Published on August 09, 2021 (Updated on May 14, 2022)

Not Enough Weapons Add-On V1.1.0 Inventory Blocks, Plasma & More!

This Add-On introduces new weapons, along with a new crafting table into the game. Some weapons types currently in the game are Katanas, Daggers, (New) Swords, Multiblades. Some weapons that really stand out are the Legendary Excalibur, lightsaber's, Punisher, Spiked Fire Club, and the Spiked Water Club, much more are to come soon!

Watch this video showcase to see some weapons in true action! Down Below are the textures of the Swords, Multiblades, katanas and Shortswords you will be seeing in-game when you download the add-on! (Plus, a special crafting table called the Multiblade Crafter). A new video will come out soon with the new weapons, I want to give this addon some time before I showcase any more, as more exciting weapons are coming out soon!!!


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Fixed Discord Link, YouTube link, Download links

I am going to redo a lot of code and textures of the addon so be ready!



For PC: Just type com.mojang in search bar in "This PC" and place Behavior Pack in the Behavior Folder and Resource Pack in the Resource folder (Or do it the lazy way and download the MCPack's)

For Xbox: Currently Unavailable as Microsoft disabled Internet Downloads

For PlayStation: Currently Unavailable (Not Possible to Download)

For Mobile: Go into com.mojang Folder and place Behavior Pack in the Behavior Folder and Resource Pack in the Resource folder (Or do it the lazy way and download the MCPack's)

If anything is wrong with the downloads, please inform me immediately

IMPORTANT (No it doesn't use player.json)

This was made for the MCPEDL Website and it will stay on this website only


Steal Textures, Redistribute or Upload as your own, Say you made it, Post this on ANY other website, Give a direct link to the download (Only give the link posted HERE on this page)


Learn from my add-ons code (No Need for credit here)

Make a YouTube Video about this if you post a link going to this page 

Go to my discord server and report bugs :) (

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Hello! I the Bp and Rp Files dont work right now, I am updating this addon right now so it works, though it may take a while, the "Bp Rp Not Enough" does in fact work though
When I tried to see for the ites in the creative Inventory it doesn't Show
Did you make sure you have experimental toggles on? And if so did you make sure you downloaded the right things. And if so make sure that you put on the behavior and resource pack
Im having problems trying to import the mod. The rp file and the bp file are both behavior packs and if i try to import bp and rp file it doesn't work.
fixing it now, dont worry it will be up by tommrow likely
There may be a glitch with the crafting table. It should be fixed today
Added: 1.1.0

- Blocks to the creative inventory
- frozen plasma can be found in the end, once broken it can have 3-5 frozen plasma chunks
- frozen plasma chunks are gotten from frozen plasma
- frozen plasma can be melted to make plasma
- plasma combined with 4 iron sticks (I think lol) makes a plasma core
- plasma core makes the lightsabers
That is all :)
Hey everyone, I know that there was a glitch in 1.17.30 that made this unusable, it is being fixed as we speak, there will be an update releasing by the end of the week fixing this, and adding blocks to the creative inventory!
A hotfix is coming out either today or tommorow, so be on watch. Also a little hint into the next update, the name of this add-on is gonna change, and a lot of new weapons are gonna be introduced, so the update will be pushed back to late next week, and believe me, that wait will be worth it.
Please note that I didn’t add a lot of recipes, they will be added as of 1.1, which will come by the end of the week. I am really sorry about this. (This Comment Will Be Unpinned When 1.1 Released, Or When They Are Added)