Did you ever wanted no delay/unlimited combos, well now you can, It makes you fly in the air with out any effects, This is called nohitdelay, and this was only available for java/bedrock server but not you can have it in your lan world and realms, in other world its called combo hit

This is the first proper nohitdelay

It removes all the delay when you hit a player and makes the player go high, this took me 1 month to make so i hope your really like it, i also made a sumo for you and your friends to practice


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  1. Not a bot says:

    If you want to make this in your own world get a repeating command block, always active, /effect @e instant_health 1 0 true ,another command block same thing but /effect @e instant_damage 1 0 true

  2. You should make this a function pack so people can use it in their own PVP world.

  3. ZACHARIAgs says:

    To put it simply: I love it! I don’t know how you did this, but it’s super cool. It seems like you don’t want the method spread, which I understand. I’d love to know though!

  4. Parmajomm says:

    Damn I feel like it’s a command that uses education mode, but I don’t know what it is. I wanna know sooo baddd.

  5. Local The E-Girl says:

    Dope lol if anyone wants to know how to do it ask (jk zuc doesnt want me spreading it)

  6. BobDaCow says:

    Thanks for making this. Now my friend can actually learn how to pvp better. Also what resource pack are you using I would like to know.

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