No Help Button

Are you getting frustrated by accidentally touching “?” button when you wanted to touch “X” button? This add-on will tweak the classic UI so that question mark button will disappear.

Many of us know how long does it take Bedrock Edition to load any screen. While playing, you may accidentally touch “?” button instead of “X” and see “How To Play” screen pop up. 

This add-on is very useful for touchscreen device users. It introduces a little inventory UI tweak. The help button visibility is set to false.

Fun fact: the default value is “not education edition china”.



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Cropped the featured image to match the 2:1 aspect ratio.


Install like any other add-on: Open NoHelpButton.mcpack


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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27 Responses

4.94 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. AngeloWanted says:

    Thanks for this I really needed it.

  2. Hey! Is it a behaviour pack or recourse pack?

  3. Guest-6954421048 says:

    Yeah that button breaks my device (makes extremely laggy for some odd reason)

  4. DsPvP Team says:

    That’s what I was searching <3

  5. Guest-2163718655 says:

    Lol i see ur skin in minerware in cube craft

    Is that you

  6. Guest-1727298014 says:

    You are best………..

  7. Guest-5625838161 says:

    Finallllly no more dying easily cuz of that stupid button when I’m trying to put armor in my hotbar

  8. Guest-7819505104 says:

    Smart (* ̄︶ ̄*)

  9. Zeyad981 says:

    Thank you!

  10. Guest-1681951252 says:

    You are a god among men. Thank you for your service.

  11. yacama says:

    Finally someone who removes that button of sh¡t that gets in the way thanks for doing it owo

  12. Direct link? Useful pack? Only adds what its supposed to? You deserve 5 🌟

  13. Guest-1260124066 says:

    best adon ever

  14. Guest-3723862040 says:


  15. Guest-5747536330 says:

    Just what I need thanks!

  16. Guest-4871559060 says:


  17. Guest-8366436448 says:

    Thanks, bro. This’s amazing. You my hero ♡

  18. ChaoticSweetness says:

    Thanks stranger! You are my hero UwU

  19. SuperDerpyDolphin says:

    i was just trying to do that the other day lol

  20. Guest-1990002085 says:

    This alone can make front page in news papers lol

  21. bestGaming132 says:

    Thanks its just so annoying pressing that button

  22. Bro. This is amazing. Thank you.

    Can I rate more than 5 stars?

  23. Guest-9221086330 says:

    Thank you 🙂

  24. Guest-1332072743 says:

    Yay now I can’t get noscoped by some random win10 eboy by accidentally hitting the help button

  25. gengHAr15 says:

    You, sir, have taken the responsibility of getting rid of the dreaded “how to play” button…


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