Northern Industria [Creation]

Northern Industria has been in development for more than half of a year. The final product is an amazing highway consisting of 4000 blocks which runs through a beautiful landscape of villages and other structures one would expect in the countryside of Minecraft. There are lots of details throughout the map which we highly encourage you to explore and discover for yourself!

Creator: chinesehorse

Here is one of the villages which you will come across if you follow the path of the highway. It’s a small town with some cool details such as a construction site.


All of the automatically generated terrain appears to have been taken into consideration while building the highway. Realistic bridges have been put in place to support the crossing of the highway.


Here you can see an expansive crossroads of where multiple highways collide.


A small gas station in the middle of nowhere.


One part of the highway crosses over a desert.


Sometimes you’ll come across other cars and trucks on the road. The Mine-Car Addon might be useful for this map!


Watch out!


Some firetrucks have arrived to a village which is on fire.


Important Notice: This map file is more than 150 MB and can take a lot of time for some people to load!

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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69 Responses

4.11 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Guest-8235471852 says:

    Can you make this available on 1.14 also?

  2. Anderson says:

    I went to the end of the highway and they said more coming soon what that mean?

  3. Anderon says:

    I am working on a realistic city building

  4. DelTaco24 says:

    This map ain’t bad for pocket edition. What I’ve noticed about pocket edition builders is that their lazy, for example Mine York City is really sucky in quality, the roads are very narrow and the scale is off. But, this map is pretty good and I’m building one kinda like it right now.

  5. Anderson says:

    I saw the map it was nice but when I got to the end of the highway there was a sign saying that there will be an expansion i am wondering if it is second part or is it metropolintian? If it is a second part when will it be done?

  6. LuckyGuy2017/Celtic Celery says:

    Y’know what i did? I put the Vanilla Vehicles addon on the map, spawned in a Minecar, gave it and me Speed 4 for 1333 seconds, and when driving it was so fast i just felt like i was going on a road at 450km. Its the second best city map ive ever used!

  7. Stop reading my name says:

    Very disappointed I thought there were towns and I found nothing!!!

  8. Paul Koutsivos says:

    It takes time to load but it’s worth it 😁

  9. Cheese team says:


  10. pewpypie says:

    Very disappointing…I downloaded it for 1 hour…then when it finally imported I opened it…however, there were no cities….little to no roads…and worse..the map deleted itself. When I exited and entered minecraft pe once more, the map was gone.

  11. CHEESE LORD says:


  12. Christopiedia says:

    Yo! That was awesome. It totally fit in with the jeep addon. Man. Me and my brother were driving for hours. Thanks for creating the map dude.

  13. Provivolt says:

    Luke,ya can get it back

  14. TAHINA1710 says:

    It stops in the middle of it please answer if will load or if it won’t because it might waist my time sorry

  15. GalaxyOrange says:

    This map is amazing. I spent 3 hours mapping every bit of road using the map and item frame thing. I can’t wait for my brother and I to race on this and for when the roads get updated.

  16. Luke says:

    Wow.. explored the whole island and ran into one witch hut.. not one bit of road..

    Why am I not surprised :/

  17. Luke says:

    Umm.. where is it? I just spawned on an empty island…

  18. KidBobsWorld says:

    Hey nice map editor. I love the Minecart add-on it allows 2 players in one car but the second player gets stuck in the body of the car please fix it, and will we be seeing more of these maps in the future?

  19. Carson says:

    How do u get to the roads because I spawn in water

  20. kevinwoen says:

    This Map Is Soooooooo Cool.I Drive around the roads and it is very very AWESOME! I combine it with Mine-Car Add-on.I drive with my brother.Bit laggy,but still… COOL.Thanks For The Map!

  21. Kenny says:

    iOS suck for geting maps

  22. HAVE MERCY ON ME says:

    I downloaded this map with my laptop because in my ipad its directing me to a blank page so i used my laptop for it…
    Good map tho😄😄👏🏻👏🏻

  23. ElijahgamesYT says:

    This .MCWorld download link doesn’t work, help. (I’m on iOS)

  24. T says:

    I love this map but it won’t work because my device doesn’t support or zip, I wish the creator would make it to be downloadable from mc.pack..😔

  25. AJAWESOME065 says:

    The mcworld download doesn’t work
    Please fix IT

  26. Markus Persson says:

    Ahh….Minecraft had gone too far without me…..anyways even though I’m not the owner of this game anymore maybe I should try this addon thinggy

  27. DanTDM says:

    soooooooooo loooong to download…..anyways great map i will post a video of this in my youtube channel

  28. Dontknowname says:

    Epic map but so much my iPad ran out of space not worth it but I’m having fun that’s the good part 🙂

  29. Martin says:

    This is a good map for a zombie survival

  30. Aidan says:

    Man takes like 10=15 mins to download.. but the map is nice 🙂

  31. AwesomePuppy says:

    download link wont work. 🙁 🙁 please fix.

  32. KamKam says:

    How long does it usually take to download?

  33. theo says:

    epic maps are cool i like them but will you let me have this one please it looks really cool and epic so i thought i would pick this one it just look so detailed and big and very very epic indeed i like it because well i just like the texture it looks so epic i thought i would ask you awesome guys if i could have this super epic very map i just LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. please just please can i have this epic map i would really like it its just my kind of thing in epic minecraft please pritty pritty please can i have it i really love it i think everone would want it so can i have it [its epic] love you guys so much thank you guys bye guy!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Theo says:

    Epic map you have got there how big is it

  35. Anonymous says:

    Where do you go from spawn

  36. Tom says:

    It’s downloading, it looks so cool! ☺

  37. DoIlookUnnamed says:

    No like how do you download your minecraft world on iOS

  38. DoIlookUnnamed says:

    If your on iOS what do you do to add your map/world to mcpedl

  39. TheCactus says:

    This is really cool, finally a cool map that is .mcworld. Next you should make a school

  40. Nicolas says:

    It’s VERY VERY BIG the map! Cool

  41. FlightSStorm14 says:

    Wow this map is great! I love how much effort you put into this!! LOVE IT😅🙂🙃😉😆

  42. Joe says:

    I downloaded it it’s fun I play hide n seek on it with my cousin

  43. ScarletDevil57 says:

    Ah, the perfect map to peacefully drive around with a friend. It’s also the perfect map to race on! Well, kinda…I’m not sure how that’d go. But nevertheless, this map is amazing and it’s fun to drive around and explore things. Unlike in a city map where you kinda get lost and most buildings aren’t furnished, just about everything I’ve seen so far is on this, and when you find a structure after driving for a bit you kinda get excited to explore the place. At least I do, anyways. Once again, a great map, made by great people, on a great website. MCPEDL never disappoints.

  44. Ethan says:

    Can you plzz make a Christmas map or addon lol. Thanks this map would be fun with your car addon !

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