702642131: Ocean Monument & Underwater Stronghold

This seed includes two fairly rare structures which have been generated underwater. The ocean monument is as usually generated underwater, but the unusual part is that a stronghold has been generated under the water. So far I’ve only seen one previous similar seed.

Found by: InnovatorGavin_3 (& an anonymous Minecrafter)

How to find the ocean monument and stronghold?

The spawn is on top of a tree in a forest biome situated next to a desert biome. To get to the underwater stronghold and ocean monument you have to turn on cheats in the settings menu. Then type the following command: /tp 1258 75 -1827 to teleport to the location of the two structures.

Drink a potion of night vision to be able to see the ocean monument and the stronghold under the water.

The stronghold is clearly the most interesting part of this seed. It’s very rare that they are found underwater, but when they are we just have to showcase them.

The ocean monument is like most monuments. But it’s nonetheless a quite rare structure which makes this seed great if you want an easy way to explore one.

Seed: 702642131

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15 Responses

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  1. Madison Shankles says:

    What version is this for?

  2. Bob says:

    Sounds cool

  3. Mcpe Gamer says:


  4. NBT says:

    It says “an easy way to explore an ocean monument”, but you have to TP, which you can do to find an ocean monument in any world. Also, you say it’s really rare for both to generate next to each other, but I’m sure there’s a TP location in many seed spots that does this.

  5. Noob dude says:

    That’s wicked, I also found a desert temple as well

  6. GpHuCreePGGamER says:

    so cool! I pranked this with my friends I said I made the strong hold and fell for it xD

  7. NO BLOCKS MCPE says:

    Cool seed what version

  8. Someone says:

    Cooolio now the question is is there a seed where you can find them both abov ground and outta the water

  9. emmajayne5678 says:

    everytime i type the teleport thing it says invalid command syntax

  10. DinoLightning95 says:


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