Not Enough Items Mod

The Not Enough Items Mod provides a simple interface to more easily administrate the gameplay in-game. Switch between day and night, change gamemode and much more just by the use of some buttons.

It’s incredibly simple to use and reminds a lot about the popular Too Many Items mod but in a more simplistic fashion.

Creator: wartave, Twitter Account


  • Switch between day/night, survival/creative
  • Set health to full
  • Give item/block IDs
  • Menu of items to choose from

To open the menu just tap on the bottom-right button and it will appear on the screen.



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45 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. hyper says:

    does it work for 0.12.0?

  2. Crystalgaming says:

    Can you make it an add on.not sure if you can but do it if u can.

  3. Akifanaila says:

    For 1.4 can? Answer me please

  4. Godlyhax says:

    I can’t install the mod because there is a traffic problem in the Dropbox, can you just put a direct download on this page?

  5. zachhh says:

    make it for windows 10 plz

  6. Armyranger1285 says:

    Really cool mod! Just one question do you think if I really tried I could make this a Mc.addon?

  7. Nick says:

    does it work for windows 10?

  8. Sarah says:

    This mod is pretty cool. Does LDshadowlady have it though?

  9. SoapyDaNinja from says:

    *sees that it’s only for andriod* *Hisses agressively*

  10. Kierstyn says:

    How do you get mods on Minecraft pocket edition with dropbox

  11. hanger says:

    Plz put the NEI button on the top right of the screen because when I fly the down button is almost completey blocked by it.

  12. Bruh says:

    Umm does this work for iOS please txt back

  13. Guygi says:

    I dont know to spawn the ice golem and stone golem

  14. Spiderxtream says:

    Does it work for 0.14.0

  15. Lee says:

    What does the wrench icon do?

  16. joy says:

    this is really nice mod

  17. malachi says:

    Hey the download link is messed up for me so if you could please fix it or leave a other download link please.

  18. Tabatha says:


  19. Andy says:

    Can i download for ios 8.3

  20. Kody says:

    How do I download the mod from drop box to minecraft on my iPhone

  21. Michael says:

    Tell me how do I get it on minecraft fom Dropbox

  22. adisetya says:

    Can’t open file

  23. Sherry Sesco says:

    Who here loves minecraft

  24. husky24 says:

    Can I get this directly .js

  25. WolfyDestroyer says:

    How do I download this mod?

  26. Jose says:

    Is the mods legit

  27. NICKdacrazyminer says:

    this mod is basically an updated version of TMI even though TMI advanced will never need an update.

    • Editor says:

      Yes, basically. But I think Advanced TMI will be updated soon and that one will probably be more useful for those who want a greater control of their gameplay as it got a lot of more options.

  28. QuestionGuy says:

    is there a version 0.11.1 for this mod?
    Answer me..

  29. Ali says:

    I think that this mod is going to be cool

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