-1436927780: Ocean Monument Near Spawn

In this seed you will be able to find an ocean monument very close to spawn. The ocean monument is a new type of structure which generates at random in Minecraft worlds similar to villages and desert temples. It’s only available for users for of 0.15.9 and above. As of now only Android users are able to access that update.

Found by: dollardagreat

The spawn is on a small survival island far out in the ocean. Begin by drinking a nightvision potion. You will obviously need to be in creative mode to obtain the potion. Fly diagonally to your right and look straight down at the water and you should soon be able to see the ocean monument down in the water.


As soon as you dive into the water you won’t see much until you get closer to the monument. There’s an entrance on the front so aim for that.


Inside the monument you will find an Elder Guardian and normal Guardians which are two new types of mobs in Minecraft PE 0.15.9 (and 0.16.0). The mobs are hostile so make sure to bring some weapons if you intend to do all this in survival mode.


Seed: -1436927780

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58 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Will it work for 1.4.4

  2. Slike Spitfire says:

    In the 3rd pic it looks like the guardian is rolling his eye

  3. Anonymous says:

    I got the seed and flew right diagonally but I can’t find it

  4. Aloha says:

    If you can’t find the temple just spawn a librarian villager (w/ the white coat), trade until the 4th tier or so and he will trade you the ocean map and the woodland map which will lead you to the guardian temple and the woodland mansion respectively. It is a little bit difficult to find but cut some slack bc it is hard to find these seeds. I hope this helps.

  5. Aloha says:

    It works and if you have trouble finding it just spawn a librarian villager and trade until the 4th tier which will give you the ocean map. Use the map to find the temple and then just endure through the top since it’s easiest.

  6. Emily Taylor says:

    How about next time oost the coordinates too in addition to the useless directions. Stupid noon idiot cant even do minecraft

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is there nearby stronghold? When I play survival island, I don’t really want to settle away from the starting island to keep file size small.

  8. Artin Raoofi says:

    You are Wrong. I can’t find the frickin Mounment. You have trolled me so bad.

  9. Starlord1782 says:

    Woah i found the temple withe the 4 chests but when i opened one it set off tnt which destroyed the sand temple.But after i vowed to myself to find the ocean monument it took me around two minutes to find it after the sand temple exploded

  10. Albino Bunny says:

    Wait, u just go forward?

  11. AdventureGamingHQ says:

    Good Dude

  12. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work. I looked forever and all I found were tiny hills in the water. Do not use this seed.😔

  13. cj says:

    I got v0.16.0 but still cant find the monument :3

  14. Anonymous says:

    Does it work on the Minecraft PE on iPad? The reason I ask is because I haven’t found it yet.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Where is it

  16. hiii says:

    I was very happy that u find a sea monument but when i drink a potion of night vision and go straight i cant see a moument.
    Plss reply,

  17. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t find it

  18. Anonymus user 2.0 says:

    Guys if u want a real one just type KO as a seed.

  19. Hi says:

    I couldnt find it at alll

  20. Cupcake says:

    I tried this seed and it didn’t work for me. I got all exicted about possibly finding a monument and turns out it was nothing. I got onto the right world and flew right diagonally, AND used a night vision potion, and I spent about 10 minutes flying. It was very boring and I hope next time you make a seed you will try not to waste other peoples time. No trying to be rude, so I’m sorry if you took that as an offense. Next time, please, please, PLEASE, make sure your seed works before posting it…. that also goes for other seed-makers.

  21. Herobrines child says:

    I couldnt find it and i tried for… wait…. i went left

  22. MinecraftDude says:

    Hey editor the seed looks ok but the monument is not there and there is no sign of anything ther

  23. Hellwolf says:

    What are the cords for it? Assuming someone else uses mcpe master or some mod for the game besides me…

  24. Matthew4305 says:

    I couldn’t find it…

  25. Diego Chavira says:

    Awesome seed found and put beacons all around look lit thanks mcpeld

  26. Someone says:

    did not work!!!!!

  27. Nick says:

    I type the seed and I dint get it

  28. Raven says:

    Editor pls help my mcpe beta is always stopping but its not saying “minecraft pocket edition has unfortunately stopped”
    It just stop and stop and stop I also delete the com.mojang folder but it still not working I’m using 4.4.2 I’m a huge fan of your website pls help me…..

  29. PoisoniteVenom says:

    This looks awesome, but everytime i try to install 0.15.9 it says app not installed, please help?

  30. Embem says:

    I like it but I never found the monument…

  31. McDMichael123 says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG THIS IS SOOOOO COOL NOW I DONT HAVE TO USE THE COMPUTER FOR THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! note: on COMPUTER if u use donuts fortune seed u get ocean monument close 2 spawn. OMG IM SO HAPPY!

  32. Timme says:

    Cannot use Minecraft, it always crashes when entering a world.
    My device datas:
    Android 4.4.2 KitKat

  33. DeathCop4000 says:

    Thank you , a very nice seed but because of you my arm got burned my head got laser’d and my legs paining because of the guardians , you will be hearing from my lawyer very soon.

  34. (-_-) says:

    I just got the beta, And it works!

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