No Fall Damage Addon

The No Fall Damage Addon lets you fall from any height without ever losing any health. Only the sky is the limit. This is really useful for survival mode if you enjoy parkour, climb mountains or any other activity where there is a risk of death by falling.

Creator: Daniel02MCPE, Twitter Account

How does it work?

You can literally jump off a 10-story building without ever worrying about your health.


Just remember that you are still vulnerable to monsters as it’s only your fall damage which have been disabled.


In this case, she jumped off a skyscraper and once she got to the ground she just walked away as nothing had happened.



  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Add pack for a world in-game

Do you rather download a .ZIP file? No problems. You can get it here!

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Installation Guides

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28 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Angryboy says:

    It is a zip file!!!

  2. Warrior_Dude says:

    /gamerule falldamage false

  3. SmartCellist1 says:

    Yeah /gamerule falldamage false

  4. Trollheader says:

    Right now this add on is totally useless.
    We have commands to do this.

    • EchoOfDawn266 says:

      It’s not useless, it’s for people who don’t like using cheats or don’t know how.

      • ryandub8 says:

        this addon costs space. Cheats dont cost as much space as addons. Addons are already cheating. If people dont know how, they can just look in chat.

  5. Jay says:

    I need it

  6. Joshy says:

    #plz make mods that don’t like take pigs and swap for like a seat plz thxs and subscrib to my Chanel on YouTube itz joshtrant

  7. Katie says:

    Notch is the car

  8. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    Cool but not for ender pearls pls fix this ender pearls still damage you

  9. Anonymous says:

    What map was in the background of the screen shots

  10. DanSMCraft says:

    which map you use?

  11. MC guy says:

    What map is in there in the picture.

  12. Josh says:

    How do u make an add on

  13. Mr pro says:

    iOS ???? Also could u make a Christmas light add on ?

  14. Minecraft Master says:

    BTW thr next addon you should make is players immune to fire (including lava and mobs on fire) plz BC I tried making an addon where the player is immune to fire but it just ended the same way as the players take no fall damage (for me)

  15. Minecraft Master says:

    I tried making this addon before but I had no idea how and it just kept on failing so thx for making this addon

  16. B-B-B-BOY says:

    My comments always vanish… Cool addon. Can u have a link to same addon only using MediaFire because adfly brings up a blank screen.

  17. a girl says:

    Nice! Make please a more flowers mod for IOS and android or a different flowers addons please!!!

  18. IJoshMint says:

    This is a great add on! 👌

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