OCD – Texture Pack [16×16] (UPDATED)

Obsessive compulsive disorder or better known as OCD is a simple, minimalist and clean textured package created by FVDisco for the Java edition of Minecraft, has soft color tones and provides a hungry calm.

So, here I bring you the port of one of the best textures made for Minecraft!, although the port has been made by me, here is the original texture: HERE

/El trastorno obsesivo compulsivo o mejor conocido como OCD es un paquete simple, minimalista y ligero de texturas, creado por FVDisco para la edición Java de Minecraft, tiene tonos de color suaves y proporciona una calma increible.

Entonces, ¡aquí te traigo la versión de Bedrock, de una de las mejores texturas hechas para Minecraft!, Aunque el port fue hecho por mí, aquí está la textura original: AQUÍ

-Creator: FVDisco_ & AntonLandaoALVQ

Ported by: JeridGamer

/Porteado por: JeridGamer

  -Plese share for more updates! ,

 – If you have some bugs please report on  [email protected]

– Here are some pictures of how this looks in the game:

/Porfavor comparte para más actualizaciones

– Si encuentras algún bug porfavor reportalo en [email protected]

– Aquí hay algunas imagenes de como luce este pack en el juego:

-Here’s a screenshots of the creator giving me permission to distribute their content:

/-Aquí hay unas capturas de pantalla del creador dandome el permiso para distribuir su contenido:

1. 2.

3. 4.

Changelog View more

NOTE: Please comment bellow, what do yo thing abaut the diamond texture, and give your opinion about the pack, thanks for wait all my updates.

NOTA: Porfavor comenta aqui abajo, que piensas acerca de la textura del diamante, y da tu opinion acerca de que te parece el pack, gracias por esperar las actualizaciones.

OcD 1.1.0V:

-Changed warped door, and crimson door

-Fixed crosshair

-Changed bow stage_0

-Changed splash particles

-Added snowy dirt

-Added some ores items (diamond include)

-Changed background swords

-Changed bug pack icon

-Changed enchanted item glint

-Changed Spruce leaves

-Changed bubbles

-Changed some food items and books items

-Changed a lot of new things!!!

- A lot of nether blocks updated

- A lot of items and tool updated

-nether update changes

NOTE: The coming updates will just for the items and some mobs, please be patience, i will add every single texture, soon. 

//- Se actualizaron muchos bloques del nether

- Un montón de artículos y herramientas actualizadas

-se han añadido más texturas de la actualizacion del nether

NOTA: Las próximas actualizaciones serán sólo para los items y algunos mobs, por favor tengan paciencia, añadiré cada textura, pronto.

A lot of new features:

-Leaves now are correctly visible on hands

- HOney and HoneyComb blocks are finnaly added!

- Some Dark blocks, were changed

-Cracked Nether Bricks

-Chizeled Nether Bricks

-Anchor of respawn are now added!

-Interface of the loomer changed.

-Some items changed

-Wooden tools changed (experimental)

/Un montón de nuevas características:

-Las hojas ahora son correctamente visibles en las manos...

- ¡Los bloques de miel y colmena han sido finalmente añadidos!

- Algunos bloques oscuros, fueron cambiados

-Ladrillos rotos del Nether

-Ladrillos del Nether sincelados

-Ancla de resplandor se añaden ahora!

-La interfaz del telar ha cambiado.

-Algunos items cambiaron

-Herramientas de madera cambiadas (experimentales)

- We have some features, there are so many that i wo´nt be able to write them all down.

Importan changes:

- I reset all items, due to a major texture bug. but don´t worry i'll add them again

-Some new blocks changes and a lot of mobs.

-Added a video tutorial of how to skip the ads.

//- Tenemos algunas características, hay tantas que no podría escribirlas todas.

Cambios importantes:

- Reseteé todos los elementos, debido a un gran error de textura. Pero no te preocupes, los agregaré de nuevo.

-Algunos cambios de bloques nuevos y un montón de mobs.

-Añadí un video tutorial de cómo saltar los anuncios.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not agree with the method to get the ocd pack, please tell me in the comments below, or in my emal: [email protected] , is impportant to me.

- Some nether textures updated!

-Changed skelenton stray overlay

-New swords

-Piglins updated

-Some bugs fixed

/- Alguna texturas nuevas del nether actualizadas!

-Se cambió la textura de los esqueletos de nieve

-Pligins actualizados

-Algunos bugs arreglados.

- Added a shorter links, to get the pack please skip the shorters

/-Se añadieron acortadores de links, para poder descragar el pack porfavor saltense los acortadores

- Added the spanish language 

/- Se añadió el idioma español 


- A lot of icons UPDATED!!!!!!!

- Fixed Redstone Texture

- Added poison heart texture

- Added wither heart texture

- Fixed pig saddle texture

- Added new font according to the pack

- Changed the furnaces interface

- Changed anvil interface

- Bubbles texture added

- Empty armor slot changed

- Fire atlas added

- Enchanting table, some icons added

- lily of the valley added

- Stonecutter animation added

- Chest icon added

- Fixed wolf tamed texture

- Villager farmer updated

- Cartography table updated

- Updated the links of download, please share it! :D

Version 1.1 

  • Animation in minerals added
  • Cows texture added
  • Improved bed textures
  • Cartography table added
  • Cartography table interface added
  • Foxes added
  • Piston arm added
  • Panorama images added
  • Horse bars added
  • Inventory slots added
  • Some icons added
  • Campfire smoke added
  • Signs interface added 

And a lot of things more

From the Admin: i have the permissons of the co-creator, i put the screenshots at the final of the post, please check out! this is a grat texture pack and i just want to share it with everyone, repeat I HAVE THE PERMISSONS TO DISTRIBUTE THIS PACK!

