The best map to test your skills is here! It has more than 40 obstacles which will test your experience in Minecraft. It’s a one fit for all, meaning both new players and hardcore players will be able to play it and have fun. This map will improve your skills to become a high class player. I ask you, what are you waiting for to download it now?!

each obstacle tests your logic to get to the end that becomes eternal and increasingly difficult. 🏃 Easy -> Hardbased on the creator Map Maker uniqueimpacts and recreated by You Koala (Map Maker) for mobile versions that tests your level of experience you have in the game. 🏃 MCPE // MCBE

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  • 3 added mini-games.
  • now also for two players
  • updated map.
  • error correction.
  • enabled commands


the download link contains shorteners why there was obviously dedication on the map. if you don't support the shorteners, visit my You Koala channel where I have many more maps and no shorteners


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6 Responses

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  1. Guest-7778139754 says:

    I love this a lot but he should draw a little more detail because goku doesnt look like that without his scars. Also broly too.

  2. CubeMaster says:

    I really liked it, more.

  3. Guest-4314453800 says:

    This map reminds me of Unique Impacts Obstacle Course.

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