Oceanic Mod Addon V2.0

Oceanic Mod is an addon / mod that adds different aquatic creatures to minecraft and adds a lot like: octopus, starfish, new fish, crabs, stingrays, angler fish, sharks, whales and more

This addon has been created by Fernan and Team Infinite Minds

Twitter: @8Fernancraft

Twitter: @TInfiniteMinds


Characteristics of aquatic creatures

Tiburon and Megalodon: sharks are completely hostile mobs attack several mobs and the player dies when they drop beef

Piranha: they are totally aggressive mobs attack most of the mobs and the player

Peaceful mobs (butterfly fish,tuna,angel fish, whale and shrimp, starfish): used to decorate the oceans and fish tanks

Sperm whale: they attack the fish and the player is totally aggressive

Octopuses: attack the player and the fish

Lionfish: they are poisonous attack the player and the fish

Stingray: they are peaceful only attack the fish and shrimp

Swordfish: attack the fish and the player

Jellyfish: They are poisonous and attack several mobs

Crabs: Attack the player and the fish

Anglerfish: hostile fish attack the player and the fish

Hammer shark: they are pacific with the player they attack the fish, turtles and shrimps


They are totally passive mobs do not attack anyone


They are mobs that only decorate the oceans or beaches

Killer whale

It’s another hostile new mob that attacks the player, fish, barracuda


It is a new hostile fish that attacks fish, crabs and the player

Mantis marina

It is a hostile mollusk that attacks the player and the fish is a small but lethal and aggressive mob

This addon has been created by Fernan and Team Infinite Minds

Twitter: @8Fernancraft

Twitter: @TInfiniteMinds

Changelog View more

• New mobs such as tuna, barracuda, shells, killer whales and sea mantis were added

• the shark and megalodon model was improved

• the addon is for 1.13


Supported Minecraft versions


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68 Responses

3.42 / 5 (43 votes)
  1. Guest-6444654665 says:

    Update!2.0 to 3.0!add more ancient sea creatures call:ancient abyssal update!!!!!!!!!

  2. Guest-2566593502 says:

    Hello! Fernancraft277998! I am symbol of most player and advice you here in honest:update your addon”Oceanic mod addon v2.0″,it’s main of problem:download link error。you should make a mediafire link to download successfully。because I am come from China and can’t use the application:twitter。So I can’t connect with you! I hope you agree! This addon is one of the best bedrock oceanic addon and it’s a dream of most players!

    • Guest-3876692331 says:

      Hey friend! I live in China too and you can go to Twitter with VPN. Unfortunately, most of them have been closed by the government now, and the ones that haven’ t are pretty useless. I have a nice one though, but I dunno how long It’ll last.

      • Guest-2284566575 says:

        Thanks!Friend!But the”Oceanic mod addon v2.0″is one of the best bedrock sea creatures addon!in fact,this download link have error,how do you download it?Why the creator can’t update this addon from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2 in time?

  3. Guest-6505659388 says:

    it looks pretty good! I advice you update the “Oceanic Mod Addon V2.0”in time when you are free,and make a mediafire link to download file successfully,please fix your link !It’s broken!

  4. Anonymous says:

    My top ocean mod for modded survival. I recommend for anyone who wants loot and good textures for a good survival experience. I installed using AddOnInstaller for anyone who is stuck.

  5. NoFear says:

    Page not found pls fix this

  6. Ungulate boi says:

    Ok, the addon looks really good and I decided to download it, but it just won’t work! Please fix this!

  7. eeeee says:

    Pretty good.

  8. Megalodon says:


  9. Millipedeadude says:

    It’s pretty good, but it would be better if the orca is a neutral mob instead of a hostile mob since that’s more realistic

  10. Natha says:

    Soo cool in the fish i like orca 👍👍👎

  11. G0ldenD3mon says:

    T^T i really want the link to just take us to Mediafire, This addon is like a dream to me ToT

  12. Debra Eileen Newton says:

    How do you download it

  13. Gilsboy says:

    the link is not work shit

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ok this new update looks really cool, but idk how to get it to work at all. Also, orcas and almost all of these creatures should not be aggressive, and shouldn’t attack the player on sight, attacking fish and stuff is fine of course. But this is just a suggestion.

  15. ArjuThegamer says:

    The link is broken,pls fix it

  16. Hexagon_Gamer12 says:


  17. akbarIndo47 says:

    The sperm whale lower jaw was too big

  18. WaqiPlayz says:

    Can someone give the media fire link plz

  19. Monkee1963 says:


  20. FuntimeSlade says:

    ADD THE KRAKEN! plz its a giant squid so plz…..

  21. DanyFox says:

    Tiene doble link de anuncio xd
    Ya puedo oler el dinero

  22. Mikail2009 says:

    It’s called a mantis shrimp not mantis marina!

  23. Hector says:

    make a media fire link pls

  24. Mega Absol jr says:

    Update the link to download it. It dose t work

  25. MooshCraft says:

    Plz make a media fire link

  26. Not Markus Persson says:

    Me too

  27. Adrianne says:

    Hey man pls fix your download link cause I can’t download it says:Not Found
    Error: The requested address ‘/VygnK’ was not found on this server.

  28. Sharedwhisper15 says:

    is it me or that this is ipad editon

  29. Pizza says:

    I have a Nintendo switch

  30. Trollkicker445 says:

    I can’t download the add on on my mc pe app because it says something is missing

  31. FirewingAndSans says:

    The mobs are really cool, but the problem is the spawn rate of the mobs is extremely low. I explored a huge chunk of the ocean and only found on angelfish. I was thinking about using this addon for a survival world, but seeing as the mobs don’t spawn, I can’t.

  32. GogMode says:


  33. Can’t download says:

    It leads me to a spam

  34. iiGucciKayPlayXx says:

    Wow! Amazing! One of the best mod ever. However, I recommend make it a big mod with islands, new blocks, and more fishes. Another thing to consider is the model and add some animations too. Overall, the mod is pretty good.

  35. FianCrafter0612 says:

    Please make the shark become real. That’s worse.

  36. GabSR says:


  37. TYberiusaurusRX says:

    It doesn’t work for me all I search are black eggs

  38. Rio says:

    no work mob error

  39. Foweyplayz101 says:

    Umm the download link do-sent work because it brings me to a Ad website and it is called and is preventing me to get the download i wish i can get this addon pls fix the download

  40. Geoff says:

    Can’t download it because the robot test is the only this that shows up and I won’t continue on from it but look really cool and is what the update aquatic should have been

  41. Arshil says:

    Nevermind! It worked perfectly! This addon is awesome! Better models would be nice but still awesome!

  42. Arshil says:

    Blocky models but love the effort! These additions make for great world features! I haven’t tested them yet but the link doesn’t work and stops at the robot test! Please fix this!

  43. Hely710 says:

    Ive been waiting for this for so long!!!!!

  44. Arshil says:

    Blocky models but love the effort! These additions make for great world features!

  45. Tasnim says:

    R.I.P. the grammar of the creator.

  46. Erongiloo says:

    I was just thinking about adding whales and sharks! this is gunna be awesome!

  47. Ahyad says:

    The design of the shark is bad

  48. Tom Owens says:

    How do I install it? Also first.

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