Notch’s Money Addon

Notch’s Money is a new type of currency which is being introduced in the world of Minecraft. As more dimensions are being explored it’s important to have a currency which unites everyone and allows for commerical enterprises in other places as well such as the Nether or the End. At least, that’s my take on this new situation which this addon introduces!

Creator: Assassiner 003, Twitter Account, YouTube

How does it work?

Do you want to become rich? Venture deep underground in search for dollars to mine! All emerald items and blocks have been replaced by Notch Money. It’s a new type of currency which this addon aims to entirely implement in Minecraft.

There are in total three blocks and items which have been changed.

  • Dollar Block (Block of Emerald)
  • Dollar Ore (Emerald Ore)
  • Notch Money Dollar Bills (Emeralds)

All of them are awesome to use as decorations but they can also be used for other things such as villager trading.

Even villagers will gladly accept the Notch Money in exchange for items. Notch is after all their almighty creator so it makes sense that they would accept a dollar bill with his face on it.

Notch Money appears more frequently in chests than what emeralds did so make sure to check them chests.


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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64 Responses

4.44 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    It sorta looks like there is a Robloxian face on there. Well, in my opinion. Dunno about yours.

  2. herobrine da best says:

    I cant get the zip file

  3. Dylan says:

    Hoe download je de money addon nou💸💶🎧?

  4. Someone says:

    Can you change it to “Money Addon”? Notch’s Money doesn’t make sense. 😀

  5. Steven Teed says:

    its easy for me to do zip easy tham mc.addon

  6. Ninja Knight says:

    So I had this Addon before and I went to download it again only to be told my connection was not private, this hadn’t happened on this download before, can someone please check the downloads?

  7. MATYI says:

    hogy kel letölteni és berakni?

  8. Poop says:

    Poop is a side for your healthy diet.

  9. G says:

    Good but can you make just the addon available to get so people can put it in other worlds!!! Please😔😔😔 [email protected]

    • JopoJelly says:

      if you go to com.mojang you can go to the worlds file and copy the texture pack to the recources file in com.mojang and you will be able to use it in ever world

  10. RedstoneLover says:

    The face on the dollar looks weird.

  11. Ikoooo says:

    Hi can i use it on my website ? I will not use your texture pack i will use remastered type of it and your original name , mcpedl download will be there , i am using it on my website cuz i am azerbaijan not many person can use thos site cuz most of it dont know eng language

  12. Lana says:

    Editor, My device doesn’t work on adfly. Could you please put it on mediafire?

  13. Ann says:

    I’m super confused. I have downloaded the resource and it shows up under behavior packs and I have added it onto the game however when I play the game I am unable to locate money. I am in creative mode, by the way. What is it that I am doing wrong?

  14. MarySays says:

    I kind of wish that “Notch Money” replaced something different, like diamonds. Emeralds are pretty useless, even though they can be used for villager trading.

  15. Anonymous says:

    It would be cool to add a wallet

  16. HugoTDM1 says:

    Please can you change the name of the emerald to money and emerald ore to money ore and emerald block to money block please? It will make this addon so much more enjoyable. Thanks.

  17. Storm says:

    Can you make it so that iron nuggets are coins? Or gold nuggets? Preferably iron nuggets. Thanks if you do!!! IT would help so much cause then you can use it for roleplays or stuff like that or restaurants!!! I get way to “creative”. But thanks if you do do that!!!

  18. Arthur assis says:

    Bug: on my iPad when I imported the resource pack it doesn’t appear on the resource packs list! Then i don’t can put on my world. And, if I try again he says: fail on importing (duplicated texture).Plz u know how to fix this?

  19. Editor says:

    Hey enjoy the Addon!!

  20. EminemXD says:

    Your not first

  21. Guest says:

    Please help! It keeps saying “duplicate pack detected” what do I do??!!! I don’t want to delete minecraft!

  22. JoelGamingYT1 says:

    Me name e Jeff

  23. cole says:

    XD i know

  24. DotBot Carlos says:

    I keep on getting the “duplicate pack detected” error when the second item imports! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  25. DotBot Carlos says:

    I keep on getting the “duplicate pack detected” error when the second item imports! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!’n

  26. Oskiic says:

    Wait…. Why does this need a Behavior pack?

  27. Alpha_skill360 says:

    AWESOME JUST AWESOME! My dreams come true!! Money in Minecraft xD

  28. Gaming with Genesis says:


  29. Anthony_Was_Here says:

    Does this work with Shaders?

  30. Diamondgolem 123 says:

    No you are not the first commenter
    Look at the time difference yo

  31. GamingWaterFire says:


  32. MooDooMoo says:

    Looks good🤔

  33. Twitchy says:

    So its just retextured emerald?

  34. Abduallh says:

    I love your skin, send it to me

  35. Nathanael Koh says:

    So cool😎!!

  36. diamondgolem132 says:

    This add-on is really cool I filled up my chests with dollars with so now I’m RICH!!! thnx btw 🙂 P.S I am first to comment.

  37. Someone who never knew says:

    I thought this was just a resource pack!

  38. MaskedHAZIQ23 says:

    Is it only a resource pack?but why you put in the add on section…

  39. maisong says:

    . As more dimensions are being explored it’s important to have a currency which unites everyone and allows for commerical enterprises in other places as well as the Nether or the End. (No such needed)

  40. AkifCoolGamer says:

    It is useless

  41. Yo mama says:

    Can editor just plz put it as mc.addon

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