Ocelots Mod

The Ocelots Mod adds nine different types of ocelots, also known as dwarf leopards, to the game. They are cute little animals which you can tame and have them follow you around. It’s the perfect companion pet on your adventures in Minecraft.

Creator: Argll, Twitter Account

Finding & Taming an Ocelot

The ocelots spawn randomly in the world but the chance of finding one is extremely little. If you want to get one quickly you can get the Ocelot Spawn Egg (ID: 600) using the Too Many Items mod.


To tame an ocelot you need any type of fish. Tap on the ocelot with the fish to feed it. The success rate is at 30% so the chances are quite good.


Once it is tamed it will follow you around.


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20 Responses

  1. Mcpe master says:


  2. Sydnee says:

    You can already do this in 1.0

  3. kitsune638 says:

    Ive had this mod for a while and all the ocelots ive seen have been retextured cows

  4. nana_chan says:

    can you put on a texture pack download below?? because the texture pack on the mod doesen’t work

  5. Ace says:

    How do I download this mod or does it only work on samsung

  6. Lilly says:

    It wont let me download it keeps saying cannot open file & i have blocklaucher

  7. Troller says:

    How do I download it?

  8. Troller says:

    How do you. Download them I get it on Dropbox and it doesn’t do anything so how do I download mods?

  9. squidy says:

    The texture offset is wrong 🙁 ):

  10. feyza says:

    Are they cows? How do you make them into cats?

  11. Prime says:

    Not working for me on 0.11.1..ocelots are blacked out..

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