NXUS Modern Architecture Series [Creation]

NXUS Modern Architecture Series is one of the most detailed and realistic modern creations which is being built specifically for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The project started several years ago and has since then grown into an amazingly detailed city consisting of skyscrapers, office buildings, a huge science center, embassies and a fully working metro system. It’s an endless source of inspiration and a mind-blowing city to explore.

Creator: NXUSOfficial Website
Updated: 7 April, 2017 (read changelog)




The Hub Update:

  • The Hub
  • Citygate Mall
  • Fire Station
  • Bus Port
  • And more!


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144 Responses

4.79 / 5 (33 votes)
  1. WillDill1311 says:

    When is the next update out?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why I can see the map in the “storage” tab in settings but couldn’t find it in the list shown after I click “Play”? I imported the map to /mincraftWorlds folder. I was using Minecraft on Android

  3. GalaxyGamer1423 says:

    It’s cool!

  4. GalaxyGamer1423 says:

    We need a City Hall!

  5. GalaxyGamer1423 says:

    When is the next update coming out? The new MCR Map is out already!

  6. Wheresthelambsauce2134 says:

    Is there a bunker?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love this, I have done so many fun roleplays on this map. The only problem is that it lags a lot when you fly.

  8. CoolJeddGaming says:

    I love it but the game is verry buggy on the hub place please fix it ASAP, im using samsung j1

  9. CoolJeddGaming says:

    This is my favorite map ever and please keep updating, add more and if possible makit a roleplay map

  10. Rayzoneblue says:

    Great map build an airport with realistic planes like Boeing 747 and airbus 380 and other commercial airlines

  11. ICraft says:

    Hey thats is a awsome map i play it every upgrade and i build on it to continue but its make over 1 years you don’t make an update i think you eork on it but yeah i just wait that


  12. Some one you know ;3 says:

    Can you please add a high school a big one it would be really cool .3.

  13. Vault20boy says:

    It there a hospital, police station or firefighters station or do I have to build it on the land that is not used

  14. Anonymous says:

    Does it have a school or university? Just Asking! 😊

  15. YoshiGamer says:

    Please build a Tesco where Fairfoods is because I don’t like Fairfoods and Tesco is blue & red.

  16. YoshiGamer says:

    Also your city & Lexerland are the BEST CITY EVER!

  17. YoshiGamer says:

    Also are you gonna expand west,east,north,or south or all directions?

  18. YoshiGamer says:

    Needs Ladders on the elevators in the embassies & IAMN HQ.
    P.S. IAMN Is Now IAMA.

  19. NExS says:

    Hi does anyone know where to find the ><+ nxtransit stations

  20. Dylan says:

    Nice,but next update please build a arena for concerts.

  21. Gamer of Minecraft says:

    Editor are you are in the Parallel World Within 2017 and 2018?

  22. Geoff says:

    It looks so cool, it just gets ruined because it’s on a flat world!

  23. EarthNotch10843 says:

    there is an error about the latest update that says the map got updated on April 7th, 2017, when really it’s April 7th, 2018

  24. Magma Dash says:

    When I played it everything was broken. The buildings were messed up, and there were chests in the air.

  25. X J Hyung says:

    Hey creator, you know how you made the one that has the skyscraper’s only? Well can you make a Mc.world for that one because this map is too laggy for my iPhone 6s, well it’s not laggy if I’m not using any shaders but i really like the map when you add shaders though.

  26. Makoto says:

    Please add a school or a village but i really want the school… Please… I’ve been waiting it probably 2 or 3 years ago… please make it… Thanks… And By the way… this is a really awesome map everything is furnished and a lot to go to… please add the SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jlan123 says:

    Hey editor, could you try to get a hold of the other maps? I can’t use them on iOS without .mcworld

  28. ??? says:

    It’s 7th April 2018

  29. rexxputation says:

    It would be amazing a university or school with a large green area, a stadium, a theater and cinema and maybe a few more apartments of residences, OBS: A TV station, like Hollywood, with landscapes and etc, would be incredible

  30. Peter Nguyen says:

    How about an airport?

  31. Martina says:

    Could you please add a school district and a Petsmart(The pet store is too small for a daycare section for cats and dogs)

    • NXUS says:

      I’ll be building a school, though not for the upcoming Phase 3 Update. I’ll look into how I can improve the pet store. Thanks for the feedback!

  32. Anonymous says:

    I have a house that needs to be added

  33. Cavan says:

    ******* awesome man! The map is absolutely perfect to make a transformation into a urban battlefield, only gripe is that there are no roads…

  34. Jeff says:

    What’s a good shadings pack to go with this map?

    • NXUS says:

      Hey Jeff,
      The best 2 I’d recommend would be SEUS PE Shader and SSPE Shader. You may need a higher-end mobile device and MCPE v1.1 to run SEUS PE Shader!

  35. Neneb says:

    Hi for the owner!
    This map is a mixture of parts of Tokyo, Japan in Minato and some buildings are from Singapore like the convention center is like one of the building and the airport with the signs hanging from the ceiling outside! That’s where you got it from! COOL!!!!!!!!! found it!

  36. Bruno16 says:


  37. Bruno16 says:

    Amazing so cool

  38. StickyWAFFLE says:

    I would like it if you could make a night club and embassy for EGALAND

    • NXUS says:

      The Egaland Embassy is included in the map! It’s the yellow, white and red building near the Business District. I’m not too sure about a nightclub lol, but there are a number of bars located at New Wave Mall and the Market Square areas!

  39. sunshine1980 says:

    he was a big house I heard lol

  40. M1N5X says:

    Where is the national bank, Central market? Can someone give the layout of the world? I always lost

  41. Will says:

    Omg😱, this is the best map. it was the first map I have ever downloaded. I can see that you have worked really hard on it. Keep up the amazing work. 👍👍👍👍👍

  42. Goody400 plays says:

    Where is the central bank?

