Obscure Prehistory: Beta 2

Obscure Prehistory is a new addon in development that focuses on the obscure and unknown creatures of Earths Past. Currently the Second beta contains the basal ankylosaurian known as Minmi, a large ancient Armadillo relative known as the Glyptodon, a large tyrannosaurid known as Zhuchengtyrannus, and the small northern tyrannosaurid called Nanuqsaurus.

*Please notice that this beta has some minor bugs that are being patched*

NOTICE: you are not allowed to make you own download of this addon. If you decide to cover this addon on Youtube, link this MCPEDL page for the Download. This addon will only be posted on MCPEDL and MCPEDL only, if there are downloads on any other website please ignore it or report it.

Ok, now lets start with the mobs


The Minmi is a small ankylosaurid dinosaur from Cretaceous Austrailia, they spawn in the badlands and are docile. They act very much like pigs and are attracted to Carrots.

Minmi’s are easy to tame, with the hardest thing about the taming is acquiring a saddle.

The way you tame a Minmi is by putting a saddle on a wild Minmi, this however does not automatically give you command over the Minmi, for that you will need a carrot on a stick to control its movement while riding it. you will need a carrot if you wish to breed them.


The Glyptodon is an ancient Pleistocene relative to the Armadillo, found in both the America’s. They can be found roaming the Taiga biome. You can’t do much with it at the moment, you can however attract and breed it using wheat. 

In the future, more features to the Glyptodon such as more health, taming, and ability to ward off hostile mobs.


Zhuchengtyrannus is a large territorial tyrannosaurid dinosaur that resided in what is now the Shandong province of China. It is untamable and highly dangerous, going after the player once spotted. Be careful of its powerful bite. They roam the Jungle Biomes.


Nanuqsaurus is a relatively small Tyrannosaurid dinosaur that resided in what is now Alaska. They are aggressive if disturbed and can only be tamed when they are juveniles. You tame them with a bone and can mount them once they grow. They reside in the Taiga and snow biome’s.
*Nanuqsaurus Mounting is currently glitched* 

Credits to 
XenomorphAndDinosaurs for the coding and animations
Ducky for the textures
Hoverboard for certain Textures and Nanuq’s model

I recommend playing the Mesozoic Biology addon along with this addon.

Though there are only four mobs in the addon at the moment, more features such as display statues, sleeping, and sexual dimorphism are planned (along with new mobs of course). If you would like to be up to date with this addon’s progress, please check out our discord server!

Changelog View more
Zhuchengtyrannus and Nanuqsaurus added
Old Bugs fixed
New beta after entering the wrong beta (oops)
Added two new dinosaurs (Nanuqsaurus and Zhuchengtyrannus) 

Minor bug fixes to the OG Mobs


Supported Minecraft versions


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16 Responses

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  1. SuperMetaKnight2020 says:

    Uh, the download link just gave me the old version you must fix it

  2. auronxr says:

    Awesome textures! keep up the awesome work!

  3. Zrall says:

    The update isn’t in the link you provided it’s the old version of the Addon the new theropods aren’t there


    I love seeing Alaskan dinosaurs being represented in addons

  5. pablo rex says:

    can u add anurognathus?

  6. Sir_Ultrabean077 says:

    Alright- first of all, I love the look of this addon. It’s great that you included an obscure Ankylosaur/ dinosaur in it. Now, this might go against the plan of this addon, but I would really love to see a T. rex in the game. Yes, it is quite a popular dinosaur, but your modelling is amazing and I would like to see your take on an accurate Tyrannosaurus. If you do not want to go through with my request, then I fully understand. However, you could add some more obscure tyrannosaurids like Daspletosaurus and Yutyrannus.

  7. BirdFungi says:

    Thank you for the kind comment! Inostrancivia and other gorgonopsids are planned for a future update. If you would like to stay up to date on the progress of this addon, check out the Discord Server!

  8. ManoMurga says:

    This Addon has so much potential! adding creatures that are not so famous like a Smilodon or a Tyranosaurus is a very good idea, and i loved how cute the minmi is.

    if you’re willing to accept sugestions, i allways wanted an addon that could add a Therapsid called Gorgonops Innostrancevia, its a pretty awsome creature that nearly no one talks about. anyways, wish you a good job m8!

  9. alessandre says:

    in the next update you can see purussaurus and megalania vs titanoboa profa

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