Nuper Gummi (& Shaders) [16×16]

Nuper Gummi is a cartoon vs. ornament texture pack with blocky and sharp edges. The texture pack works best in more open areas such as the default terrains in Minecraft. Crowded areas such as the one displayed in image below can make the world appear a bit overwhelming.


Other than that it’s a really nice set of textures if you enjoy cheerful and colorful textures. It was originally created for PC by LateGum but has now been ported to MCPE by migue_300.

screenshot-2015-01-24-11-24_2 screenshot-2015-01-24-11-25 screenshot-2015-01-24-11-25_2 Download (full zip – both Android & iOS)
Download (Android)
Download (iOS)

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  1. JayJayPlayzJJP says:

    But they’re all just zip zip files..

  2. Dexie says:

    This doesn’t work

  3. Benny_Fux says:

    How do i get this map

  4. Keeley says:

    I have iOS and can’t get this

  5. BerthaSulavan says:

    LOL I have Windows 10 I soooo wish I could get this… :'(

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