  43. Taylor says:

    Next time can he add a school

  44. Mikaze Ai says:

    Hey,I know Egaland.Egaland is also map on MCPEDL

  45. Xx_loloyOMG_xX says:

    How to get this? It is not working please someone tell me

  46. HAKMW says:

    Please tell me how to upload maps I really need to upload something

  47. JSFalconS4596 says:

    I downloaded and then i saw this world. It is amazing! Please I would like to help. Message me if you need help. Or you can just ignore me

  48. Aikuro_gaming says:

    This is amazing NXUS! You are too!😊

  49. Notch says:

    Invite Frineds City Play Da 10000000 Year

  50. NomicNizeMC says:

    Is there a school here me and my friends are doing a Roleplay and want to use this map

  51. M1N5X says:

    Add a helipad on the building, and a communication center or a satellite dishes.

  52. NXUS says:

    Hi MCPEDL! Thank you for the updated review!
    Just a small request, could you upload the trailer video of this update to this page here? Thanks in advance!

  53. Charlotte says:

    I have no idea how to download help me.

  54. Jess says:

    Is There a School????????
    I Haven’t Download it yet 🙁

  55. ENDER PIZZA says:

    June 17 is my birthday!!!!

  56. Riley says:

    Is there an airport?

  57. NXUS says:

    Hello guys, it’s NXUS, the official creator of the map. Just want to say thank you to everyone who downloaded this map!

    Just to clarify, there isn’t any school in the city for now as I’m focusing on developing the city centre at this point. Sorry to disappoint anyone, I’ll see what I can do in the next update (later this year)!

  58. MatriixG says:

    Is there a school inside the map? Becuase im making a roleplay

  59. Cooldude says:

    HI,I was just wondering if the creator can create this Awesome world in a normal infinite world,Pls respond.😀

  60. Cooldude says:

    HI,I was just wondering if the creator can create this Awesome world in a normal infinite world,Pls respond.😀

  61. Sara Kajcsa says:


  62. Jennifer says:

    Hey! I loved the map soooooo much! You are amazing. Literally the best map ever. Just one question tho. Is there a school? I haven’t finished exploring the map and it would help a lot. Thanks.

  63. Syd says:

    Should add a space station -reply 123 if u agree

  64. Katherine says:

    I RELLY LOVE this city and I now it’s still needs to be finish but I would recommend a school a big school because it would be a much funner experience so if u can can u please add a school

  65. Niamh says:

    WOW this world is amazing! I would recommend it to anyone!

  66. MsGaming says:

    Whoa dude this map is EPI, i have never seen such a great and nice map

  67. Me says:

    Is there a school in it?

  68. Carlos says:

    Nice city but only the garage of exhibition road is no complete and the tower D of the residential area. Please complete the garage of exibition road and tower D of residential area

  69. Crunchy_slime says:

    There is any school in this map? If there is any, can you tell me where is it. Btw this map is so big I love it!

  70. dls2024 says:

    It is SO big I will never finish exploring it!

  71. Chloe says:

    How do u get this on iOS?

  72. Jasmin says:

    Amazing work! I have a question, is there any like regular houses or are there only skyskapers? It’s just I’ve been looking for a map with regular houses to role play or something.

  73. No name says:

    This is the best city map ever, there is not lag at all, is even for iOS (which makes me so happy) and it’s so pretty! Love it~

  74. Jeremy says:

    IT SAD what r u doin here go away

  75. IronBen says:

    This world is not too laggy! SO AMAZING!

  76. NismoNerd35 says:


  77. Aaron says:

    Btw I love your map

  78. Aaron says:

    Can you build an airport. Please!

  79. xXMineKing1932Xx says:

    Nice I’m just here for the screen shots

  80. HarleyYTChannel says:

    Is it available for 0.16.1?

  81. FFM2505 says:

    NXUS if you put a campus at the city on next update

  82. Sean says:

    Perfect for the minecar add on! 10/10 bro, you’re the best!

  83. 777 says:

    This has to be, hands down, the BEST modern city in mcpe (0.16.0) simply astonishing

  84. Macka paca says:

    Thank you for this map, I’m really grateful and I have found it the perfect map for hide and seek, so once again I thank you and applause you for your amazing effort! ?

  85. coco says:

    thank you for putting .mcworld download i love you so much thank you thank you thank you omfg thank youuuu!!!!!

  86. Evan says:

    Make it an Mcworld pls

  87. Yuneed2knobruh says:

    Make it a .mcworld file

  88. Abby says:

    Can You please Add a .mcworld link please? I’m On IOS so I can download it

  89. Isaiah Uche says:

    How do I install this map

  90. iseedeadpeople says:

    Whenever I open the map, I can roam around but later on it crashes. MCPE Version: 0.15.6

    What should I do?

  91. Mikhail says:

    it doesn’t work can somebody plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!

  92. Abigail says:

    How do I join -_-

  93. Anonymous says:

    I love the maps and I want one

  94. Xxrhxan04xX says:

    Nice map!I loved the effort of the creator for making this map…such hard work.

  95. DeathCop4000 says:

    So this is not as glitchy than the last one? Great .

  96. Jemi says:

    6.66 MB? Illuminati Confirmed!

  97. Seth says:

    Wow. Just by looking at the screenshots, this is the most amazing Minecraft world I’ve ever seen.

  98. Fizzy says:

    Can you tell me what is the best custom texture packs for this map

  99. Mikayla says:

    I love this place makes me feel weird

  100. creeper says:

    Nice World, How long did it take you built this or did you got it from a another creator?

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