Obsidian Utilities Add-On

If you, like me, have always found obsidian of little use, this complement is perfect for you! In addition to using the portals and enchantment tables, with this complement you can make Swords, Armor, pickaxes and much more obsidian!

I decided to use a blaze rod instead of sticks because in my opinion it looks better. All the items replace the gold ones, I did so because I find the gold items not very useful, so they would not make much difference if they were removed:

Obsidian Axe = Gold Axe

Obsidian Pickaxe = Gold Pickaxe

Obsidian Shovel = Gold Shovel

Obsidian Sword = Gold Sword

Obsidian Hoe = Gold Hoe

to build these items you will need the obsidian ingot:

the craftings follow this pattern:

(the same goes for armor)

Changelog View more
  • speed with increased obsidian sword
  • increased obsidian armor protection
  • re-textured obsidian axe


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14

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33 Responses

3.2 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. WalkerPlayz123 says:

    Can u pls add obsidian hammer as well there are mods of hammer which mine 3×3 blocks at once pls

  2. This is kind of more a resource pack.

  3. Guest-7973388066 says:

    I have a problem I have already installed the addons and the problem is installed well is that it does not let me create it in survival

  4. Guest-9921941867 says:

    This game is the best

  5. Guest-4075960487 says:

    I love this game

  6. Guest-1480911476 says:

    This game is the best

    • Guest-9823782694 says:

      The three guests that just said stuff like “this game is the best” are obviously all fake, it’s just someone who remakes the same positive comment with slight changes. They are all the same, and even the dates and times they were posted were mere minutes away from each other. Please do’t do this as it is very discouraging for those, (like me), from downloading this.

  7. Guest-3286218484 says:

    just a texture pack.
    pile of trash.

  8. Guest-5009582669 says:

    You Need To Turn On Experimental Features.

  9. Guest-1604213417 says:


  10. Guest-9512409391 says:


  11. Guest-9629700191 says:

    this just replaces gold items. don’t waste your time with this mod

  12. Guest-7285788333 says:

    Is This Working On 1.16 Im Using 1.16 PE

  13. Guest-6430549791 says:

    Why ur addon replace vanilla staff???

  14. Guest-7181449933 says:

    it’s 2020 bruh, wtf is this?!
    Dont replace anything you 2000s poor old man.
    This is trash, just replace my favourite butter ingot, now make update to not replace or die.
    Trash it is ahahahahaha

  15. Guest-2746166822 says:

    You smell

  16. Guest-8440007417 says:

    they are just golden tools re textured, rubbish ahaha

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