Npc Friends Addon (1.14+)

Hi. This plugin brings 7 new assets to your world. these assets are human-like npc‘s. You can either name these npc’s or go back and drive. Is not it beautiful?

How to use?

Go to your own world settings. and activate the package. Enjoy yourself after entering the world.

How many npc’s are there?

There are exactly 7 npc. Actually there were 6 but I said why I didn’t create my own character. I’m the 7th character, Lake. Have fun.

What features do they have?

You can ride on the back of the npc. or if they want, they can open the door or if they attack him, he starts attacking the attacker in response.

here are the images;

So what are you waiting for? download.

report errors.

don’t forget to leave a comment!

Changelog View more

what has changed with this version:

  • a video has been added!



First we wait 5 seconds when the link is opened. Then we click the Skip the advertisement button. Then click the download button from the link that appears.

download file

click the share button

transfer to minecraft

have fun


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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31 Responses

3.14 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. KjvMode says:

    Hi, this add-on is great, but can you please add mouths for the other people? They look like they’re up to no good.

  2. sorry but we are not working on this addon anymore

  3. Guest-1397379994 says:

    can they use items such as bow

  4. Guest-4008006625 says:

    It does not work for me

  5. Guest-6019868944 says:

    can you make them spawn naturally so we can see them in survival(spawn Ex:plains, any forests, etc)

  6. Guest-5257530559 says:

    Hi.can you please make an evil one that can place/break blocks and follows you everywere and kills you..thank you!.

  7. Guest-7558428929 says:

    I does not work for me

  8. Guest-6059358336 says:

    is it possible to put the bangs on the model? so if we decide to change the skins the bangs are also applied. thank you!

  9. Ruqsy05 says:

    When I press on the link it takes me to then lots of ads pop up and it takes me to amazom

  10. Guest-3430224639 says:

    Is this addon work for 1.14

  11. Guest-9630752753 says:

    I am use this addon in 1.14.60, minecraft crashes, please help me

  12. Candy H. says:

    Oop okay :3
    I hope it will support 128 skins by then ^^
    Thank you & many you have a great day :3

  13. Guest-5072351331 says:

    You should make them hold swords or bows, and also make them follow you like wolves

  14. Guest-7928192015 says:

    how do you take them and which version should I wait for 😀

  15. Guest-5656586796 says:

    U love what I see but I might have doubts when I install it

  16. Guest-2471917307 says:

    can you make them tameable please

  17. Candy H. says:

    Hey! Looks Awesome! Would you mind if I ask of possible to make the skins 128?

  18. Guest-7212085098 says:

    More skin options

  19. YouriPadMaster says:

    Pls fix ur English you can do this better

  20. Guest-5555622225 says:

    They Dont Do a lot of Damage

    • Guest-2722872549 says:

      Pls add them a edit that you can edit if aggressive or friendly pls add a lot of knight skin

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