Notre Dame & Medieval City

This world is based on Notre-Dame (A Paris architecture) and Medieval City, this world was originally created on Minecraft Java Edition, but I recently ported it to bedrock as well.

Credits: Mateo Grgić
Build Coordinates: 847, 43 ,324

In this map, you can find the following builds:

  • Notre Dame
  • Medieval City
  • Field
  • Pigsty
  • Vineyard
  • Windmill
  • Fountain
  • Big tree
  • Holes in the sea
  • Pond
  • Island
  • Peninsula
    and much more…


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  1. Pls end me says:

    This map is amazing!!

  2. BenTheGreat says:

    Nice ill recreate the altar into it’s old part where norvus ordo was not invented

  3. DevastatorX5 says:

    Nice Map now all we need is a hunchback in the Church

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