Nuke Addon

The Nuke Addon turns the TNT block into a highly destructive nuclear weapon. It’s not something to play around with but it’s definitely useful if you want to add some changes to the terrain around you. It’s not really comparable with a nuclear weapon in real life but it’s definitely dangerous. Also the creeper has been replaced by a nuclear variant.

Creator: JPlaysPE, Twitter Account
Updated: 22 August, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

The TNT block is replaced by a nuclear weapon which when exploded will cause a huge explosion, lots of fire and total destruction. The golden armor is replaced by a hazmat suit.

You can either ignite the block by using a flint & steel or by using redstone. Here are some examples of the type of damage the block can cause.

It’s insanely dangerous and you’ve only got 35 seconds to escape after you’ve activated the bomb. Tip: Run for your life!

The Nuclear Creeper is a much more powerful version of the normal creeper. It causes a larger explosions as well as some fire.




  • Added the Nuclear Creeper, customized model and new behaviors
  • Added a version for low-end devices (smaller explosions)


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download one of the following behavior packs:
    1. Behavior .McPack (Low-End)
    2. Behavior .McPack (High-End)
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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73 Responses

3.67 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Guest-4236861080 says:

    What the f* why did the website send Me to hentai

    • Guest-5155718075 says:

      Why is this trash addon sending me to 30 different websites showing me d*cks and hentai when its a mod for A KIDS GAME!? It’s sopposed to not show d*cks.

  2. Guest-7585442068 says:

    what does lowend and highend do

  3. ---- says:

    The link send me into por****

  4. Aariz Gaming 670 says:

    Can you not add zips in addons my zip does not even work. not even 1%

  5. random says:

    Bombs don’t go off if they were ignited by other explosives or other nukes.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the nukes don’t go off after being ignites by other explosives

  7. MRTOPMEMES says:

    Same my resource pack on Minecraft the thing dos not say copy to Minecraft but the behavior pack dos

  8. MCPE Gaming says:

    The thing I really dont like about this mod is the LONG FUSE which isnt good for my nuke video with 5 nukes with MILD lag. Can you update plz

  9. Cody says:

    Recorces is a mod and does not say copy to Minecraft. Now I’m sad 😔

  10. Calvin says:

    Can you make a more powerful nuke please this one is good but I really love big explosions please I beg you to make a more powerful nuke because I love big explosions

  11. Tubesocksjr. says:

    I Love This! just a fun thing to kill time with, or yourself…

  12. Xtreme Fazbear says:

    Can the resource pack not be a zip because it won’t work then so make the add-on a .mcpack not a .zip file

  13. coolgamer6391 says:

    i cant download the resource pack im on an ipad the behavior pack installs fine but when i try to download the resource pack, it says:unable to open file. there is no application on your device that can open this file. and i cant get it to download.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Da resource pack does not work. And WHY does no one ever check back on addons? Like the editors respond to stuff when the addons are first released but after that their just like, peace out and leave it until somthing like this happens and then all we ever have is just half of an addon. there’s so many problems with the download files of a TON of addons like the chocobo’s addon Resource download link doesint work properly EITHER, seriously someone needs to respond to this, and fix these addons why don’t they add some sort of button that allows you to alert an editor that the addons broken or somthing like that???

  15. RagingArmaggedon says:

    I can’t open the resource pack in minecraft

  16. Entity303 says:

    I can’t download the resource pack because I can’t download zips

  17. Entity303 says:

    The file can’t open

  18. fix plz says:

    Editor!! The file is Nuke 3.0!! No one makes a mistake like that. He is doing this on purpose!! Please tell him to remove the .zip extension

  19. AquaRaven says:

    Geez may you fix this website? When I click on the hyperlinks they get me to adult then another silly website. Is this a Scam?

  20. Coolnathan49 says:

    Problem the resource pack doesn’t work when I download it it takes me to PDF Reader please help me.

  21. Rico says:

    Can you add a mushroom cloud please I would love that please add a mushroom cloud

  22. Berry says:

    I love the reviews and the destruction, me and my brother can’t wait!! I’m gonna play it soon BUT!!!! I will release a video of me and my brother PLAYING IT!! CANT WAIT GOD DAMMIT

    Date I’ll upload vid: 14Th of March 2018

  23. Ralfy says:

    Can u make the cloud when the nuke explodes plus update this pls

  24. LOL says:

    What i need is the resource pack

  25. Ari says:

    You don’t have to use a computer to do this on iOS

  26. pls fix says:

    Can you remove all of the blocks when the explosion comes because that’s the laggy part not the explosion

  27. Ethan says:

    Can you make a gas helmet please.

  28. Ethan says:

    Can you make super super super destructive please

  29. TC says:

    Great add on!
    Can you make one when cobwebs are gas and iron helmet is a gas mask?
    Pls think about it, it would make my day.

  30. Mark says:

    Can you try to do the thing that we see when a nuke goes off?

  31. PranksterGangster says:

    How come it changes the texture of the tnt but it works the same

  32. DESTRUCTION🐷 says:


    Destruction demolition everything I could ever dream of doing

  33. eckosoldier says:

    Cool addon!

  34. Smilecraft says:

    That map is TN city

  35. Anonymous says:

    This is AMAZING

  36. Josh says:

    Could someone convert this mod to a mc.pack because it is an amazing looking mod
    (Paste in your browser)

  37. RapDino says:

    You Can also cal it hè game crasher Nuke (my game crashed 😂😂😂😂😂)

  38. Cadthegreat says:

    You can make the nuke bigger! I made one 200 by 200, try making one like that, still causes fire and 1min countdown! 💥🔥💥

  39. Jirachi likes apples says:

    I really want the map! What is it called?

  40. LondonzTaDahz says:

    Wow Nice Addon I tried on my world Full of Nuke And My Game Crashed XD
    So Thanks for The Addon

  41. ImJustIron says:


  42. Zach says:

    lol I saw ur comment on JerenVids

  43. Fire_hunter says:

    Are the little suits apart of the addon?

  44. DJJA says:

    Nice add On!

  45. Superstarzs says:

    Great addon this is the only one which causes less lag because all the other nuke addon when you set just one it cause a lot of lag. But it take about 10 nukes in this addon to cause a little bit of lag. So well done.

  46. Cadthegreat says:

    What is the map?

  47. maisong says:

    What map are you using?

  48. WithyBarbecue89 says:

    Somebody already made this kind of addon, anyway nice addon

  49. HereComesDatBoi says:

    “It’s insanely dangerous but you 1 minute after it has been ignited to escape its area of impact.”

    Sorry to be a pain in the butt, but there is a typo “but you 1 minute” shouldn’t it be “but you have 1 minute”

  50. holuvavo says:

    totally not stolen from my nukes pe. just changed textures…

    • Editor says:

      The idea is similar but then you have to remember that it is not an incredibly unique idea.

      I have compared your TNT file code with his and they aren’t the same.

      So my conclusion is that it isn’t copied.

    • JPlaysPE says:

      I didn’t even saw your nuke addon. I didn’t copy you.

      • Anonymous says:

        JP I really loved the nuke but can you make a more powerful nuke this nuke is powerful but I like to even bigger nuke

  51. Marius_Oni says:

    Wow really nice addon 😀

  52. NFPEGamer says:

    First comment, I saw the vid

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