Ocean Dream Cruise Ship [Creation]

Ocean Dream is a huge cruise ship with an extremely detailed exterior as well as inside with all of the interiors decorated. It got all the facilities you could possibly imagine. Everything from swimming pools and water slides to more relaxing environments such as lounges and restaurants. Exploring the entire ship would take lots of time, but it’s actually well worth it.

Creator: ElectroCreeper, Twitter Account

Ship Features

  • All interiors are decorated
  • A lot of details
  • Dimensions
    • 246 blocks long
    • 39 blocks wide
    • 52 blocks high
    • 10 decks high

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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45 Responses

4.85 / 5 (27 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the Atrium!

  2. Cheez says:

    Great for roleplaying!

  3. Tahmid tanjil says:

    This world is so coooooooool 👌

  4. Katie_cake says:

    Where is the entrance?

  5. Great One says:

    Just exploded the ship XD

  6. Anonymous says:

    Cool side

  7. KittyCoolCat says:

    My friend made this creation and posted it on a map but electro creeper somehow made it his own creation 😡😠🤯

  8. KittyCoolCat12 says:

    My friend actually made this creation but Elctro Creeper somehow stole it from her and made it his own

  9. BlockOfGrass says:

    Very nice and cool!!
    I think, ist was a Lot of work?
    But… It‘s veeery cool!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I made a crappy but okay video on this map. Here’s the link:
    Hope you enjoy it

  11. Anonymous says:

    What does turn chunks to 14 mean?

  12. Anna Laine says:

    Hi! This looks awesome and really cool but the problem is it’s hard to download and kinda glitchy. But it’s a great map in general!

  13. XxkhavingamingxX says:

    Pls! Make a other map 😇

  14. RedDragonLine says:

    This is beautifully done and is full of detail! By far ine of the best ships on mcpe. I hope to see another ship in the future.

  15. Jessie Sanzo says:

    Plz answer need help

  16. Jessie Sanzo says:

    I don’t understand how to turn chunks to 14?? Has anyone else had this problem that can help me please. It would be much appreciated.

  17. Nadele Cluffeneriss says:

    I love this ship it’s so amazing!!

  18. HeyItsMe! says:

    Love it! U can clearly see all the effort that has been put in making this. Thank You!

  19. Anonymous says:

    cool map dood

  20. Duh_itz_GabexX says:

    The height and the length is the same as the Titanic.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful Ship!

  22. Danilo says:

    Very good I like the ocean dream is cool👍👍

  23. aj says:

    This was only fun to blow up 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  24. Batman says:

    I can’t download the map it doesn’t let me copy to Minecraft. :'( I’ve been waiting for a cruise ship map for a while please help me!

  25. IronClifftheFirst says:

    5 star. It is epic and really big. Best of all its FREE!!!

  26. Samarjit says:

    I spawned at some other place with notice boards about the ship but there was no ship there

  27. KatiePop21 says:

    Really beautiful! Would be great for roleplaying but exploring took about 10 minutes to see everything

  28. ElectroCreeper says:

    This is one of my maps i might be doing a working vehicle map soon.

  29. CrazyLeopard128 says:

    I’m actually on a cruise ship right now 🙂

  30. BIG DICK BOSS says:

    Cool map

  31. Anonymous says:

    This is AWESOME! Cool……….

  32. Alex says:

    I love Notch.

  33. Alex says:

    I love you

  34. GabegamingxYT says:

    Omg I’m first and this is a nice one try making a plane

  35. nice says:

    nice map

  36. Mason Ng says:

    Wow it’s really awesome the deck and the rooms even the pool I can make a role play here XD

  37. QueenFoxie764 says:


  38. Brian Dickson says:

    I made it look like the titanic!

  39. Elias says:

    Nice world 👍🏻

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