can you make another one that only removed the d pad and not the top buttons (settings and chat) thanks

  31. BloodRedReaper says:

    EDITOR, they have GUI, that makes it so their is invisible buttons, tip: you should maybe instead make a invisible inventory button add-on or somthing useful like infinite flying “ADD-ON” not mod… But, good idea though /\__/\ 👍

  32. ButtonsAf says:

    Hi Love The Texture Oack But Can U Remove The Open Inventory Button Plz

  33. Bannett says:

    How are you going to play with no buttons

  34. Raiyan says:

    GRRR this one sucks

  35. Minecraftdog767 says:

    This is perfect if I want to make a Minecraft role play and hide the buttons! Thank you!

  36. xinu03 says:

    You can go to settings and than GUI out, thats the same. Sorry

  37. Isack Gonzales says:

    They already have this option in the options menu in-game.

  38. No buttons Challenge says:

    can you also remove the item selection button (a.k.a the three dots button) it is also useless.Also I like this mini-pack.

  39. Stephen says:

    Is there one that makes the item inventory bar buttons bigger?

    I have jimmy dean sausage fingers

  40. Xavier R says:

    Umm but you can just get rid of it in the settings duhhh

  41. Cheese says:

    You can just turn off the gui in experimental settings

  42. InnocentHaloMC says:

    Dude could you remove the inventory button too? It would mean the world to me if you could.

  43. Ridz says:

    Good.. This is what I looking for, cuz I’m playing mcpe using console controller

  44. RafeeqDaniell says:

    Mcpedl Your Best Friend Is JY Gaming Right.I Am JY Gaming Friend.Can I Be Your Friend Plz!

  45. NFGamerMC says:

    Great for those who hook up keyboards and controllers. This add-on/feature was requested at MineCon

  46. NrDwm says:

    Thank you so much for posting my first resource pack! 😀 But my name is Nur Dawam not Nur Dawan…

  47. Anonymous says:

    You can do this in settings

  48. S4/\/\ says:

    Awesome! I really really love it!
    20 out of 10 points!

    • S4/\/\ says:

      And for everyone: You CAN’T do this in settings! There is a seeting called “Hide GUI” which removes more of the screen and is great for doing Screenshots but is something completely different. So thanks for reading and I love this TP!

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