This is a beta version, the package is not 100% complete, I will update this package weekly, so be patient and if you find something wrong with the texture package, tell me so I can fix it!


NOTE: I added a direct link of  both of files, (.ZIP and .MCPACK), i dont want to download this texture pack, will become an unpleasant thing, that´s why i did it, i want you to feel comfortable with this texture and the other links with ADS,  i will leave them but it will no longer be mandatory to go through them. I will leave them, for anyone who wants to support me.<3

PD: if you have some ideas, or have something to aport, please comment below or write me to the email: [email protected]

  • here is a video tutorial on how to skip the ads without getting headache on the email 


/NOTA: Agregué un enlace directo de ambos archivos, (.ZIP y .MCPACK), no quiero que el descargar este paquete de texturas, se convierta en algo desagradable, por eso lo hice, quiero que se sientan cómodos con esta textura. Los otros enlaces con ADS, estarán disponibles aún, pero ya no será obligatorio ir por ellos. Los dejaré, para cualquiera que quiera apoyarme.<3

PD: si tienes algun problema, o tienes algo que aportar porfavor, comenta abajo o escribeme al email: [email protected]

  • Arriba dejo un video tutorial de como poder saltar los anuncios.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 Discontinued / Outdated RTX Beta



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87 Responses

4.44 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. AntoxsLT483 says:

    Falta texturizar algunas cosas, pero el esta muy bien

  2. Epicn00b says:

    Great texture, and the creator seems real nice as well!!!

  3. Blockedcastle40 says:

    Hey, just a dumb person over here! I really love this texture pack, what program did u need to make this (this is a dumb question idk) I really want to make my own texture pack

    • JeridGamer says:

      Hi ! thx for comment, the program that i use, is called “” it is a pc program, its really useful if u want to start ur own texture pack!, is so easy to use. Thx for comment again 😀

  4. Anonymatum says:

    Si hay alguien que dice que tu pack es “racista”,dile que tratas de hacerlo lo mejor posible, y que sabes que el OCD no es un juego,buen pack,y esta genial

    • JeridGamer says:

      Gracias por comentar!, la verdad esos comentarios si me entristecen un poco, ya que mi objetivo no es que se sientan ofendidos, gracias por comentar de nuevo, si tienes alguna sugerencia acerca del pack no dudes en comentarla!:D

  5. Guest-5263807951 says:

    Please edit the other items such as enchanting books, totems, splash potions and foods

  6. Guest-2052136995 says:

    This pack is AWESOME

  7. Thatnaive1 says:

    Good pack, but the snowy grass dosent have a texture

  8. Cast says:

    It triggers my ocd

  9. Guest-9306100931 says:

    Hey, when i use this pack, there’s these weird white blocks next to my crosshair.

  10. Guest-4762401644 says:

    Man I will create my own texture pack called “borderline personality disorder” (BPD) can I use some textures of your texture pack? I will release 2 versions of the texture pack: the sociopath and the psychopath version I will send you the credits can I do it???

  11. Wow, this looks better than my truebasic 16x texturepack!

  12. Mcfl0wer says:

    Finally, my favorite pack updated

  13. Guest-9049664122 says:

    For some reason this triggers my ocd not calms it ) stars!!!!

  14. ZINH010 says:

    You should publish this resource_pack on the Marketplace for 320/360 coins!

    It’s a cool resource_pack, I think you should do that

  15. Guest-3687950480 says:

    OCD is an actual disorder that can really ruin somebody’s life. I don’t think it should really be made into a texture pack, its more than just being clean.

  16. Anonymous says:

    the pack is nice
    but the ads makes me crazy

  17. AracelyPinkRose says:

    Cuando va estar par la NetherUpdate??? :3

  18. Zonikil546 says:


  19. Guest-5995143248 says:

    hey so the download website you chose almost gave me a virus you might want to find a different website to host the download on like, at least i know how to get past without a virus

    • Guest-6845844268 says:

      And then if the forces you to subscribe no matter how long you wait, how much you do something, anything it still forces you, there is a way. It’s called the BIG BRAIN way, simply if you’re stuck on that situation scroll through the link and find the destination, then decode the %hex codes to give you, the link.

  20. Guest-8488405176 says:

    hey! I have a problem with the mcpack i wanna dowload it but i cant sooo yea I be really happy if you can fix that. thx!

  21. PewdiepieROCKS says:

    It’s giving me more ocd to be honest.

  22. Sparkleboy says:

    Can u add a instant download link pls 😉

  23. Guest-5395654462 says:

    Hi there, I have a problem with the mcpack link i love to play with the pack but i cant pls fix it, thx!

  24. Guest-4801809133 says:

    在中国大陆,我无法正常下载,可不可以通过邮件发给我:[email protected]

  25. fuzz says:

    All the links not working dude… Pls fix it

  26. ThisJobYT says:

    Redstone line and redstone dust is bugged when placed on the ground.

  27. Carl says:

    The link is not working 🙁

  28. Andrewyin2009 says:

    I’d really love this pack, but maybe work on the items and health, air and hunger bar

  29. QR_Salted_fish says:

    Can I post it in China? Thank you!

  30. QR_Salted_fish says:

    Can I release it in China? Thank you.

  31. QR_Salted_fish says:

    Can I release it in China? Thank you

  32. Whatever says:

    wow,wow,I think that I’ve seen this in zhe screenshots of “THE NOTCH’S TEMPLE”.

  33. d says:

    i don’t like the way it’s a different pack, i like the default texture. can you do that please?

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