Nukes PE Addon

Nukes PE is a must-have addon for anyone who loves to blow things up. Never place a nuke near any of your own builds (or preferably no one else’s either) as it will cause a lot of damage and sometimes even clearing the ground completely. Use cautiously and make sure you are nowhere near the block when the explosion goes off.

Creator: holuvavo

How does it work?

The TNT is replaced by a nuke which is a much more destructive explosive. Its explosion is much greater and it also spawns lots of fire.

Let’s blow up a bridge! I placed down a nuke in the very center of the bridge and then ignited the TNT block using flint & steel.


Mission completed! No one can pass over that bridge again any time soon.


Another use could be for blowing up cargo ships.


The result is quite devastating.


Previously I’ve just used one nuke. Let’s see what happens when I plant them all over a city and ignite one of them with a flint & steel.


This will lag your device! It took literally minutes for all nukes to explode. The final result was this.. everything is gone!



  1. Download behaviors .McPack
  2. Download resources .McPack
  3. Apply the packs for a world

Do you want the .ZIP? Click here!

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46 Responses

2.38 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. Guest-3102912439 says:

    1 nuke crashed my game

  2. Guest-3116223174 says:

    ummm i placed a nuke down its just normal tnt but with a nuke logo

  3. Conall DiPierro says:

    Your mod…….. has corrupted my worlds. My game has crashed and it will not open again. I’ve tried everything. You have caused me so much pain. I am sorry… UK

  4. MCPE Gaming says:

    The other nuke addon is a bit better cause of no lag

  5. Daniel Sedyshev says:

    this isnot worth getting 🙁 on my my windows 10 it immediately crashes my whole computer 🙁

  6. Daniel Sedyshev says:

    well… as soon as i place down a nuke on windows 10 it freezes completely and i have to reset minecraft.

    not worth getting this mod 🙁

  7. The Whovian says:

    EPIC addon! please add an optional download for a bigger explosion!

  8. nomink says:


  9. CosyHamster says:

    I have a recommendation if your lagging super bad from the TNT don’t do anything! Don’t even touch a button or you’ll crash!

  10. Hi says:

    Don’t get because it lags and not that bag of a explosion

  11. Amund says:

    ITS SOOoooOoOoOoOo LIT but IT crashed if i am nerby 🙂

  12. Kostas says:

    This add-on looked really great but when i placed 1 nuke my phone freezed.

  13. King Hazards says:

    Yeah guys this add-ons is awesomeness!!!

  14. Littlemonk25 says:

    MY game froze…i used 1 nuke… im on windows 10… hlep (DanTDM reference)

  15. Da Lorax says:

    ….I did this in the alien invasion map when i was done, with it, I didn’t realize that there was tnt from the other space ships that would detonate as well, so it was a chain reaction that killed the city and crashed my game when like 15 blew up at the same time. LOL

  16. Jeff The Killer says:

    I love this

  17. FFM2505 says:

    Creator inform me this addon can crash the Minecraft? And my device is IOS at a iPad 3

  18. Loopymetal912 says:

    omg that mod is incredible! is this for apple air tablet?!

  19. Henry says:

    Really good add-on , it lags like hell when i tried putting more than 50 nukes , but the result was awesome

  20. Anonymous says:

    It took me minutes until my ipad was back to normal to explode 1 nuke ONLY

  21. Logan says:

    Pro tip: don’t like 12 blocks of TNT at once. It will crash

  22. Killermoth says:

    Please make more tnt

  23. Anonymous says:

    Wow, It was uploaded today and I already think it’s awesome! 10/10

  24. TItan0_00 says:

    Awfully lags. Even on Windows 10.

  25. Cole says:

    It froze my game!

  26. ErnestGamingEC says:

    This add ons is so insane i even put a box of Nuke just to see how big

  27. Ig4mEr says:

    I am scared will it BREAK MY DEVICE?

  28. TheS7Gaming says:

    hi MCPE.DL i just want to know what city map that you use in this mod

  29. holuvavo says:

    WooHoo! Finally there stands ”holuvavo” next to ”Creator:…” Thank you guys!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I’m using an iOS device and i really want to download this but can someone tell me how to delete the add on when I don’t want it anymore?

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