Noxidus [Creation] [Survival]

Noxidus is a floating medieval town. It’s not the normal village one would imagine existed in a realistic medieval time but we can probably safely assume a touch of fantasy have been added to the map.

The spawn is inside one of the houses you can see in the images below. The island is beautifully adorned with flowers, grass, stone, roses and fern. In total there are 15 islands all with nice decorations and such.

Creator: D34thB34stTXB132

The main point of the map is survival but you shouldn’t necessarily only restrict your actions to it as the map can be just as fun to play if you decide to turn on Creative mode.

If you do decide to try the map out in survival mode then make sure not to fall down the island because then you will have a hard time to get up. Sure, you could use one of the “waterfall ladders” but it takes a whole lot of time.

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  1. StickPrezentz says:


  2. Marissa says:

    Do u mind making it mcworld?? It looks so cool💃🏼🍍🍩

  3. Dizon2014 says:

    I cant download it whyyyy!!!!

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