Noob Wars Addon

This the new Noob Wars addon! It’s kinda like a DLC on the first one! Download right now to join teams!

Check the description for more! And the first ever feature where the Mob follows you!


NoThis is the new addon! Noob Wars! Join teams and fight mobs!

Noob Wars Trailer

The Teams:

The Noobapurples:

This team are aggressive to mobs and the Noobstas.

They come In:

– Custom egg spawn

– Custom command spawn

– Shoots arrows

Preview of the Mob:

Preview 2:

They spawn In:

River, Beach, Jungles and Savannah.

Tame them with cooked chicken

Tame the Noobapurples to protect and follow you!

Example (Campsite not included in the addon)

Noobapurple Dealer:

The Noobapurple Dealer deals you a special item for a netherite.

They come in:

-Custom spawn Egg

-Custom spawn command

-They are not tameable.

Preview of the Mob:

Preview 2: (Trades)

They Spawn in Jungles, Savannahs and Taiga. Also they are Abit rare so it’s kinda hard to find him.

The Noobapurple Sword:

The Noobapurple Sword has the same damage as the Diamond Sword but it gives you Night Vision and Speed then once you get it you will be feeling like a Eyelash Viper.

They come in:

-Custom Texture

-Custom give command

Preview of the item:

 Preview 2:

You can get it by trading a netherite to the Noobapurple Dealer.

Origin of the Noobapurple

They started the group in noobtown east coast. They were a small group at start, but they grew bigger. The first war between the Noobapurples and the Noobstas was in noobtown midwest. The cause is that the Noobstas didn’t agree to trade their Arrows for iron ingots cause the Noobstas had the iron that they already needed and had more arrows. Well the Noobstas won the war, But the Noobapurples didn’t give up, so the Noobapurples shot the Noobstas boss with a new type of arrow that they created. It was called The Arrow of Venoming. The Noobstas lost their boss and now they are mad, and they kept fighting and fighting.


The Noobstas:

The Noobstas are more speedy. They hate the Noobapurples.

They come In:

– Custom egg spawn

– Custom command spawn

– Shoots arrows

Preview of the Mob: 

Preview 2:

Preview 3:

They spawn In:

Deserts and Mesas and Oak forests

Tame them With:


Tame this speedy team to join adventures with you!

Noobsta Melee:

This new mob adds a new member to the Noobstas. It’s called the Noobsta Melee.

They carry swords instead of bows and arrows.

Preview of the mob:

Preview 2:

Tame them with.

Baked Potatoes

They Spawn in:

Deserts and Mesas and Forests

Origin of the Noobstas:

The Noobstas started rich! They started their group at noobtown north. Their boss was Rich,that’s why they got a lot of iron and gold. So they created arrows so that anything that tries to stop them will regret it. In the Street Wars Era of noobtown, the Noobapurples sent A trade to the Noobstas. Well the Noobstas didn’t accept it and the Noobapurples got angry. So they declared war on the Noobstas. They fought on the noobtown midwest. The noobstas won and took noobtown midwest as their territory. Well the Noobapurples fought back. They shot the Noobstas boss with a arrow that’s called Arrow of Venoming. And they kept fighting and fighting.


Take Note:

Use experimental gameplay when playing! Also don’t post this on other addon apps!

Changelog View more

-I Added a new Mob! The Noobapurple Dealer which trades a special item that is not Craftable

-Also Added the new Noobapurple Sword! It Gives you effects once you hold it

Check the desc. ;)

- Added new Mob: The Noobsta Melee! Check the description for more info.

- I changed the Capital Letters on the other words

- I put more Pics :) For Every One To See

-Added A Bit More Description And Origin To The Mobs



Download ZArchiver, then find the Mcaddon (Noob Wars), Press it then press the open.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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