This map is created by MABSUAREZ9 and his team to create A NORDIC DUEL, with a Viking feel, this map is designed to practice axe combat in windows 10 edition of Minecraft, thanks azerarron for helping!

WELCOME TO NORDIC DUELS, where the two most powerful Viking Clans go to WAR!!!         This map is made to practice axe PVP in Minecraft windows 10 edition. there are two sides with space for an 8 vs 8 battle!! the arena is a beautiful Nordic Bridge Created by MABSUAREZ9 And Azeraaron.

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changed brief to have less capitals thanks mcpedl, you have helped me a lot in my hard times -MABSUAREZ9

updated broken download, sorry mcepdl, thanks for your patience -MABSUAREZ9

redone linkvertise, and eddied this for all links thanks for your patience -MABSUAREZ9


Supported Minecraft versions

1.7 1.8 1.9

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